Time for a change

It’s been time to change up HeadsDown for a while now, and that’s finally happening.

Charlene’s sister Sharon designed this really cool new logo for HeadsDown, which I’ll be using for my business card. I’m going to go with the blue version, but the yellow/orange version will be used as a secondary mark.

I’ve finished Writer’sQuill’s logo, and I’m currently designing the logo for HockeyUpdater. After that I’ll work on MyRetailSite, and finish it up with ComicBookWebs. That’s a lot of logos!

There are still a lot of things to do between now and Vegas (December 10th). I finished the design for HockeyUpdater, I’ve got the logo done, now I need to fix up the tool page, and then work on some error checking stuff.

After it’s completely tweaked, I need to go back to Writer’s Quill and work on some things, it’s got a bit to go still. Of course the Chronicology site is on hold until I get all of this stuff finished.



My Starman sketchSo I went to Comics and More (my favourite comic shop) today, to pick up my weekly haul, talk about comics, and most importantly, pick up my sketch.

What awaited me was quite simply awesome. There, behind the cash, in a nice little Mylar sleeve (thanks Pete), was my Jack Knight Starman sketch.

Rob, the owner of the store, said he was amazed at the detail Tony put into the sketch, and would have gotten one himself if he knew that they would be that amazing.

I’m just in awe. It’s a gorgeous sketch that blew away my expectations. Everything about it is perfect, Jack’s pose, his look, the fact that he did the goggles, got the star in, and drew the top of the staff…man, what an awesome thing. I’m so happy that I went to the show, and now I have an amazing Starman sketch hanging on my office wall.

Thanks Tony!


Quiet comic show times

Phat TatsI left work early yesterday to go to the Toronto Comicon at Exhibition Place here in Toronto. The show is huge, spacious, well laid out, has tons of guests, and is damn cold! That’s right damn cold.

I had a chance to meet and talk to Kevin Maguire, Dan Brereton, Jimmy Palmotti, Phil Jimnez, and of course, Tony Harris.

Actually, truth be told, I kind of made a pest of myself at Tony’s table. I showed him my tattoo (and he showed me his, the one that Jack had on his upper shoulder), talked to him about Starman, about his influences (including Mucha), and I asked him to do me a sketch of Jack. The coolest thing happened later when a guy came by asking Tony to do his sketch on art board. I bought a page off the guy, and asked Tony to do my sketch on artboard too. I went back last night, to see how the sketch was coming along, but he had only gotten to two sketches. He promised to get to mine first thing this morning, so I asked Rob from ComicsNMore to pick mine up for me.

On Wednesday I’ll have my sketch.


Multiple Versions of IE on one machine!

Apparently you can install multiple versions of Internet Explorer on one machine! This is very cool.

Safest Universal Technique (XP Pro/XP Home/2000)

Find the following files in the installation files of IE 5.01 or IE 5.5 SP2






Use WinRar extract theses files to a new directory.

Then do the same with the resulting files






Next delete the following files


COMCTL32.DLL(found this in IE 4.01 SP2, which I am working on now)

And finally create a blank text file named… you guessed it… “IEXPLORE.exe.local”

And BAM!!! – you got yourself a standalone version of IE!
Multiple Versions of IE on one machine!


Jewelboxing is cool

Jewelboxing is cool

What a simple, elegant product. If I can just figure out a good reason to buy some, I’m gonna do it!


Praise for Live

I’ve mentioned some secretive plans for an X-Box live thing that will be doing in the near future. We’re going to create a sports hub, and give X-Box Live a little legitimacy, I’m really excited about this prospect because it will be the toe hold into video games that I’ve always thought should have.

One of my favourite sites Penny-Arcade, has a nice little snippet about X-Box Live and how easy it is to use;

I’ve spent enough time on Live with recent titles that it’s impossible for me to compare the two approaches. You don’t sign in to Live, you don’t create a password, you push A. Every game supports voice and a universal friends list I can view from the web. I have a hard disk built in for content. There is an ethernet port. That’s not so you can put a jelly bean in there in case you need it later, it’s so you can put in a cable and access the Internet.

