Sync It is back up! That kicks butt.

I went to my new doctor, Dr. Goodhew, and he told me that I have a torn muscle in my back, and gave me an anti-inflammitory. I’m not supposed to work out this week, but I’m supposed to start again next Monday. He said that my hand should work itself out (he has no idea what could have caused that injury). I’m going for blood work this week, and I’ll have to go back to get the results checked out later next week. Hopefully I’ll be fully workout-ified by then. I postponed my dentist’s appointment until after Charlene and I get married (because I’ll have coverage then through her work), and I’m looking for a suit tonight.

That’s pretty much my week thus far in a nutshell.

Album Du Jour: Morning Orbit: David Usher

DVD of the week: NA (I keep meaning to pick up Unbreakable)

Movie of the week: Planet of the Apes – what a great ending, nearly as good as the originals’.

Game of the week: Nothing this week…too busy to play games

Best Comic of the Week: Wonder Woman 172 (the last two pages were heartbreaking). Green Arrow #6 is a close second.

Website of the week: I admit it…I’m addicted to Big Brother 2