Month: June 2002

Don’t tell Blogger

Don’t tell Blogger

Shhhh….don’t tell Blogger about Grey Matter…I’m actually in the process of porting all of my stuff over from Blogger to Grey Matter because it’s an amazing little cgi based app, and it’s all server side (which means that I don’t need to use Blogger to post my stuff anymore). I love Blogger, because it’s made posting so much easier, but there are little things about it that annoy the crap out of me, such as the templating system, and how inflexible the templates are. From what I’ve seen from Grey Matter, it answers all my needs…PLUS it allows people to respond to your posts…all this, and it’s freeware! This could be the ultimate posting solution that I’ve been looking for.

We will see, and if it works, then expect it up next week!

Playing beer

Sometimes you get the beer, and sometimes the beer gets you.

Saturday night, the beer got me. Oh god did it ever! It all started well enough, Char and I met Joachim, Tiff, and Jeff to watch the fight and drink some beer…when we stumbled up the street to our house, I knew I was in trouble. Sure enough, I was am mess, and even now, almost 24 hours later, I still feel like crap. Ugh. No more beer for me until at least late July.



I’m so freakin’ busy right now it ain’t even funny.

My number one thing that I’m doing right now is working on the re-design. I’m trying to apply some logic to some of the styles etc, that our design firm has created. It’s really hard though because they’ve got 200 styles, and most of them are doing the same thing.

Hopefully I’ll be done the lion’s share of the hardest work this week.

I’m taking tomorrow off, and Char and I will be going to Canada’s Wonderland. That just means that I need to do way more work tonight, and get a whole ton of stuff done before Monday. I may even work from home Sunday night/Monday morning, and just do what I can as quickly as possible (utilizing my productive 2:00am-10:00am hours).

Still working on The Stinky Monkeys website. I’ll be taking a ton of pictures on Monday and adding them to the Player Bios. I need to order the T-shirts at some point as well. I still need to get the darned message board working before the halfway mark of the season.

This is defianately the best movie going summer in a long time. Spider-man, Star Wars, and even The Scorpion King were awesome, and there is still The Minority Report, Men In Black II, Austin Powers 3, and the Bourne Identity to go! Char and I are thinking about going to a drive in this weekend if anything good is playing, so we’ll see what the movie of the week is then.