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What a totally shitty day. Not only was it crappy, rainy, and utterly grey, but my mood matched the weather perfectly. First off, I stayed up way too late last night playing Kingdom Hearts because I got done doing actual work work around midnight…so I played games until 4:30 in the morning…not good.

Then I get in to work, and am told that my good friend, and human resource book, Joe Taiabjee (A.K.A. Joe Tek) was among the latest round of cuts at BGMi. I honestly couldn’t have been more upset if they had told me that I was laid off…I mean at least if it was me, I’d know that TSN wasn’t my problem anymore. All of a sudden I felt like the weight of the world was really on my shoulders, and it’s a weight that I’m tired of carrying.

I went through the rest of the day in a daze of some sort, and left to go home early around 3. At home I did a little work, and decided that I needed to go out and see The Transporter after all.


How to even start? The first half hour was good, it had an awesome car chase that took 15-20 minutes, some great dialogue, and an awesome premise…the next hour and ten minutes were sheer hell. The car got blowed up, the fighting was just stupid-dumb looking (can anybody tell me why nobody can do an old fashioned Sean Connery punch to the guts anymore? Remember those? They sounded like a head of lettuce being smashed on a wooden box? What’s with all the frigging wires???), and the acting was just ATROCIOUS! Jason Statham was good, but the girl Shu Qi was one of the worst actresses ever! The eurotrash villian played by Matt Schulze was atrocious, and the faceless badguys kept coming at the good guy like baddies from the old Double Dragon arcade game, I was all like “Didn’t he just kill that guy?”, and my buddy Larry was all like “Oh no he didn’t!”, and my other buddy Curtis was all like “Tee Hee Hee Hee”, doubled over in his chair laughing from the sheer stupidity of the “plot” (a plot which makes a Joe Esterhaus movie look like fucking Casablanca!).

Ahhh well, the trip home was enjoyable (if uneventful), I just gunned my car all the way home, driving like a stupid person, albeit a safe stupid person, and let out a lot of frustrations. I really need to install a CD player in my car though…radio just ain’t doin’ it for me anymore.

Well, tomorrow is the first of my days off. I need to just relax and not think about TSN for a few days, and that’s just what I’m gonna do.


Consuming a web service from your Pocket PC

Consuming a web service from your Pocket PC

This is a cool article on taking XML content and viewing it with your PDA. It’s a great idea because I want to eventually build out HeadsDown into an XML feed that would be available in the NewsML format.

Movies and TV

Jamming camcorders in movie theaters

Jamming camcorders in movie theaters

As someone who occasionally downloads movies from Kaazaa from time to time, I’m totally confused by how this is such a big deal. The article says: “According to Cinea’s grant abstract, the motion picture industry loses some $3 billion a year due to piracy, including the sale of illegal copies made using camcorders in theaters. The company predicted that its efforts could cut movie piracy by 50 percent” okay, I’ll be honest. I downloaded 40 Days and 40 Nights because I was midly curious to see it. Mildly curious as in, “Not curious to spend $12.00 at the theatre, and not curious to go to the video store and rent it out.” mildly curious. I MIGHT (and I emphasize the word might here) have watched it if I stumbled on it on City TV in a couple of years when it comes to free TV. I saw it one night while I was searching for divX movies…I downloaded it. I burned it to CD, and it’s sat in my desk for the last two months. I haven’t watched it, other than to make sure I didn’t download porn.

I don’t even have the impetus to watch the damn thing. So how exactly did the movie industry lose any money on that transaction? How have they lost money on any of the other DivX movies I’ve downloaded? I saw Star Wars Episode II in theatres twice. One night I downloaded it because I wanted to watch it again (and it was out of theatres by August). I watched it a couple more times. When the DVD comes out will I buy it? HELL YEAH! Geez, would I rather have a state of the art Dolby Digital 6.1 surround sound mix, or my crappy little CD that you can hear the dude who filmed the movie eat popcorn? Do the math. Lucas didn’t lose dime ONE on this transaction (unless the movie studios are so naive as to believe that the two times I watched Episode II on the VCD that I burned I would have gone to the theatre…once in the middle of a work day, and the other time at 12:00 at night when I was stuck at work).

Geez, you know, now that I think about it, I estimate that I lose about $600.00 a year in movies that I see in a theatre which should really be experienced on the small screen (see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” as an example), and probably another $100.00 a year in late fees, and movies that I just return without watching them through because the movie isn’t compelling enough to watch in one sitting, and I don’t get through it.

Where’s my cash Hollywood?


Woodster is an incredible site with some really great design. I’ve been surfing through this site for an hour now and I’m amazed at the depth of content in here, and how great the portfolio section is. This is what a portfolio site should be.

I especially love the style guide section. So simple, but so amazing.

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Best of

Because I love…I’m including a “Best of” list.

Album du jour: Disturbed: Believe. Their newest album rocks…not as much as their debut…but it still rocks.

DVD of the Week: Hulk Still Rules. The bio of Hulk Hogan, along with 4 hours of classic matches (stuff like his AWA bad guy days, and Orndorff vs Hogan at Exhibition Place in Toronto). It’s really good.

Game of the Week: Hot Shots Golf III, but only until Grand Theft Auto Vice City comes out, or I break down and buy Kingdom Hearts next week (whichever comes first).

Website of the Week: Comic Book Resources used to be my favourite site…then it wasn’t…and now thanks to Mark Millar’s column, Pop Life by Matt Fraction, and Lying in the Gutters by Rich Johnson, it’s my favourite again.

Comic of the Week: Ultimate Spider-Man #28. The intro of the Rhino…and Spidey doesn’t even meet up with him!

Looking forward to: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Once More With Feeling” soundtrack. This looks really good!

About Me

It’s time for a change

For something like two years has said “Change is coming”…what a load of CRAPOLA! It’s finally true though. I’m going to go through in the next three months and re-design all three of my major sites. HeadsDown is going to get the first overhaul, I’m going to plug in a content management solution (HeadLines), re-do the front jump page, and make it do what it should do. HeadsDown needs to be a portal for all of my stuff…and that’s just what it’s going to be.

What can you, my adoring public expect on HeadsDown? How’s this for a start?

Services – What I can offer folks. You want custom video? Done. You need a website? Got it. You want a peruvian rug? I’m your man.

Portfolio – What I’ve done.

Tools – The HeadsDown difference.

Weekly (or monthly) updates on what HeadsDown is doing.

Spotlights on past projects (every week I’ll focus on a prior client).

Latest news on my other sites.

Tales will be next. Gone will be the Comics and Movies sections. Great ideas, just didn’t get enough done with them. In will be a new writing section where my Wrestling columns can live. I’ll keep the main page information only, but I want to have some more pictures and stuff going on.

The Char and Brian site needs a re-vamp since it hasn’t been touched in over a year. We’ll see what we can see with that one.

Finally, the Stinky Monkeys will need a re-vamp in time for the Winter Floor hockey season. I’m going to try to captain a team this winter and see who wants to come out.

I’ve got a couple of designs for HeadsDown on the go, and I’ll post them as soon as I get a chance.

In the meantime, I’m working on a website for local comic shop “Shining Knight Comics”, and I’ll post some stuff about that here soon.

Until then…stay tuned!



Denim is a cool tool that lets you develop schematics really quickly. It’s really useful, and something that I’m using every day.