Christmas Eve Eve (or the night before the night before Christmas)

It’s the night before the night before Christmas, also known as the Garside (Toronto branch) Christmas eve. Charlene and I traditionally have our Christmas the night before we leave for the Tri-City-Tour (Toronto-Chatham-London), which will be tomorrow morning. Tonight we’ll get into our PJ’s, cozy up by the space heater, turn on the Christmas Tree … Read more

A big “up yours” to the record industry!

I believe the 9th chapter in “How to become a totally obsolete industry” says “Sue your customers into compliance, use fear as a tactic, if they become sufficiently afraid of you, then they will comply with your wishes.” I’m glad places like, and are around. has stickers like “Warning; Buying this … Read more

Viva Las Vegas

Ryan and I returned from Las Vegas yesterday morning around 8:00am. To quote Dickens (not Hemmingway as previously reported, or Captain Kirk in Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan…which is more appropriate after all), “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. The conference was a horrible, horrible bust. There … Read more

HTMLDog solves my problems

HTMLDog solves my problems I’ve been having a few HTML problems with footers and making them behave properly…so my choice has been to simply eliminate them, no more! A simple clear: both; fixes my problem! Yay CSS. It saves the day again.

Web economy Bullshitter

Sometimes I get cold calls from tech companies desperate to find new business. Occasionally they will speak entirely in NewSpeak (my term for “new economy buzzwords”), it’s hilarious to listen to them, turn on my bullshit translator, and figure out what they’re saying. I usually say something along the lines of “Wow, that’s a lot … Read more

PS2 on the block

I’ve put my Playstation 2 and all 12 games on the auction block at E-Bay. It’s time to move on, I’ve grown up, I need to get back to doing real work, and getting rid of the distraction which is my PS2 will help me do that.SHEAH! AS IF!!! I’m selling my PS2 so I … Read more

Windows ICO formatter

It’s a plug-in for Photoshop! It lets me create Favicons in Photoshop! No messing with stuff like IconForge and other programs that I don’t really like!Woo Hoo! Windows ICO formatter

Will the bubble burst for pop-up ads?

Thankfully Microsoft is going to put pop-up blocking technology into Internet Explorer’s impending update which is due sometime next summer. Mozilla and Opera already offer such protection, and apparently 20-25% of web surfers have installed some form of pop-up protection. Will the bubble burst for pop-up ads? Stats say that Pop-Ups are 13 times more … Read more

The Two Towers SE DVD

Wow. I picked up the new Two Towers DVD last week, and have now watched almost all of the features on it. What a spectacular package. Everything you could have ever wanted to know about the making of the movies is contained on the two extra discs, and what you still don’t know is probably … Read more