Merry Christmas to all!

If you’re reading this, it’s after Christmas, so it’s a belated holiday wish, but it comes from the heart none-the-less. My new year’s resolutions are: More HeadsDown, less This past summer I spent a whole lot of time on, and no time on HeadsDown, as a result, I’m claiming exactly $175.00 in HeadsDown… Continue reading Merry Christmas to all!

Optimistic again

I don’t know if it’s because it’s the end of another year that most people didn’t think we’d get through relatively unscathed, or if it’s just general optimism, but the future looks bright indeed. Well, the rest of the world may be going to hell in a hand basket, but the world of high-tech has… Continue reading Optimistic again

I’m tired of movie theatres

The unthinkable has finally happened…I don’t want to go to the movies anymore. It’s not that the movies out aren’t compelling, far from it, I would love to see Adaption, Bowling for Columbine, Comedian, Die Another Day, Femme Fatale, I Spy, Personal Velocity, or Treasure Planet, but the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. The price is… Continue reading I’m tired of movie theatres

Rounded IDE cables

Rounded IDE cables How lame am I? This is what I did this weekend…I built freaking rounded cables for my PC. Of course we helped Tiffany and Jeff move in the last of their stuff, went out for some Sushi and cheesecake, and there was the obligatory Sunday afternoon laundry day. I finally wrote out… Continue reading Rounded IDE cables

Pretty cool auction win

I’m a bit of an e-bay junkie, and every now and then I win something I bid on. A week or so I won an auction to benefit William Messner-Loebs, a formerly prolific comic writer, who due to unfortunate circumstances lost his house this year. I’ve met him at a couple of conventions, and he… Continue reading Pretty cool auction win

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What a totally shitty day. Not only was it crappy, rainy, and utterly grey, but my mood matched the weather perfectly. First off, I stayed up way too late last night playing Kingdom Hearts because I got done doing actual work work around midnight…so I played games until 4:30 in the morning…not good. Then I… Continue reading Worst…day…ever

Consuming a web service from your Pocket PC

Consuming a web service from your Pocket PC This is a cool article on taking XML content and viewing it with your PDA. It’s a great idea because I want to eventually build out HeadsDown into an XML feed that would be available in the NewsML format.