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iPhone…you are dead to me

When Steve Jobs first announced the 2nd generation iPhone, and Rogers then announced that it would be coming to Canada, I wanted to buy one.  As a matter of fact, if it had been available that day, I would likely have forgone the P.O. process and rushed right out to buy one.

However, lucklily I live in Canada, and in Canada we don’t get electronics day and date with those citizens who live two hours to my South, no we have to wait months, sometimes years (the original iPhone has still not made it to the frozen tundras of my home and native land).

In this case however that’s a good thing.  It’s a little more than a month later, and the bloom is definately off that rose for me. Continue Reading

Go Gadget Dad! The Harmony Remote

The Harmony 880 RemoteThis is the first in what I hope to become a monthly installment called “The Gadget Dad”, a look at the gadgets that I find incredibly useful in my everyday life. Right now there are things that are not in your house that you can’t live without, and you don’t even know it.

Take the Harmony Remote.

On the surface it’s an all in one remote, which means that it controls all of the devices in your living room. The first benefit is that instead of having 8 remotes in your living room, you can have 1. This is good. However that’s not what makes the Harmony Remote the best remote on the market. There are hundreds of remotes which can control all of the devices in your home with one remote…what they can’t do is activities. Continue Reading

I got served by the Windows Home Server

Media Smart Home ServerWith our lives relying more and more on digital media, and Char’s initial forays into the land of Freelance Editing, it’s time to get serious about back-up, restore, and all of the other PC things that most folks take for granted. I’ve read some really great reviews about the HP MediaSmart Home Server, so when I finally found one for a great price on eBay, I jumped at it and bought it.

I set it up and configured it tonight, and while I’ve only scratched the surface, I’m really happy so far. Continue Reading

R2 Drool2

The R2 D2 ProjectorOkay, I need everyone who visits this site to help me out on this. I desperately need this toy. It is essential to my credit as a geek. However, I also like being married. How can I reconcile the two?

Gizmodo has some pimp pictures and a wicked video up on their site.

To quote the good princess (Leia that is), “Help me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope”

How do I get this purchase order approved by the finance department (GarsideCorp’s CEO “Charlene” is quite tough when it comes to making purchases like this). What is the business case?

Alternatively, how do I manage to sneak a $2999.99 purchase in the door without her knowing? “Oh, that little astromech droid, no idea how he got in here. You know those darn Jawas and their sandcrawlers, always dropping off droids in weird places. ha ha ha ha.”

R2D2 @ Shop.Starwars.com

Problems, now in high def!

Tonight I set about setting up my HD DVD player. I had an HDMI cable hanging around, a free HDMI port in my receiver, and I figured out a way to map all of the different cables needed to get where I wanted to be. Continue Reading

HD DVD is dead. Should I buy a player anyway?

The Toshiba A3 HD DVD playerSo here’s a dilemma for you. The HD DVD format is officially dead. Toshiba pulled the plug on its lifeless corpse, and people are blowing out their stock. Right now I can buy an Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on for $49.99, and it comes with King Kong. What’s more, until February 28th there’s a mail in offer for 5 free HD DVD’s. Or for $99.99 I could get a Toshiba player with 2 free DVD’s and the 5 free mail in offer.

The format may be dead, but it’s still got some good content on it. Heroes Season 1 is available on HD DVD, the remastered Star Trek the original series is on HD DVD, and Planet Earth is available on HD DVD. I’m figuring I can probably pick these up for a song soon. Continue Reading

Building a TiVo

Building a TiVo

Wow, so cool. There’s an open source program called MythTV that does a lot of the stuff that TiVo does, only it does it for free, and will do it in Canada (come on TiVo…SERIOUSLY!).

I’ve already got a spare box, processor, TV Tuner, and hard drive lying around…I’m just looking for the motivation to actually build this bugger.