Captain America - Civil War

Captain America Civil War Review

Captain America Civil War is the latest film from Marvel Studios. Marvel once again proves that it can take an unwieldily story and make it work in a two hour blockbuster.

The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Season Six Finale Live Blog

I haven’t done anything like this in years, but for the finale of Walking Dead this year, I am going to live blog my reactions to every single moment. A little bit of spoiler free back story before we get to the show itself. In my opinion Season Six has been the best season of […]

Cursed: Black Swan - A Fixer Novel

Cursed: Black Swan – A Review

I have followed Ryan McFadden’s writing career since it was in its embryonic stage. It’s no secret we’ve been besties since high school, we’ve been in each other’s wedding parties, and we’re each other’s “go to” when we need a good swift kick in the ass (metaphorically or physically). The novel that has become Cursed: […]