About Me Wrestling Wrestling My first wrestling column since returning to is “Don’t Call It A Comeback”, and it deals with Mr. Perfect and Goldust’s returns to the WWF. I’m going to start making it a weekly occurance, but I want to deal with the lighter side of wrestling by kind of poking fun at it, and having a good time about some of the more ridiculous aspects. I’ll throw in a liberal dose of pop-culture references, and suddenly it will become the talk of the wrestling world. Just you wait.

I’ve been laying the foundation for the revamp of Tales From The Darkside for this Friday. I should have everything finished by either tonight or tomorrow, and I’ll be able to launch it early Thursday night. The new design is pretty cool, and pretty flexible, and will have lots of space for my other obsessions (Movies, Comics, and what have you). This page will still be the main hype page, but all of the others will have a much narrower focus.

Should be fun!


Bandwidth speed test

Speed Test >> Test your Internet connection a great bandwidth speed test site since MSN’s seems to have died.

We saw Tenacous D last night, and they truly rocked our socks off! What a great show. Just Jack Black and Kyle Gass rocking out on two acoustic guitars. They played most of their CD (finishing the night up with Tribute and Double Team, two of my favourites) and played a little five minute movie. Overall their set went about an hour and a half, and was some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever seen on stage. For a two man band, they really had an awesome, full sound, and you never felt like they needed more onstage.

The only downside to the concert was the fact that there were waaaaay too many guys there. It was a total sausage fest, and it was really hard for Char to see the stage.

Their video for Wonderboy is on Much Music now (directed by Spike Jonez). I think they could probably do something with Tribute, but most of the other stuff is a tad foul for radio play.


Cool gadget

Bluetooth Enabled Pen This is so cool. How neat would it be to be able to just write a little post-it note and fire it off via e-mail? So cool.


We’re going to see the D!

We’re going to see the D whee hee, we’re going to see the D, woo hoo, to the funny farm where I’ll be taken away by nice young men in long white coats we’re going to see the D!

It’s gig time baby, what T-shirt are you going to wear? OH NO!!! BRAIN ANEURYSM!!!.


Royal Rumble Pool scary stat

Scary Stat? Every entrant in this year’s Royal Rumble except for Maven has held a title in the WWF.


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Royal Rumble Pool winner

The Royal Rumble Pool was a ton of fun, but it didn’t exactly turn out as I had hoped. Why not? Take a look at the much vaunted “Team Darkside”, and then compare it to that of my competitors.

The winner: Benson’s Brigade (along with the order in which the wrestler emerged):

2 – Goldust

13 – Christian

16 – Godfather

22 – Triple H

25 – Mr. Perfect

29 – RVD

First Runner Up: Larry’s Wooriors

4 – Bradshaw

8 – Undertaker

12 – Scotty Too Hotty

18 – Saturn

23 – Hurricane

26 – Kurt Angle

The Losers:

Team Darkside:

6 – Al Snow

10 – Jeff Hardy

17 – Albert

21 – Test

24 – Faarooq

27 – The Big Show

The Enraged Puffins

1 – Rikishi

3 – Bossman

7 – Billy

11 – Maven

19 – Steve Austin

30 – Booker T

Jeff’s Jobbers

5 – Lance Storm

9 – Matt Hardy

14 – DDP

15 – Chucky

20 – Val Venis

28 – Kane

Order of Entrance:

1 Rikishi, 2 Goldust, 3 Bossman, 4 Bradshaw, 5 Lance Storm, 6 Al Snow, 7 Billy, 8 Undertaker, 9 Matt Hardy, 10 Jeff Hardy, 11 Maven, 12 Scotty 2 Hotty, 13 Christian, 14 DDP, 15 Chucky, 16 Godfather, 17 Albert, 18 Saturn, 19 Stone Cold Steve Austin, 20 Val Venis, 21 Test, 22 HHH, 23 Hurricane, 24 Faarooq, 25 Mr. Perfect, 26 Kurt Angle, 27 The Big Show, 28 Kane, 29 RVD, 30 Booker T.


