Hi, my name is Brian Garside

I make things, mostly on the internet.

Who I am:

I’m a husband, a father of two awesome kids, a dog owner, and a citizen of London, Ontario, Canada.

I’m Brian, I’ve been helping to bring awesome things to the internet since 1997. I’ve had the pleasure of working with all sizes of clients and teams, and I’ve been part of some incredible projects.

My goal is to make everything I touch better.

I’m not only a designer, I’m an artist, a multimedia creator, and a master of several different disciplines.

I’m an entrepreneur and run multiple businesses.

In my spare time I fool around with woodworking, 3D printing, and exploring Generative AI.


Brian Garide - President Manage Comics

Where you’ll find me:


I co-founded Manage Comics, a software as a service platform for Shopify that helps comic stores manage their customers, check in product, and simplify ordering.

Check out my latest podcast – Data B.R.O.S. where I chat with my pals Django and Jeff every week about comics stores, comics retail, comic book data, and running a modern comic store.

If you really want to nerd out about comics data, check out The Comet Standard, it’s a standard that I helped co-author and which has involved over 90 comics industry professionals, building a data standard for the comics industry (something that has never formally existed before).

Earth 519 is my online comic shop where I have a large variety of graphic novels, toys, and statues for sale from my personal collection and my habit of visiting hundreds of comic shops every year as part of my job at Manage Comics.  If you’re looking for something cool, Earth 519 might have it for you.

I co-founded Collector Cabinets with my bestest buddy Ryan. We make custom cabinetry for nerds, geeeks and fans, specializing in custom cabinets for comic fans.

I’m a partner at NorthIQ Inc. where I create digital marketing strategies, help build awesome websites for companies, and create marketing automation routines that generate income.

I still consult for my pal Peter at All New Comics – the online comic shop we co-founded together in 2005 which serves hundreds of Canadian customers who can’t get to their local comic shop every week, and is the inspiration behind Manage Comics.

How to work with me:

If you’re looking to transform your marketing from a cost centre into a predictable revenue generator, you should reach out to us at NorthIQ Inc. we’ll take some time to get to know your business and let you know whether we feel we can help you.  We won’t waste your time, and you’ll know quickly if we should work together (we only work with three to five companies a year).

If you own a comic shop, you should check out Manage Comics, I’d be happy to book a meeting with you and see if we can help you improve your shop, make intake and ordering more efficient, and make this your best year ever (spoiler alert : We can!).

My Projects:

NorthIQ Inc.

We provide data-driven growth marketing, building and optimizing revenue engines to provide long-term, sustainable growth.

Manage Comics

Manage Comics is comic pull lists software for comic shops that provides access to over 400,000 product listings, with more than 3,000 new products added monthly!

From the Portfolio:

All New Comics

All New Comics

How Canada’s Online Comics Superstore achieved 197% Year over Year growth

Manage Comics Classic

Manage Comics Classic

Building and marketing a comic subscription service for comic shops.

Raven Studio

Raven Studio

An expanding business refreshes their brand.
Robinson Wood Design

Robinson Wood Design

Building the beard behind an artisinal carpentry business.

Timber Block

Timber Block Engineered Wood Homes

Updating a website, consolidating technologies, and reinventing a sales process.

Trojan Kiosk

Trojan USP Technologies

Building a Kiosk app for trade shows for a UV water treatment business.