I want my SPOT Watch

Microsoft’s SPOT watch is such a cool device, and now a little community has started sprouting up. The first site I’ve seen dedicated to SPOT watches is SpotStop. There’s a ton of info on the devices, and a bunch of reviews for some different units.I would love to get one of the Fossil watches, particularly the Dick Tracy watch. It just looks so retro-high-tech. The Fossil Abacus (which is pretty nice in it’s own right) is more reasonably priced at $129.00 US, while the Dick Tracy watch is $199.00 US.

I think the really neat thing is how they charge themselves. They apparently use that induction technique that allows something in contact with the charger to recharge.


Bookmark Syncing a reality again

Since the untimely demise of Bookmark Sync (, I’ve been forced to have 20 different types of bookmarks on my computer. Since I regularly use both IE and Firebird at home and work, I have 4 different sets of bookmarks! Thankfully Bookmark Synchronization has reared its beautiful little head from two different has software that allows you to sync bookmarks from multiple sources, across multiple platforms.

Same goes for Sync2It (which looks just like SyncIt’s old site).

Both sites seem to use SyncIt’s software, so at least it’s easy to use! Both products are free, which is awesome.



Go here. Download this. Play the game.Friggin’ cool!


To think I missed this auction!

FAO Schwartz is bankrupt, and as part of the bankrupcy proceedings, they are selling off their incredibly cool Star Wars props.This grouping has sold already:

X-Wing Fighter – Sold for $13,200.00 USD

This Giant Xwing Fighter is approximately 35 ft long. It has an inscription in the cockpit indicating it is Commander Luke Skywalker’s Xwing Fighter. R2D2 is sitting in the rear of the fighter.

AT AT – Sold for $7,625.00 USD

This Giant ATAT is approximately 15 ft. The head turns side to side. Lights on head of ATAT. (It’s basically just the head and front legs)

X-Wing Fighter – Sold for $5,100.00 USD

This Xwing Fighter is approximately 10 ft long and has a wingspan of approximately 10 ft. A blaster is missing from one of the guns on one of the wings. There is another auction being done for a very similar Xwing fighter that has all four blasters attached.

TIE Fighter – Sold for $2,627.76 USD

This Tie Fighter is approximately 3 ft. by 4 ft. in size. There is another auction being done on a very similar Tie Fighter.

Mind you, the removal of said item could cost more than the auction!

Buyer is responsible for removal of item from FAO store, and for arranging all transportation of such removal; including all city, county and state permits and licenses for said removal. Buyer is also responsible for repair of any damage to city or mall property that may incur with removal. All removal (including any materials attached or custom to the item) will be done in workman-like fashion and conform to any local, state and federal codes or laws. Buyer will not leave any structure in any public accessed area that may cause a safety hazard to the public. The FAO store or city property must be returned to conditions prior tothe placement of the sold FAO item.

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Monkeys continue winning ways

The Stinky Monkeys won their second game of the winter season with a 12-5 drubbing of the Offsiders on Tuesday night in what one official called “An offensive clinic”.Every Monkey on the team scored (with the sole exeption of ‘tender Jeff, who managed to notch a couple of assists anyway), with a quartet of the Simian Sensations notching a pair of markers.

Dennis, Tiffany, Charlene, and Brian all scored 2 goals each, while Larry, Dave, Joachim, and Jen notched one a piece.

Jeff was again solid between the pipes, with some amazing saves, and one stop in particular (against the dreaded “guy with gloves”, and “white shirt guy”) totally changed the momentum of the shift. The keeper’s solid performance improves his record to 2-0 on the season.

The Offsiders were playing their second game of a double-header, and early in the game lead by a score of 2-1. The Offsiders’ goaltender positively stood on his head, stopping shot after shot which were destined for the back of the net, keeping the score close. However the steamroller which is known as the Monkey Offense turned it on late in the game, and came through with an amazing display of passing, tenaciousness, and excellent stickwork which allowed the Monkeys to pull ahead from a tight one goal lead, to the eventual seven goal victory.

