Web economy Bullshitter

Sometimes I get cold calls from tech companies desperate to find new business. Occasionally they will speak entirely in NewSpeak (my term for “new economy buzzwords”), it’s hilarious to listen to them, turn on my bullshit translator, and figure out what they’re saying. I usually say something along the lines of “Wow, that’s a lot of buzzwords. What does it do in English?”.

No more. Now I’m going to just throw some web economy bullshit back at them.

Web economy Bullshitter

Now you say that your product will iterate transparent partnerships, but I’m really looking for something that can deploy cross-platform convergence and help me to implement enterprise deliverables. If it can’t do that, I’m not interested.

Wonder if there’s a product out there that can drive B2B interfaces, strategize one-to-one infrastructures and generate cutting-edge experiences all the while helping me to brand sticky channels?

Damn, that’s fun.

Playstation 3

I’ve documented my current PS2 auction, but this is kind of cool.


PS2 on the block

I’ve put my Playstation 2 and all 12 games on the auction block at E-Bay. It’s time to move on, I’ve grown up, I need to get back to doing real work, and getting rid of the distraction which is my PS2 will help me do that.SHEAH! AS IF!!! I’m selling my PS2 so I can buy an XBOX, because…well quite frankly Xbox KICKS so much ASS! Seriously, we’re talking about a major heinie shining!

If the auction goes over $300.00, I may even buy a nice, shiny, second controller, or maybe the supercool DVD remote.


Windows ICO formatter

It’s a plug-in for Photoshop! It lets me create Favicons in Photoshop! No messing with stuff like IconForge and other programs that I don’t really like!Woo Hoo!

Windows ICO formatter


Will the bubble burst for pop-up ads?

Thankfully Microsoft is going to put pop-up blocking technology into Internet Explorer’s impending update which is due sometime next summer. Mozilla and Opera already offer such protection, and apparently 20-25% of web surfers have installed some form of pop-up protection.

Will the bubble burst for pop-up ads?

Stats say that Pop-Ups are 13 times more effective than traditional skyscraper banner advertising. There were some interesting quotes in the C-Net article about this though such as;

Major brand advertisers will be less affected because they have already been moving away from the format, Saridakis said. He said ad agencies and Fortune 500 companies view it as the “anti-Christ” because of consumers’ hatred of them. Response rates, although about three times better than those for banners, are often not worth the risk for big brands or publishers.

However, others seem unrepentant such as Gar Richlin, chief operating officer of

“That format is going to be lost, and right now we don’t see what’s going to replace it,” Richlin said. “It’s an attention grabber and that’s what advertising is all about.

There’s no question there’s an absolute tension between the format and the population,” he said. “There’s nobody out there who’s going to get in front of this train.”

As someone who’s fought pop-ups on since I returned, I couldn’t be happier!

Movies and TV

The Two Towers SE DVD

Wow. I picked up the new Two Towers DVD last week, and have now watched almost all of the features on it. What a spectacular package. Everything you could have ever wanted to know about the making of the movies is contained on the two extra discs, and what you still don’t know is probably on one of the four commentary tracks! When put side by side with the Fellowship SE, it’s around 28 hours of commentary and documentation on the making of the greatest fantasy epic ever. I’m practically salivating for The Return of the King.

The other big news from the weekend was the continued build of HockeyUpdater, our new HeadsDown tool which is a sister site to Writer’s Quill. Our big convention is December 10th, so I’m frantically trying to finish up work for the site, publishing tool, and our various posters and paraphanelia.

There’s a ton of work to be done still, and I’m about half way there. Not bad for a weekend. I still need to get everything printed off, and have stuff ready for distribution. I’ll also need to figure out a way to present everything, but that will come in time.


Time for a change

It’s been time to change up HeadsDown for a while now, and that’s finally happening.

Charlene’s sister Sharon designed this really cool new logo for HeadsDown, which I’ll be using for my business card. I’m going to go with the blue version, but the yellow/orange version will be used as a secondary mark.

I’ve finished Writer’sQuill’s logo, and I’m currently designing the logo for HockeyUpdater. After that I’ll work on MyRetailSite, and finish it up with ComicBookWebs. That’s a lot of logos!

There are still a lot of things to do between now and Vegas (December 10th). I finished the design for HockeyUpdater, I’ve got the logo done, now I need to fix up the tool page, and then work on some error checking stuff.

After it’s completely tweaked, I need to go back to Writer’s Quill and work on some things, it’s got a bit to go still. Of course the Chronicology site is on hold until I get all of this stuff finished.



My Starman sketchSo I went to Comics and More (my favourite comic shop) today, to pick up my weekly haul, talk about comics, and most importantly, pick up my sketch.

What awaited me was quite simply awesome. There, behind the cash, in a nice little Mylar sleeve (thanks Pete), was my Jack Knight Starman sketch.

Rob, the owner of the store, said he was amazed at the detail Tony put into the sketch, and would have gotten one himself if he knew that they would be that amazing.

I’m just in awe. It’s a gorgeous sketch that blew away my expectations. Everything about it is perfect, Jack’s pose, his look, the fact that he did the goggles, got the star in, and drew the top of the staff…man, what an awesome thing. I’m so happy that I went to the show, and now I have an amazing Starman sketch hanging on my office wall.

Thanks Tony!


Quiet comic show times

Phat TatsI left work early yesterday to go to the Toronto Comicon at Exhibition Place here in Toronto. The show is huge, spacious, well laid out, has tons of guests, and is damn cold! That’s right damn cold.

I had a chance to meet and talk to Kevin Maguire, Dan Brereton, Jimmy Palmotti, Phil Jimnez, and of course, Tony Harris.

Actually, truth be told, I kind of made a pest of myself at Tony’s table. I showed him my tattoo (and he showed me his, the one that Jack had on his upper shoulder), talked to him about Starman, about his influences (including Mucha), and I asked him to do me a sketch of Jack. The coolest thing happened later when a guy came by asking Tony to do his sketch on art board. I bought a page off the guy, and asked Tony to do my sketch on artboard too. I went back last night, to see how the sketch was coming along, but he had only gotten to two sketches. He promised to get to mine first thing this morning, so I asked Rob from ComicsNMore to pick mine up for me.

On Wednesday I’ll have my sketch.


Multiple Versions of IE on one machine!

Apparently you can install multiple versions of Internet Explorer on one machine! This is very cool.

Safest Universal Technique (XP Pro/XP Home/2000)

Find the following files in the installation files of IE 5.01 or IE 5.5 SP2






Use WinRar extract theses files to a new directory.

Then do the same with the resulting files






Next delete the following files


COMCTL32.DLL(found this in IE 4.01 SP2, which I am working on now)

And finally create a blank text file named… you guessed it… “IEXPLORE.exe.local”

And BAM!!! – you got yourself a standalone version of IE!
Multiple Versions of IE on one machine!


Jewelboxing is cool

Jewelboxing is cool

What a simple, elegant product. If I can just figure out a good reason to buy some, I’m gonna do it!