Month: September 2003

Sometimes you’re the farmer, sometimes you’re the sheep

I feel like I’m never going to get ahead. Right now I have to re-build my encoding set-up, I have to re-build Encoder 2, and build Encoder 4 (my all new machine). Meanwhile MLB playoffs start on Wednesday, and we need to have the hub built by EOD today.

Nevermind my personal work. I have 5 templates to create still, and two websites to launch by the 15th.

Yep, today I’m the freakin’ sheep.

I missed the third day of big news!

We moved offices at work, so my life has been a seemingly never-ending battle against chaos. I got most of my video encoding setup re-built yesterday (breaking about 100 union rules in the process…oops), and got most of my desk set-up. I threw out a ton of stuff, kept one copy of all software manuals rather than the two dozen or so we had, and chucked any cable that I couldn’t put a name and a face to (until I suddenly realized the use for a half dozen of them and scrambled to grab them back out of the garbage).

The real big news is that Chronicology will launch on October 15th (or shortly thereafter), and will replace Tales From The Darkside. Don’t cry though kids. Because it will be built using the Writer’s Quill tools, there will be plenty of room for more content, I’ll be able to add pictures, and there will be comments on every story!

Chronicology will be launching in tandem with Writer’s Quill (which launches October 15th), which is the first new HeadsDown Content Managment solution, with our first market targeting independant authors. A simple hosting and content managment solution which will allow artists to get online easily and without a lot of effort…how do I know? Because it’s the same tool that Ryan McFadden has been using to promote Nathaniel for a couple of months now.

Chronicology and Writer’s Quill…they’re coming soon.

Something I commented on at JoeTek

I recently bought David Usher’s newest CD, it’s copy protected. It’s driving me nuts. I always burn a copy of any new CD I buy and leave it in my car…because CD’s have a habit of being stolen from my car (thank you Beaches youth…you’re a testament to our society that your parents can own $800,000 homes, yet you feel a need to break into my damn car to steal my damn CD’s). I also always copy my new CD’s to my home and work computers, and will put select tracks on my iPAQ for the gym.No David Usher songs though, unless I ironically download them from Kaazaa…because someone’s figured out how to bust the copy protection.

I saw the same “copy protection” icon on the new Perfect Circle CD yesterday and put it back on the shelf. I’d rather find somewhere to download it, and let some other poor schmuck figure out how to break the copy protection and save me the hassle. is coming

This is the first of six themes for Chronicology, it’s called “CloudShine”, and will be one of the themes available for Writer’s Quill when it launches.

The other themes will include; BookWorm, MoonShadow, Pulp Friction, Painted Ladies, ShadowBoxing, and Boxed In (the latter two of which will have variable colour schemes).

Three days of big news

I’ve got plenty of big news, but I’m going to spread it out over three days.

First up; the book cover is done, it’s been saved to CD, delivered to Ryan, and will be on it’s way to his publisher this week. Today I whipped up a couple of desktop images, and an e-book cover for the book so that he can post them to either or I’ve posted the large wallpaper here, because I’m using it for my desktop at home, and I’m going to use it for my work desktop.

I’m gonna toss out a little tidbit in relation to a post from last week, it’s coming.

This isn’t news at all, but it should serve as a reminder to me to visit CSS Discuss and sign up.

Taboo and more

I finished Ryan’s book cover on Monday night, it’s awesome. I hope to post a couple of links up here to the images in the next couple of days. I can’t wait to see this in print.

I’m going to do a 4 colour version of the cover for a T-Shirt design, so that he can put the book cover on T-Shirts as give-aways and/or promotional products at conventions.

I also told him about the Toronto SciFi Con in November, May, and August, which would be a great thing for him to be at (maybe I’ll tag along and do drawings of Nathaniel and Creed).

I’m a little sore today after playing 18 holes at Taboo up near Gravenhurst. It’s my first time playing 18 holes, and DAMN!

The course was awesome, and I managed a mind boggling chip-in from about 15 yards which really had no business going in. It was a rocket right at the pin, the ball hit the pin, and sunk right down. The best part was not only was everyone watching me, but the beer cart girl was there too. It was like something out of Hot Shots Golf 3.

Bale as Batman

Of course I heard you silly monkeys! I’ve had about a half dozen people e-mail/instant message/phone me about Christian Bale signing as Batman. They announced this yesterday around 4:00 after a huge casting call with everyone from Joshua Jackson through David Boreanaz of Angel fame.

Sad news today too, The man in black, Johnny Cash passed away at 71, and shockingly John Ritter died at only 54 after complaining of feeling sick while shooting an episode of “Ten Simple Rules”, which was my favourite new show of last year.

IE Patent endgame detailed

IE Patent endgame detailed

Hello, it’s 1993 calling. Hope everyone enjoyed static websites without rich media.

A software developer named Eolas claims that it owns the patent to embedded technologies, and has filed a $521 million lawsuit against Microsoft and has demanded that Microsoft remove the “embedded Active X” properties from I.E.

This would effectively cripple the way that Flash, Windows Media, Quicktime, and other media formats, and would likely spell certain doom for Opera, Netscape, and Mozilla all of which also use various embedding properties to display rich media.

Great. Images and text only. It’s 1997 all over again. Thank god I’m re-designing HeadsDown and TSN already, I’ll just keep these points in mind.

Microsoft is suggesting that while they think they will be ultimately successful, we should use techniques such as scripting, and DHTML to launch external applications…of course this will eventually open up a whole new can of security worms, and we’re screwed again.


Blogger adds new features!

The good folks at Blogger have added many of their “Pro” features to the free product. There’s now Upload File, Spell Checker, Draft, and Change Date and Time buttons on the admin page, allowing me more new features than ever before.Something else from the good folks at Google, did you know that if you enter a math expression into the search box you’ll get the Google Calculator? Try 4+4 for a laugh, or how about this: (G * mass of Earth) / (radius of Earth^2) tell me that ain’t freakin’ cool!

So much to do…

Ryan and I are hard at work on a ton of stuff.

Ryan’s working on the Hockey Updater and Writer’s Quill products, while I’m hard at work on his book cover. I have the basic structure of the cover down, and he’s posted my little mock-up on his site.

I need to buy some more RAM today because my poor computer is chugging.