“You push A.”, I love it! Of course it’s easier with an X-Box since there’s that hard drive thingie, you could conceivably have a dozen or more memory cards with the PS2 (I’m always playing “cull the oldies” with my save games since I only have one memory card, which fits about 10 games if you’re lucky). Still, what a brilliant idea.


Diary of a madman

Not really, I just like that name.Okay, quick update time. has hit a snag. I’m just a bit confusicated by some CSS stuff, so it’s taking a little longer than expected. It will be up soon though. Writer’s Quill works great in IE, sucks butt in Mozilla though.

I won a Muvo in an E-Bay auction, very cool little device, can’t wait to get it.

We’re supposed to get our upgrades book sometime soon, and I’m really looking forward to finding out what we can’t afford to do. We spun through Home Depot on the weekend to take a look at how much various things cost.

Here’s a quick “What I’m into” list;

Album Du Jour: A Perfect Circle’s Thirteenth Step

DVD of the week: Buffy Season 3 disc 6 (Graduation Day parts 1 and 2)

Movie of the week: Char and I saw Intolerable Cruelty last week, great acting by Clooney, and a fun movie overall.

Game of the week: Bounty Hunter, I’m almost finished too!

Website of the week: Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars page. The Clone Wars is a series of 20-3 minute shorts which will fill in the period between Episode II and Episode III. Done by the guys who bring you Samarii Jack.


Of relaunches and men

A List Apart relaunched last week while I was on “the island”, and it has three great articles right off the top which are incredibly timely.

Speaking of launches and re-launches, I’m going to start working on the re-launch of the home page of this week, now that I’ve finally wrapped my head around some of the more confusicating aspects of CSS (in particular the stuff about widths in I.E. vs other browsers), I’m going to keep a version of the work in progress on my /darkside/ folder on at /darkside/css/.

Writer’s Quill should be launching tonight or tomorrow night, only two weeks late. Yay. I’m having problems accessing it from home consistantly, so I’m going to try to solve those problems tonight first.

Next up will be, which should launch within the week, and this site will move sometime after that.

I recently realized that Chronicology will be the final death of the whole “Darkside” internet persona, as I move finally away from the psudonym and into using my real name all over the place online. I gave up on my lord_darkside Hotmail account, got rid of the lorddarkside Sympatico account, and even my Tales From The Darkside columns on go by the byline of Brian “Darkside” Garside.

Maybe it’s the last sign that I’m growing up? Or maybe I’m just trying to create a “brand” in my real name?

About Me

It’s presentation time

I made my presentation along with the dudes from CBC Sports, and it was quite interesting. We ended up speaking about more than just Fantasy Games, thankfully, since I’m not a big fan of Fantasy Games, and got into the whole XBox/XSN thing that we are working on, and talked about “next things”. I’m convinced that the next big Sports thing will be cyber athleticism, and I managed to get the crowd interested in the whole field.

I really liked the guys from CBC, and I hope that I run into them tonight for the Lobster dinner and tour of the island.

I went for a little walk earlier since the weather has finally broken and it’s not raining cats and/or dogs right now. One of the seeming universal constants? Big Box Plaza’s.

There’s a big box right behind my hotel.

Oh, and Tim Horton’s. There’s one right down the street. God bless you Timmy.

About Me

Welcome to the Rock

Apologies to Sean Connery.

Observations about PEI: as you are landing, you can see the entire island.

You can’t get lost in PEI because the Trans Canada rings the entire island. Get lost, just drive one way and you’ll hit it eventually.

You can come in for free, they’ll hit you on your way out. There are no tolls (or ferry fares) coming in to PEI. Getting out is $35.00 by bridge, or $50.00 by ferry.

My room has wireless internet connectivity, no it doesn’t, yes it does, no it doesn’t, yes it does (lather, rinse, repeat).

I had these delusions about what I was going to get done these two days. HAH! I’m a funny man.