Page Weight Bookmarklet

Page Weight Bookmarklet

Bookmarklets are so cool! These are little javascript links that you add to your bookmarks, which do some really cool things. I have one that tells me what a page’s weight is (how big the overall download is…very important when you work for a big company like Bell who has an no pages above 80k rule), and one that re-sizes my browsers to 800×600. They’re wicked awesome, go download some now!

Check out for more bookmarklets, or do a Google search for bookmarklets.

About Me

I’ve been real bad

I haven’t updated this site in way too long, I’m regularly going 10 days at a time without a single update. I know as fans, you must all be getting incredibly frustrated, and are all wondering “When will Brian update the damn website”?

Sorry friends.

I’ve been spending a large amount of time updating the all new Stinky Monkeys Website (hosted of course by HeadsDown Internet Design…get your HeadsDown T-shirt now), but I promise to spend a little more time here.

I bought the Legend DVD last weekend, I haven’t had a chance to watch the directors cut yet, but what I’ve seen was awesome. We also saw Insomnia on Saturday, it was a good, solid film, but I was honestly expecting more since it was directed by the guy who brought us Memento (and who’s name escapes me now).

In work news, I’m hard at work on the redesign, and I’ve been working downtown for the last couple of days. I’ll be down here until late June, early July, not that I’m complaining as I actually enjoy the trip down here more than I do up to Agincourt.

That’s it for today, but I’ll try to update again tomorrow with a quick hit list, and my view of Attack of the Clones in Digital Projection.

Movies and TV

Star Wars: Episode II kicked a lot of ass

The second installment in Lucas’ trilogy of pre-quels was much stronger than the first. Much less Jar Jar for one, a lot more action for another. The acting was much better, and the villians were pretty cool.

The most impressive stuff were the effects this time out. Digital characters (such as Yoda) looked much more realistic. Some of the best scenes were entirely digitally created, and they looked great. The city of Coruscant looked amazing, and Naboo looked as great as it did in the first movie.

Story wise it was weak…but you go to a Star Wars movie to be entertained by space battles and lightsabre fights, not to see an amazing story. A couple of things really bother me, like how can somebody tell someone they just committed genocide, and get no reaction? And is it just me, or do you need a doctorate in politics to figure out what the hell is going on in the Star Wars universe? Oh, and what’s with the throwaway references; “Should we tell the senate that our connection with the force is weakening?” WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT WINDU? DID YOU SAY YOU’RE ABOUT TO GET YOUR COLLECTIVE JEDI ASSES WHIPPED???

Still, with the weaknesses, I sat there and just smiled through about half of it, was on the edge of my seat for a quarter of it, grimaced for a bit of it, and was entertained by most of it. Not a bad film.

They also showed the Matrix Reloaded teaser trailer before Star Wars, pretty frickin’ cool.

Movies and TV

The Matrix Reloaded trailer

The MATRIX: RELOADED I waited up until midnight tonight in order to see the Matrix Reloaded trailer. It’s pretty frickin’ cool, and I was really impressed with what few scenes I saw. It’s so cool how the Matrix really is a comic book movie that has never been a comic (except for the online comic).

I have tickets to see Attack of the Clones tomorrow night…damn I hope it’s better than the Phantom Menace (which I’m going to re-watch tomorrow during work just to get psyched up for it).


Holy last minute heroics!

The Toronto Maple Leafs squeaked by the Ottawa Senators tonight in game 6 of the Stanley Cup quarter-finals. Squeaked is the operative word. They were down two goals in the first ten minutes of the game, and came back to win it 4-3. The Sens can really pour on the pressure, and the last five minutes of the game were all Ottawa. Gary Roberts is playing like a man 5 years younger than he is. Finally Alexander Moginlny finally got a big goal, about damn time! Tuesday night’s game looks like it’s gonna be great. The rivalry that’s building between the Senators and the Leafs is really building. Tomorrow night the Sharks and the Avalanche will be facing off in a similar situation, the Avs have got to battle back from a 3-2 series in order to go on and fulfil my prophecy of a Maple Leafs/Avalanche Stanley Cup final.

Movies and TV

Buffy, the best show on TV

So last night I was doing a quick search for last week’s episode of Buffy because I missed the first half hour of it (thanks goes out to YTV for their incredibly consistent schedule…please note the sarcasm there), and I somehow screwed up taping stuff last Tuesday. I ended up finding it, and as I was searching, I kept on seeing a listing for 6×19…this week’s episode. It said it was a “wild feed” caught off satelite, so I grabbed it and just finished watching it.

Let me say, Buffy has now provided two of my favourite moments of TV this season. The first being the entire “Once More…With Feeling” musical episode, and the second being this episode where the entire season’s worth of plot-lines have finally gelled. It’s beginning to look as if all of the little bits and pieces that have been hinted at all season are about to be wrapped up, and what has been up until now both one of the most entertaining (musical episode, Buffy in an alternate universe where she’s in a sanitarium), and most mundane (Doublemeat Palace, and overall lack of direction of this season) has suddenly all made sense.

I once more vow that I shall never again complain about the great and powerful Joss Whedon and his vision for this series. He knows all, sees all, and kicks some serious ass.

Movies and TV

Spider-Man, best comic movie ever

Just got back from a matinee, and I have to say that Spider-Man was the best comic book related movie released to date…yes even better than Superman (which until now was my fave).

I know some “purists” hate the organic web shooters, but I loved them. I also thought Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin was right on, but my favourite little bits were parts thrown in just for comic fans.

Stan Lee’s cameo, the mention of Doc Connor, and the small store in the village with the sign in door that says “Black Magic” with the pentagram on the front window. Very cool stuff indeed.

I’d still like to know how Peter sewed his Spider-Man costume.

A concerned Aunt May: “Peter, what are you doing down there dear?”


Peter: “Nothing Aunt May, just mending some pants. Don’t come down, I’m not dressed.”

Aunt May: “Teenager’s today, who knew that sewing would be so fascinating.”

Movies and TV

Donnie Darko, and Spider-Man

I rented Donnie Darko last night, wierd little film, but oh so amazing. I don’t even know how to begin to describe it, it’s almost like American Beauty meets 12 Monkeys. Very bizzare, yet so amazingly grounded in reality. I’ll fire off a solid review on the movies section soon.

Speaking of movies. I got my tickets for Spider-Man today. Tomorrow at 12:30pm I’ll be seeing the movie. Look for a review here later tomorrow!

Movies and TV

Spider-Man begins

Only two more days until Spidey! I’m so jazzed about this movie.

Char and I have made a date to go see a matinee at the Colossus, and then go for dinner at Fire and Ice. That should be loads of fun!

I’m going to book a day in June off to go to Canada’s Wonderland, probably a Monday, so that should be fun.

Today I went to Centenial’s New Media Open House. Cool place, some really cool work. I’m really excited about building a relationship with these folks, and getting some sort of intern program going.