Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman the Spoiler Free Review

My full spoiler free review is this: Wonder Woman is a good film, and the best installment in the DC Cinematic Universe so far, but still suffers from the fatal flaws of a weak third act and a bad guy who is too powerful and not nearly well defined enough.

Kurrgan, Brian, Edge

Adventures in Wrestling – Me and Edge

There was a time I was a cool wrestling journalist who worked for TSN.ca. I got to hang out with a bunch of different wrestlers, and once upon a time I got to hang out with WWE Superstar Edge in the Blue Jay’s clubhouse for a day.

Team Garside at the Magic Kingdom

Our Disney Adventure

In April, we drove to Florida and spent a week in Disney, despite not being a traditional Disney family. This was our adventure, complete with A/C malfunction, and a heatwave that saw Florida without rain for 36 days!