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I’m working on a Stinky Monkey’s web page for our rec softball league, which should be up by the end of this weekend. Some of the stuff I want to do with this page are, a Flash scrolling ticker along the bottom of the frame with our latest scores, and a Flash main area that I’ll be able to turn into a scrolling gallery, or a video presentation depending on what we’re doing.

I designed the layout last night, and I want to refine it a little bit over the next couple of days.

I’ve been playing a lot of Freedom Force lately, and it’s really cool. I want to start designing skins for my own team.

Album Du Jour: Big Shiny Tunes 6

DVD of the week: We rented Rat Race and Ginger Snaps last week, both kind of sucked.

Game of the week: Freedom Force! It’s superheroes and strategy. What more could one ask for?

Website of the week: the web site for the game.

Comic of the week Powers. I don’t know what more I can say abou this comic, but just when you’re getting ready for the ride they’re taking you on, they change the route. It’s amazing.

About Me

On Deadly Ground (1994)

On Deadly Ground (1994) Well that solves it. Our Banff ski vacation was in 1994, because at one point in my walk-along monologue, I point out the theatre where we saw On Deadly Ground and Ace Ventura Pet Detective, both of which were released in 1994.

A shout out to my online buddy Tyler who pointed this one out.

About Me

I’m not dead yet…

But I feel that way. I got nailed with a head cold on Monday of last week, and it has really kicked my butt. I’ve spent most of the weekend in the house, just taking drugs, drinking liquids, and sleeping lots.

However, I did manage to do a little editing this weekend. I was going to either 1: do a course on ASP programming, 2: Do a course on XML programming, or 3: Do some online training on Adobe Premier, After Effects, and Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator. While going through my wedding tapes, I came across an almost antique Hi 8 Tape. I threw it in my digital 8 player, and lo and behold, there footage of the legendary Banff Ski Trip that Ryan, Rich and I went on back in 1995 or so (it could even be ’93, we’re trying to carbon date the tape right now, unfortunately the sound track isn’t much of a help as Ryan has been obsessed with Guns n’ Roses “Appetite for Destruction” since it’s release in ’89). I pieced together a quick little 12 minutes of hilarity, and posted it on a media server. Anybody who wants to see what the three of us are like in our natural state (read: acting like idiots), check out this link: The infamous Banff Ski Trip. The editing is a little rough, I’m just learning how to add effects to clean up video (a lot of this footage was really super dark). I also need to figure out how to make the preview video work better so I can actually see what I’m editing rather than a choppy bunch of footage. It’s really hard to cut to the music when you can only see every tenth or fiftteenth frame.

Char and I managed to get some movies in this weekend. We saw Panic Room on Friday night, which was quite good, and probably David Fincher’s most mainstream movie to date. It wasn’t as clever as Fight Club, but wasn’t as inane as The Game. Jodie Foster was terrific.

Last night we rented Zoolander, which was way more hilarious than I figured it would be. There were several times during the movie that I actually laughed out loud. We also rented Training day, which was decent enough. Denzel was amazing in his role, and he totally deserved that Academy Award.

It’s laundry day, so there’s nothing too exciting planned for tonight, but I would like to go through some After Effects training if I can get around to it. It looks like a way cool program, and hopefully I can figure out how to make cool titles and stuff.