Of relaunches and men

A List Apart relaunched last week while I was on “the island”, and it has three great articles right off the top which are incredibly timely.

Speaking of launches and re-launches, I’m going to start working on the re-launch of the home page of this week, now that I’ve finally wrapped my head around some of the more confusicating aspects of CSS (in particular the stuff about widths in I.E. vs other browsers), I’m going to keep a version of the work in progress on my /darkside/ folder on at /darkside/css/.

Writer’s Quill should be launching tonight or tomorrow night, only two weeks late. Yay. I’m having problems accessing it from home consistantly, so I’m going to try to solve those problems tonight first.

Next up will be, which should launch within the week, and this site will move sometime after that.

I recently realized that Chronicology will be the final death of the whole “Darkside” internet persona, as I move finally away from the psudonym and into using my real name all over the place online. I gave up on my lord_darkside Hotmail account, got rid of the lorddarkside Sympatico account, and even my Tales From The Darkside columns on go by the byline of Brian “Darkside” Garside.

Maybe it’s the last sign that I’m growing up? Or maybe I’m just trying to create a “brand” in my real name?

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It’s presentation time

I made my presentation along with the dudes from CBC Sports, and it was quite interesting. We ended up speaking about more than just Fantasy Games, thankfully, since I’m not a big fan of Fantasy Games, and got into the whole XBox/XSN thing that we are working on, and talked about “next things”. I’m convinced that the next big Sports thing will be cyber athleticism, and I managed to get the crowd interested in the whole field.

I really liked the guys from CBC, and I hope that I run into them tonight for the Lobster dinner and tour of the island.

I went for a little walk earlier since the weather has finally broken and it’s not raining cats and/or dogs right now. One of the seeming universal constants? Big Box Plaza’s.

There’s a big box right behind my hotel.

Oh, and Tim Horton’s. There’s one right down the street. God bless you Timmy.

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Welcome to the Rock

Apologies to Sean Connery.

Observations about PEI: as you are landing, you can see the entire island.

You can’t get lost in PEI because the Trans Canada rings the entire island. Get lost, just drive one way and you’ll hit it eventually.

You can come in for free, they’ll hit you on your way out. There are no tolls (or ferry fares) coming in to PEI. Getting out is $35.00 by bridge, or $50.00 by ferry.

My room has wireless internet connectivity, no it doesn’t, yes it does, no it doesn’t, yes it does (lather, rinse, repeat).

I had these delusions about what I was going to get done these two days. HAH! I’m a funny man.


Why are Western Canadians so insecure?

I’m currently cleaning out the tech mailbox at work, and I’ve had no fewer than a dozen e-mails this week regarding an upcoming Saskatchewan Roughriders game. They all go something like this:

Dear Toronto Sports Network (that’s what Westerners think TSN means), why isn’t our game on, yet games in the Eastern division are.

Or; “I realize that the world revolves around Toronto…”

Now in this particular case, I agree with them, TSN should be airing the Saskatchewan game because it will be way better than the Argo’s game, although that game has playoff implications.

It doesn’t matter though. Every single e-mail has to contain a slam against Toronto.

I’m thinking really hard about this, and I can’t think of one time that I’ve ever heard a Torontonian complain about the West. We say things like “Man it’s beautiful”, or “Good weed out west.”, I personally like to ride my cousin Brenda who lives out west by calling her a “granola eater”, but it’s all in good fun (I also call our friends in California granola eaters…so it’s not like I’m just picking on Western Canada).

Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe they dislike us because we don’t actually think about them?

Movies and TV

Killin’ and Mozillin’

I went and saw Kill Bill on my birthday, and I absolutely loved it. Some of the violence made me uncomfortable, particularly the first and last scenes, but by and large it was so cartoonish that it made me laugh more than it made me squirm.

I kind of wish that the two movies had been combined. I think he could easily have snipped 45 minutes from this movie, tightened it up, and combined it with the second. This half was 1 hr 50 minutes, but it feels like two and a half hours.

Quentin made a love letter for movie fans with this film, and it was obvious that he’s a film geek with all of the little pieces he put in it. As a bit of a film geek myself, I totally got it, and just loved the ride he took me on, but I can see that it was very self-indulgant.

Mozilla 1.5 has been released, and the beta release of the new Mozilla site has been launched. It looks pretty sweet, and I’ll talk about some of my loves and hates of Mozilla in a future posting. I’m so close to moving completely to Mozilla, but there are a few features which prevent me from doing so.

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Gonna party like it’s my birfday…

Because it is!

I set up my first ever E-Bay online auction last night. It was pretty easy, and now I’m watching my items get bid on. That’s really fun!

I’m going to sneak out of the office early this afternoon to catch Kill Bill, and then I’ll be going home to dinner and some cake from my lovely wife.

…and yes, this does indeed mean that Chronicology will not be launching today.

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Our Anniversary

I just wanted to mention that today is our two year anniversary. To celebrate it we drove to Niagra Falls, went to the whirlpool, drove by the falls for the 3rd time since we’ve been married (once on our way to California, again last October to celebrate our anniversary, and now today), had Coke floats at the Coke store, visited the Marvel experience, Hershey’s store, and smelled a lot of fudge, hit the Casino (where I lost $20.00), and ended the day at Wendy’s.

It was a whirlwind of a day, much like our life together has been so far.

The weather was nearly the exact same that it was two years ago, and the trees were absolutely beautiful on the drive down…and yes, I love her more today than I did the day we married.

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One year to the day!

One year from today Charlene and I will be moving into our new home.

Tomorrow is our two year anniversary. It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since we got married, and even harder to believe that it will still be at least another year and a half before we have our first baby. That kind of sucks (especially with the astronomical rent we pay every month).

Writer’s Quill and Chronicology are still scheduled to launch on Wednesday. It’s going to be tight, but I should be able to get it done.

Going through some of my old posts today, I noticed that the ones with “Blah of the week” are more interesting than the ones without. They’re kind of little glimpses into what I was into, and what was going on at those times, so I’m going to re-introduce them to this site.

Album Du Jour: David Usher’s Hallucinations

DVD of the week: I will be getting Matrix Revolutions on Tuesday (as a birthday present to me).

Movie of the week: The last movie we saw in Theatres was “The Rundown”, very funny, and it makes The Rock a star.

Game of the week: Hot Shots Golf 3

Website of the week: SimpleBits, I’m going there almost daily to help me solve some problems I’m having with Writer’s Quill.


This just in…Lawyers out of control!

With all due respect to my brother-in-law, I hate lawyers. Because of shoddy patent laws, EOLAS was able to sue Microsoft into believing that rich media is illegal in their browser, and now a company which makes anti-pirating software is suing a doctoral student for posting a paper in which he says it can be circumvented by hitting your SHIFT key!

Luckily, that lawsuit seems to have been dropped…but still. Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if we had to settle our differences like civilized human beings?

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I’m speaking at nextMedia

I’m speaking at nextMedia

I’ll be speaking at nextMEDIA in PEI on Thursday the 23rd of October at 1:45pm on “Delivering the Sports Experience”. More details to follow, but it should be interesting.