Month: June 2003



My god…how dumb can they get? If the RIAA just slashed their budget for lawyers, and put that cashish into something useful like, ohhh, I dunno, R&D into new products, maybe they wouldn’t be in such trouble.

Consider that the CD came out in the early 80’s, and there has been no new distribution medium since then…the single largest incremental revenue in Hollywood history was the introduction of entire catalogues into DVD…there was a similar burst for the record industry with the advent of the CD…get the idea RIAA? DVD-A could be the big breakthrough. I’d love to have Van Halen’s entire catalogue on one DVD…that would kick ass. How about Led Zepplin’s catalogue on a DVD…wow, I could replace a dozen or so CD’s with a couple of DVD’s. For me and my space conscious mind, that makes sense.

Of course I could just rip them and a couple of thousand other CD’s to a $160.00 120gig Hard Drive and sell my entire CD collection to a Used CD store and have everything on a single hard drive that I could share out with my house and burn to CD-RW’s as needed…

But noooo, now they’re going to sue their consumers back into the stone ages. Individual file traders are being fined upwards of 10k per song they have available to share. Much like Canada’s marijuana laws, it’s not illegal to posess digital files, it’s not illegal to download them, but it is illegal to make them available for sharing.

Of course the irony is that Recording Industry has created this beast themselves. It used to be just the hardcores who knew about Napster, Music City, Grockster, LimeWire, et-al, but because of the endless coverage on CNN, everybody and their brother knows where to get free music. Good work RIAA!

Comics N More launched

Comics N More launched

HeadsDown’s newest website, Comics N launched on Thursday. The guys who run it are still getting their heads around how the tool works, but they’re coming along.

We’ll be doing some more tweaking on the tool to make it add line breaks when a user hits enter, but it’s really coming along as a content managment tool.

My favourite part of it is how it writes flat files so that 90% of the site is database free! This will be great in the future for scalability.

Soooooo close to launching…

Soooooo close to launching…

I’m mere hours away from launching my latest website. uses the same new tool that we’ve been working on for HeadsDown for months now, just in a totally new application of it.

A small sneak peek of it can be seen at: Comics N More’s Template.

Pretty damn cool if I do say so myself!

Teen Titans!

Teen Titans!

This is so cool. The same team that brought us Batman, the Animated Series, The New Adventures of Superman, and The Justice League, now presents The Teen Titans, my all time favourite comic book series from when I was a kid.

Not only is it the perfect team of Robin, Raven, Beast Boy (formerly Changeling), Cyborg, and Starfire, but it’s done in a really cool animation style that the kids of today will love.

There’s a trailer on the website which looks wicked cool, and it has this hilarious funky retro-future theme song over it. There’s also an amazing game called Teen Titans Battle Blitz which is one of the best Flash games I’ve ever seen!

Very cool.

Building a TiVo

Building a TiVo

Wow, so cool. There’s an open source program called MythTV that does a lot of the stuff that TiVo does, only it does it for free, and will do it in Canada (come on TiVo…SERIOUSLY!).

I’ve already got a spare box, processor, TV Tuner, and hard drive lying around…I’m just looking for the motivation to actually build this bugger.

How can studios be so dumb?

I read this morning that studios are dissapointed with B.O. takes. Meanwhile they release The Matrix in nearly 4000 theatres.

There was a time where you couldn’t get tickets to opening week of new movie (never mind opening night) and the studios knew that, so they counter-programmed. You might not go see The Matrix, so you went to Bruce Almighty instead. Now people go out to see the movie they want, when they get there, there are plenty of tickets, and plenty of seats. It’s not uncommon for people to show up to a newly released movie, ten minutes into the performance, and still get a seat…on OPENING NIGHT!!!

That’s just insane to me.

Take a look at the club scene. There’s absolutely no reason to have the lines outside of most clubs that are there, other than to create perceived excitement. If people think it’s a big deal to get into something, they will make a bigger deal out of it.

Now personally, I won’t wait in a line at a club…why would I when I can walk across the street and get into the newly released movie that started ten minutes ago?