Month: July 2001



Sync It is back up! That kicks butt.

I went to my new doctor, Dr. Goodhew, and he told me that I have a torn muscle in my back, and gave me an anti-inflammitory. I’m not supposed to work out this week, but I’m supposed to start again next Monday. He said that my hand should work itself out (he has no idea what could have caused that injury). I’m going for blood work this week, and I’ll have to go back to get the results checked out later next week. Hopefully I’ll be fully workout-ified by then. I postponed my dentist’s appointment until after Charlene and I get married (because I’ll have coverage then through her work), and I’m looking for a suit tonight.

That’s pretty much my week thus far in a nutshell.

Album Du Jour: Morning Orbit: David Usher

DVD of the week: NA (I keep meaning to pick up Unbreakable)

Movie of the week: Planet of the Apes – what a great ending, nearly as good as the originals’.

Game of the week: Nothing this week…too busy to play games

Best Comic of the Week: Wonder Woman 172 (the last two pages were heartbreaking). Green Arrow #6 is a close second.

Website of the week: I admit it…I’m addicted to Big Brother 2

Bookmark Wizard by Moon Software

Bookmark Wizard by Moon Software SyncIT is dead…long live the Bookmark Wizard, which will keep my bookmarks online from this day forward.

This really really sucks. Stupid Internet Crash of 2000! Stupid stupid Department of Justice.

Why is it that the big corporations can get as big and huge as they want, but because Microsoft made good products that everybody used (because they were better than the competiton’s I.E. Internet Explorer over Netscape) the DOJ freaked out? Shift Magazine this month makes the point that it’s because Bill Gates is a member of the fraternal order of the geek, and the real world’s job is to always make the geek know he’s an outcast.

Meanwhile Gasoline goes from 59.9 cents a litre, to 64.9 cents a litre, overnight…at every single gas station in the city. Where’s the government inquisition into collusion?

The gas companies would have us believe that it’s taxes…but come on now, did taxes really go up 10% overnight?

Album Du Jour: Staind, Break the Cycle is still on my iPAQ

DVD of the week: Charlie’s Angels, the extra behind the scenes stuff on wire work was awesome.

Movie of the week: America’s Sweethearts was kind of cute. John Cusack is always awesome.

Game of the week: No games, I got a new processor though, I’m going to pick up some more RAM, so maybe I’ll start playing Black and White

Best Comic of the Week: JLA 55 was awesome. I just wish it were better connected to Our Worlds At War, because I want to see what happens to Jonn Jonzz

Website of the week: Chank’s Free Fonts, and Acid Fonts

Macworld Expo –

Macworld Expo –

Though I haven’t wanted a Mac ever before in my life, this year’s MacExpo has kind of piqued my interest. It’s too bad that most of the software I like to use for programming and web development is still PC-Centric. It’s just that iMacs and G4’s look so nice now!

Sync It’s having some problems…haven’t synced my bookmarks in two days now, that sucks. Supposedly the site is down for maintenance.

SportsConnect is going gangbusters. I’ve been going crazy for the last couple of days doing spec documents and wireframes (up until 2 last night, up at 5). I’ve got two of four done, and am having big problems with the NHL. More Sports and the Front Page are done though, the Special Event Hub will be simple, and that is my last one.

That’s it for today.

Movie reviews: Final Fantasy and The Score

Forgot to mention last night that I saw Final Fantasy on Sunday and The Score on Friday night.

The Score was quite good, in that pure popcorn, summer movie, “Gone in 60 Seconds” sort of way. DeNiro was great, Norton was awesome, and Brando was…well he was Brando, what can you say about the man? He may be full of quirks, but he’s amazing, even at 800lbs.

Final Fantasy was okay. It was a little too “Akira” for me, and most of it didn’t make any sense (probably because I’ve never played the games). None of the characters grabbed me, and other than the “Wow, this is amazing technology” aspect of it, I didn’t really enjoy it.

Now with that said, I got to see the Spider-Man movie trailer before it, AND I saw it in an IMAX theatre, with the most amazing sound system ever. Those factors go a long way towards helping one to stick it out when I might have normally given up on it.

It was a good movie weekend though…and the fact that I got the Dogma Special Edition (with some GREAT outtakes) just made it that much better.

This weekend is America’s Sweethearts and Jurassic Park III, could be popcorny goodness!

My weekly update

I’ve forgotten my little weekly update for this week, and it’s a perfect week since I bought a new album and DVD, and have become obsessed with a new game.

I’ve not mentioned my obsession with my iPAQ, and it’s ironic since it is the platform with the game of the week. It’s an amazing device, if my PC kicked as much @$$ as the iPAQ does, I’d be in seventh heaven. the iPAQ is a mp3 player, a portable computer, a web device, it’s everything. It has pocket versions of Outlook, Excel, Word, and Money, as well as a scaled down version of Windows Media Player, and Internet Explorer. I use it all the time for everything from scheduling appointments, to listening to music (I’m listening to the Album Du Jour on it right now).

Album Du Jour: Break the Cycle by Staind

DVD of the week: Dogma

Movie of the week: The Score

Game of the week: Cubicle Chaos (iPAQ)

Best Comic of the Week: New X-Men 115 (Morrison and Quietly kick @$$!)

Website of the week: The official Spiderman The Movie Website The teaser trailer is out…and it looks awesome!

The Underground

When society loses you, there is only one place you can go…

The Underground.

A new series coming from HeadsDown production this fall.



Okay, I’ve been incommunicado this weekend, but I have great news. First off, it didn’t cost anything for the repairs to Timmy, and the mechanic said that the problem might not ever come back again. The bad news is that he keeps on steaming while I’m driving. I’m not positive what it is, but it’s really troubling. I wish I had a mechanic in town that I could really trust.

We went to Nikki and Tim’s engagement party on Saturday night, and it was a real blast. Tim’s dad had a huge bottle of Rye whiskey that was from 1972, it kicked some serious ass. Oh yeah, I’m the grand Koits champion, having bested all of the other teams with the aid of my partner April. We kicked serious ice. (I managed to score four ringers in one game, no back-to-back ringers like Tiffany did, but I did nail a ringer in each of three rounds, and managed to finish the final game off with a ringer for the win). I’ve never played before, but it’s a lot like Horse Shoes which I do so love.

One final piece of good news, a little problem that’s been vexing me for a month or two with my home connection has finally been fixed, and I can post blog stuff, and use web forms with imputiny. It’s awesome.

Less than 3 months till the big day. Speaking of which, I’ve opened the Wedding Blog. The wedding site should be done by the end of the week.