The amazing apes will next face Five For Fighting (who will be playing their second game of a double-header) Tuesday February 3rd at Bessborough (211 Bessborough Drive, S of Eglinton, East of Bayview).

News and notables:

Jen “Dig Dug” Chambers went down late in the game with what amatuer doctors (who did a terrific job of taping her up) at the scene diagnosed as a severe sprained wrist (but likely not broken, although concerns were voiced over some of the tiny bones in the wrist, which led to a debate about the tiny bones being in the hand, and not the actual wrist, and how it was likely a sprain, which can hurt more than a break anyway, and takes a lot longer to heal, the debate was hastily ended when Jen started to look a little pained by the conversation).

Chambers will have her wrist looked at by real doctors in the next day or so…hopefully without having to wait hours in line.

Here’s hoping that Jen’s injury isn’t a serious one, and that she makes a quick comeback.

3: Dave Samuels, the Wayne Gretzky of the team last night, scoring one goal, but managing to set up nearly a half dozen others.

2: Jeff Styga, stood on his head at times, and kept the game within 1 goal through the entire night. Probably Jeff’s best game so far this year.

1: Jen Chambers, could always be found deep in the offensive zone when we had possession, and has an uncanny ability to be right where the ball’s going to be. Her late game injury stopped her from scoring again, but it would have been inevitable.


Royal Rumble Pool Results

Jeffro wins 2 of 3 prizes, nearly takes the clean sweep.Once again, this year’s Royal Rumble Pool was full of controversy as Jeff took the #1 pick with a bonus pick, and secured himself the winner of the rumble, as well as the guy who eliminated the most others.

Jeff’s squad of guys he actually picked were jobbers of the ultimate variety. Ironically, his only non-jobber was never actually picked by him (Curtis picked the other bonus number, and chose #11, leaving only #1 in the picking envelope).

Here then is the Royal Rumble entrance order:

1: Chris Benoit, 2: Randy Orton, 3: Mark Henry, 4: Tajiri, 5: Bradshaw, 6: Rhyno, 7: Matt Hardy, 8: Scott Steiner, 9: Matt Morgan, 10: Hurricane, 11: Booker T, 12: Kane, 13: Spike Dudley, 15: Rikishi, 16: Renee Dupree, 17: A-Train, 18: Shelton Benjamin, 19: Ernest “The Cat” Miller, 20: Rico, 21: (Test who was attacked backstage by…) Mick Foley, 22: Christian, 23: Nunzio, 24: Big Show, 25: Chris Jericho, 26: Charlie Haas, 27: Billy Gunn, 28: John Cena, 29: Rob Van Dam, 30: Bill Goldberg.

Rumble Exit order:

1: Bradshaw (Benoit), 2: Tajiri (Rhyno), 3: Mark Henry (Benoit), 4: Hurricane (Morgan), 5: Steiner (Booker T), 6: Kane (Booker T), 7: Rhyno (Benoit), 8: Hardy (Dupree), 9: Dupree (Rikishi), 10: Morgan (Benoit), 11: Rikishi (Orton), 12: Booker T (Orton), 13: A-Train (Benoit), 14: Benjamin (Orton), 15: The Cat (Orton), 16: Rico (Orton), 17: Orton (Foley), 18: Foley (NA), 19: Christian (Jericho), 20: Haas (Goldberg), 21: Gunn (Goldberg), 22: Nunzio (Goldberg), 23: Goldberg (Angle), 24: Cena (Show), 25: RVD (Show), 26: Jericho (Show), 27: Angle (Show), 28: Show (Benoit).

You’ll note that there’s one exit missing, that honour would go to Spike, who was destroyed by Kane, and didn’t actually make it inside the ring.

