The week that was – November 19

I’m listening to a bunch of songs from the Buffy Musical episode, “Once more…with feeling”, and I’ve gotta say, the songs are actually pretty good even without the show. The best song is (of course) Spike’s “Let me rest in peace”, which has my favourite line “You’re scared, ashamed of what you feel, you can’t… Continue reading The week that was – November 19

Barry’s World CounterStrike Guide

Barry’s World CounterStrike Guide I have to re-install Counterstrike soon! Strange, I swear I saw SSX Tricky somewhere for $65.00…but the cheapest I’ve found it is $75.00. That sucks. I want it, but I don’t wanna pay so much for it!

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My comic pull list

Every week I put up my “Weekly favourite comic book”, and as anyone who knows me will attest, I am something of a comic book freak. My office has several pages of original comic book art, I have a bunch of comic book related action figures lying around, a Bat-Mite stuffed toy on a shelf,… Continue reading My comic pull list

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Ryan’s wedding speech

And this is Ryan’s speech in it’s unedited form. Hello everyone, so far, it has been a great day, and I’m sure that it definitely lives up to the dreams that Charlene and Brian had for it. Charlene and her bridesmaids are looking beautiful for the occasion. When I’m the Best Man For those of… Continue reading Ryan’s wedding speech

I’m a married man

I’m married! Can you even believe it? Here’s my speech from the wedding: Before we get started, I’d like to thank Joachim for the great job he’s done tonight. When I asked Charlene to marry me, there was only one man I could think of for the job of MC. The voice of a generation,… Continue reading I’m a married man

Stuff of the week – October 4th

Album Du Jour: Tenacious D is an awesome album. DVD of the week: Haven’t seen a movie, DVD or otherwise in about three weeks. Movie of the week: (see above) Game of the week: Haven’t touched a game in a couple of weeks. Website of the week: