2017 Review, 2018 Resolutions

2017 in Review, and 2018 Resolutions

Every year I write a blog post that’s about a review of the previous year, and goals for the current year. This post is one of the few posts I write every year that is for an audience of one.  They’re for future me, and I post them publicly so I have some accountability, and […]

Arbie from RBC

How the Royal Bank of Canada – RBC acts completely incompetently

After 12 years of banking with RBC, I have experienced levels of ineptitude and an utter incompetence that absolutely shocks me coming from one of Canada’s largest and most respected financial institutions. I’m so incredibly frustrated with my every interaction with the Royal Bank of Canada that I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman the Spoiler Free Review

My full spoiler free review is this: Wonder Woman is a good film, and the best installment in the DC Cinematic Universe so far, but still suffers from the fatal flaws of a weak third act and a bad guy who is too powerful and not nearly well defined enough.