I make everything I touch better through my unique and varied skills. I’m not only a designer, I’m an artist, a multimedia creator, and a master of several different disciplines. I understand what makes a good user-interaction innately, and I understand the science behind it to actually rigorously test user experiences. I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get into the code level of a problem, but I am also completely comfortable communicating the “why” and the “what” in addition to the “how” to make something better.

I value explaining why we should be doing a thing as much as how we can do the thing, and getting to the root causes and goals of a project is something I am an expert at.

I’m looking to work with bold, innovative, smart people and companies. ¬†You need someone who can make you better, who can hone the greatness you already have, encourage innovation, and make your already good teams great.

You’re looking for someone with a proven track record, who is a catalyst from good to great.

Why we should talk.

You’ve got an awesome environment that encourages creativity and has amassed an incredible team. I’ve got a ton of creativity, I’ve made the companies I’ve worked for tons of money, transformed what they do and the teams that they do it with.

I embrace challenges, and I love to help businesses get the most out of being online.

I put this website together because I believe in showing rather than telling. I’ve done a ton of great things with a bunch of amazing people, I’ve got diverse and varied experience, and I’ve put all of that together here along with some nice things that folks have said about me.