Month: December 2003

Christmas Eve Eve (or the night before the night before Christmas)

It’s the night before the night before Christmas, also known as the Garside (Toronto branch) Christmas eve. Charlene and I traditionally have our Christmas the night before we leave for the Tri-City-Tour (Toronto-Chatham-London), which will be tomorrow morning. Tonight we’ll get into our PJ’s, cozy up by the space heater, turn on the Christmas Tree lights, and exchange presents.I’m especially looking forward to giving her one gift that I picked up in Las Vegas, it’s wicked cool (and I got one for myself too).

Christmas Eve Eve is also the day this year where we all leave early…so it’s 4:30pm, and as they say “I’m outie”.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

A big “up yours” to the record industry!

I believe the 9th chapter in “How to become a totally obsolete industry” says “Sue your customers into compliance, use fear as a tactic, if they become sufficiently afraid of you, then they will comply with your wishes.” I’m glad places like, and are around. has stickers like “Warning; Buying this CD funds lawsuits against children and families!”.It’s funny, I was so proud about how SOCANN was handling itself in terms of file sharing, until this week when they said that they would beging going after people downloading. Good for you! You show those evil pre-teens! Sue them out of their uppity college funds! That’ll teach them.

Maybe SOCANN can become as viable as SCO? Sue people so that instead of needing to sell your product, you can actually make more money from lawsuits!

Now THAT’s a good business model!

Where’s the government? Why aren’t they protecting their constituants’ rights? The recording industry has been found guilty of plotting to raise CD prices, and was ordered to lower prices on October 15th, 2003, a straw poll conducted by myself while in Vegas, shows that CD prices haven’t friggin’ moved (oh, we’re lowering the price on our catalogue…my butt!).

Of course my favourite move the recording industry has done is make it impossible to copy CD’s onto other devices. I can’t copy A Perfect Cirlce’s new CD onto my X-Box, which means I can’t use A Perfect Circle as a soundtrack in games I’m playing…which means I don’t listen to A Perfect Circle while playing X-Box, which means I don’t really listen to A Perfect Circle right now, which means there’s no way I’ll be buying their next CD…why should I when I can’t listen to this one on my MP3 player at the gym, or my X-Box? For that matter, I refuse to buy an CD that’s copy protected.

Way to go record industry.

Viva Las Vegas

Ryan and I returned from Las Vegas yesterday morning around 8:00am. To quote Dickens (not Hemmingway as previously reported, or Captain Kirk in Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan…which is more appropriate after all), “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

The conference was a horrible, horrible bust. There were allegedly going to be 2000 people there, but there was no way there were any more than 100, and of those, I would say that 95 of them were there for figure skating…Figure Skating on Quads…ugh.

On the good side, neither Ryan or I spent more than we took with us (about $300.00 combined), and we managed to make back our daily expenses at the craps tables. I actually had to take some money out on Sunday to cover our gas. At the airport however I put $5.00 into a slot machine and walked away with $27.00. Not a lot of money no, but it helped cover my $58.00 cab ride home.

We also got a lot of work done on the tool, which was a good thing, it’s unfortunate that we had to go across the country to actually build it all, but by not having a lot to do all day, we were forced to actually work on the tool or die of boredom.

We ate really well this time, taking advantage of‘s ratings for various buffet’s, and their cheap gambling ratings ($2.00 minimum Craps with 10x odds was the best bet in Vegas by far!).

Overall the trip was a bust business wise, but it could have been much worse, and we’re going to try to get a listing of contacts from the guys at USARollerSports so that we can send out packages to all of them. If we get that, then we will have at least salvaged something from the trip.