The breakdown of most eliminated are as follows:

Benoit: Eliminated 6, Orton: Eliminated 5, Goldberg: Eliminated 4, Show: Eliminated 3, Booker T: Eliminated 2, Rhyno: Eliminated 1, Matt Morgan: Elminated 1, Renee Dupree: Eliminated 1, Rikishi: Eliminated 1, Kurt Angle: Eliminated 1, Mick Foley: Eliminated 1, Chris Jericho: Eliminated 1

Now the good stuff, the teams:

Jeff’s Jobbers: (winners of last man and most eliminated)

Chris Benoit, Mark Henry, Matt Morgan, Spike Dudley, Nunzio

The Erzy Experience: (winners of the bacon prize)

A-Train, The Cat, Rico, Mick Foley

Larry’s Breakfast Special:

Kane, Hurricane, Dupree, Billy Gunn

Team Cream of Sum Yung Thai (Benson):

Randy Orton, Scott Steiner, John Cena, Rob Van Dam

The New Guys (Phil):

Rhyno, Christian, Charlie Haas, Goldberg

StrikeForce (Curtis):

Bradshaw, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin

The AssHams (Brian):

Tajiri, Matt Hardy, Rikishi, The Big Show

Movies and TV

Two golden trailers

This summer is already shaping up to be a good year for movies. We’ve seen trailers for SpiderMan2, Shreck2, Hellboy, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (which was concieved and pitched based on a 6 minute promo piece that two brothers put together on an iMAC), and The Punisher.There have been tesers for Troy, The Day After Tomorrow, Resident Evil: Apocalypse (which is one of the best teasers ever), The Polar Express, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakban, and Aliens Vs Predator.

Now we can add Van Helsing and Starsky and Hutch to the mix.

Yup, it’s gonna be a good summer for movies.


Sleep on it

How strange is this? Last night I had a problem with some stuff I’m trying to do at work. I usually noodle over a problem at night, tossing it around in my brain and trying different ways of getting around it mentally. If I can’t figure it out, I’ll go to bed and try again in the morning. The next day, something usually happens.This morning on CP24, Bob Hunter read a headline that said some German neurologists have discovered that sleeping on it actually works. I think I’m gonna go take a nap.

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Monkeys win their first game

(Tim Lamb) A near full squad of Monkey’s spanked the Foxy Borsht Idiots 9-7 last night in a back and forth contest that finally saw the Monkeys pull away in the final third of the game. Dennis Kish dipsy-doodled (but in a good way) his way to a four goal night, while Brian Garside put on his hard hat and crashed the net for a hat trick. Jen Chambers also contributed two goals and displayed solid back checking. Solid defensive performances from Dave Samuels (great point play), Charlene Kish (the rookie looks like vet), and the return of the prodigal son Joachim Vallentin helped seal the deal. Although rarely tested, goalie Jeff Styga held his own and made a memorable stick save that prompted the TCSSC guy spit out his gum (no kidding, I saw it).MONKEY’S THREE STARS

1. Brian Garside – Gritty performance after taking a high stick.

2. Dennis Kish – Mike Bossy in tennis shoes.

3. Jen Chambers – 2 nice goals, always around the Net!

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A painful victory

I took a ball hockey stick to the yap last night. Dizzamn it hurts! We won the game, so the pain’s not as severe as it would have been if we had lost.The guy’s stick went up mine, and nailed me right on the corner of my chin, jamming my jaw to the right. It really hurt at the time, and got super tender overnight.

Today it’s not too bad, although it does hurt to eat (opening my mouth for my sandwich sent jolts of pain across my jaw). It kind of feels like when you’ve had your mouth open for an hour in the dentist’s office getting a tooth drilled. My right big toe (which will eventually lose the nail from a ball hockey game), my right shin, and my left finger are all banged up from the game.

The game was great though. Dennis scored 4, I scored 3, and Jen scored 2 to make the score 8-5 (the other team didn’t count one of our goals, although we don’t know which one).

We stayed on the offence, cleared the ball from our end, and pretty much controlled it in theirs. If we can just tighten up the points so that we can drop the ball back to them to free ourselves up for manuverability, we’ll have an awesome system in place.