Not much to say right now. The Holidays are taking their toll on my work schedule, but I have managed to catch a couple of movies. Look for little blurbs on Lord of the Rings (kick ass) and Vanilla Sky up here soon. In addition, we are going to see the Royal Tennenbaums tomorrow night, … Read more

PocketPC stuff

It just gets better! ActiveSync Pass Through Connection with PocketPC 2002 Not only can I now use my Pocket PC wirelessly in any room in my house at blistering 1 meg speeds. Not only does my web connection not require any third party programs/apps to connect to the internet now since I have a wireless … Read more

Kick @$$!

I’m writing this from my PC, but I started it on my Pocket PC. For the next several months, I have unlimited use of a Wireless Samsung MagicLAN-RG, a Compaq iPAQ with a Wireless Samsung card. This means I can access my network from anywhere in my apartment. I’ve already surfed PocketPCThoughts, TSNMAX, and ComicCon. … Read more

Not dark enough?

Well, certain people who shall remain nameless (but who were the best man at my wedding) say that this site isn’t dark enough. They want a full on descent into madness. Well tough beans! This is my random ramblin’s. It’s whatever’s buggin’ me, whatever’s on my mind, whatever I’m doin’. I will tell you this … Read more

Reality Factory

Reality Factory An open source gaming platform designed for non-programmers. This is something I definately need to look into. Very cool looking, mucho potential. Very very cool.

The week that was – December 1

Album Du Jour: I haven’t really been listening to that much music lately, mostly Mojo Radio. DVD of the week: We watched Legally Blonde on DVD this week…that’s been the sum total of my DVD experience this week though. Movie of the week: No movie this week…yet. Game of the week: Metal Gear Solid 2 … Read more

What a great time for entertainment!!!

We’ve got Oceans’ Eleven on the 7th, Vanilla Sky on the 14th, Spy Game (by Tony Scott) is in theatres now. Made (which I missed in theatres) is out on DVD right now, The Coen’s new movie, The Man Who Wasn’t There, is in wider release, and the biggie…Lord of the Rings coming on December … Read more

Why was it all better when we were kids?

I’ve become quite addicted to Morpheus. It all started innocently enough. I wanted to see what was out there, and everyone told me that Morpheus was way better than Bearshare. With Bearshare, you had to download a new version practically every time you connected. Not so with Morpheus. It’s way faster too since you’re downloading … Read more

Unauthorized Pocket PC Downloads

Okay, I admit that I may have been a bad boy and downloaded the unauthorized Pocket PC 2002 upgrade…but it’s Compaq’s own fault! They announced that iPAQ’s would be the only Pocket PC’s which would be flashable to the new OS way back in August. They announced they’d have a version of Pocket PC ready … Read more