Yahoo! Groups : xwars-rp

Yahoo! Groups : xwars-rp That’s right! X-wars RP is a reality. The next step is to create a web page, and then start convincing people that it is a good idea. So far I have talked to Tyler and Matt and both of them see the good in this list.

First day at Globe and Mail Interactive

First day at Globe and Mail Interactive…and I have to say that I’m impressed. First off, I have a way better computer than at TSN, and secondly, I’m back in my old Activate Hood (the Queen and Bathurst area). Lunch today was Sushi…mmmm delicious sushi.

Running car tally

Running car tally: $700.00 for brake shoes and master brake cylinder. $35.00 for the oil change. ??? for the electrical system that is causing an 8 ohm drainage. ??? to fix the “major oil leak” that Canadian Tire detected. ??? to replace said dead battery. ??? to fix the transmission leak (minor sweat from the… Continue reading Running car tally

The hits just keep on coming!

I’m still having problems with Sympatico’s High Speed connection posting large amounts of text through CGI. I think it’s a problem with the version of RATSPPOE that I have. God I hope all these problems will be fixed in the fall with Windows XP!

Is the sky really falling?

Is the sky really falling? I just found out that Eyada, my favourite online radio station, just closed their doors. That totally sucks since Eyada has been my favourite daytime distraction for the last year or so. There were many days at former jobs where the distraction of Eyada was the only thing that got… Continue reading Is the sky really falling?

Back to Blogging

I need to get in the habit of Blogging a little more regularly. I bought a new monitor last week for my computer, and realized that I could use a new video card as well…however my computer doesn’t seem to like the geForce 2 card that I tried to feed her. My latest website for… Continue reading Back to Blogging