1 Bossman, 2 Lance Storm, 3 Bradshaw, 4 Goldust, 5 Al Snow, 6 Rikishi, 7 Billy, 8 Jeff, 9 Matt, 10 Undertaker (thrown out by Maven!), 11 Scotty 2 Hotty, 12 DDP (who’s exit wasn’t even shown on the monitors because the cameras were too busy catching Godfather’s 24 minute, 3 ho-train entrance), 13 Albert, 14 Godfather, 15 Christian, 16 Chucky, 17 Saturn, 18 Val Venis, 19 Test, 20 Hurricane, 21 Faarooq, 22 The Big Show, 23 Kane, 24 RVD, 25 Booker T, 26 Stone Cold Steve Austin, 27 Mr. Perfect, 28 Kurt Angle. The winner: Triple H.

It’s important to note that there was some chicanery going on in that the reason there were 30 entrants, but ony 28 exits is because technically Maven was never eliminated. Undertaker went back into the ring and hurled Maven out over the top rope and then took him to school in the back before munching on some popcorn to seal Maven’s fate. In my humble opinion, the real loser here is Curtis who had the $20.00 pot STOLEN out from under his nose! Very weak indeed.

Movies and TV

Royal Rumble Pool

Thirty men enter. One man leaves.

Here are the official Royal Rumble Pool Rules:

Thirty numbers will be placed in a recepticle (be it hat, or popcorn bucket), and each person will take a turn drawing a number until all numbers are taken.

The number will represent the wrestler who arrives in the ring in accordance with the number. I.E. number one will represent the first wrestler who arrives in the ring. Number 30 will be the last person to arrive in the ring.

The person with the number corresponding to the second last wrestler to leave the ring will win 20% of the pool, while the person with the number corresponding to the last wrestler to leave the ring will win the remaining 80%.

In the case of a tie, the portion of the pool which the participants would have won will be split. I.E. if three people are sent out of the ring simutaneously at the end, all three people will split the 80% pool.

Those are the rules. I didn’t make them…oh wait, yes I did.

About Me

HeadsDown, TSN, and more

My how time flies. It’s almost time to re-register HeadsDown, and considering that I did almost as much with it in 2001 as I did in 1998 (the year I first registered it), what a waste. Other than this site, and my e-mail accounts, HeadsDown could have died and nobody would have been the wiser.

Work’s been pretty fun lately, I’ve finally started really working on the Encoding Stations, and built about 3/4 of it today. Tomorrow I’ll be adding the final wiring to it, and then I’ll be able to start actually using the thing. I’m going to make sure that I take some pictures of it for posterity’s sake, and also so that I can show people I actually know what the heck I’m doing. From looking at it, one would swear that I have stock in a wire tie company.

My current diagram is absolutely hilarious. I took a piece of paper and drew out the equipment I needed, and added the connections, and then drew lines all over it to the pieces. It looks like something a three year old did, but it actually makes sense!

Here’s the obligatory “Best Of” section.

Album Du Jour: My 2001 remix disc (track list coming soon)

DVD of the week: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Wicked two disc set with all kinds of goodies.

Game of the week: I played Grand Theft Auto 3 until 3 in the morning the other night. It’s evil.

Website of the week: I don’t go to it nearly enough yet, but PopCultureShock is an awesome site. It’s by the designer of Psycomic V2, and it’s really well laid out. I love it.


I’ve been a bad boy…my blogging skills are sorely waning

Here are a couple of cool links:First off, here is a very important link for Opting Out of Popup Ads! Very handy.

Second, a little Windows XP helper. Microsoft’s Cleartype link. Now I want XP on my work and home machines so that I can take advantage of this feature.

About Me

The week that was – January 6

This is my first full update for the new year, and I’m making it wirelessly in my living room.

We’re launching the TSNMAX Magazine on Monday which means lots of work this weekend, but we’ve still managed to catch The Royal Tennenbaums and A Beautiful Mind.

Album du jour: 2001 Year in Review album

DVD du jour: Almost Famous – Untitled. It’s amazing, there’s so much good stuff on this disc.

Game du jour: I bought Grand Theft Auto III, just before Christmas, and it’s amazing.

Website du jour: Well, if this was Monday, I’d say TSNMAX The Magazine, but since it’s not…