Month: June 2004

Hostage situation

In order to see Spider-Man with my wife, I will be forced to see “The Notebook” first because apparently we’re a quart low when it comes to “girl movies” right now.DAMN YOU Hollywood. Damn you all to hell. You put out films such as “Mean Girls” when there’s nothing else on, and I can’t use it as leverage to go see something as totally geeky as “Spider-Man”, instead you wait until the height of summer to release your estrogen fest.

I swear to god, I draw the line at Reece Witherspoon period pieces.

A modest proposal

Westerners are angry with Ontario for voting Liberal. The Bloq is already making rumblings about refferendum’s, so with that in mind, I have a great idea.What if Ontario separated from Canada? Let’s think about it for a moment, there are only a few provinces who give more than they get. Ontario, sometimes Quebec, and Alberta. Ontario’s the economic engine which powers the great ship Canada, and how Ontario goes, so goes the rest of the country. That’s just not fair. It’s not fair to the poor westerners who are all “what about us” (between bites of granola), it’s not fair to the easterners who are “hey bay, what about oos?”, and it’s certainly not fair to the Quebecers who are going “Mais d’accord, que sont nous?”.

For the good of the country, Ontario needs to get the hell out of dodge. We could even make Ottawa a neutral territory, Ontario doesn’t really need it to keep going (and the Sens live there).

Then, like Quebec’s proposed, we’ll just ignore the fact that we owe any debt and leave that for the rest of Canada (which at this point would consist of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI, and parts of New Brunswick.

Vacancy near the top’s Creative Designer has resigned with the company effective the end of July, while the specifics are still being ironed out, it’s looking more and more like a certain blogger who posts regularly to this site will be filling the position (at least for the next six months). Details as they become public.

Psst, buddy, want GMail?

I have two GMail invites up for grabs.All I want in return is a recommendation on a cool vacation spot. Char and I have a little extra money saved, and we’d like to go somewhere awesome this fall (October timeframe).

The best two suggestions get the invites.

Move complete

Char and I are fully moved, we’re permitted, stored, and unpacked (well except for a couple of boxes of “essential books”…i.e. web stuff). Today’s delivery by of Web Standards Solutions and Pottery Barn Storage Solutions officially makes us residents of 74 Cedarvale Ave.The move went fairly smoothly on Friday, we hired movers from El Cheapo Movers, they moved a few things to our new apartment, and we loaded up for the storage place, where they packed the storage place up for me, and fit everything into our 10 x 10 storage space. We went back to the old apartment, loaded the last few straggling items, cleaned the place, and handed over the keys. The only thing left for me to pick up is my bike, and then it will all be gone.

The new place is not too bad, we’ve got the whole basement to ourselves, and there’s enough room for my computer set-up (which was the first thing unpacked), our TV, bed, and a bunch of shelving. Other than the whack of moving bruises, and a couple of smacks on my head from the low clearance ceiling, things are well here.

Now I just need to get the HeadsDown website finished up, and complete my work on the new…all the while grading the mid-term exam from my class. Nothing to it!

Somebody please save the recording industry from the RIAA

Yup, they’re doing it again. Despite the fact that record sales are up. Despite the fact that Avril Lavigne’s recent album shipped 3 million copies in its first week (despite the new buying practices of the record store industry), and despite the fact that people are overwhelmingly supporting pay-for-music services like Napster, iTunes, and PressPlay…the RIAA is now concerned about digital radio.News flash RIAA, the reason you were “in trouble” (although there rages a debate about how much the recording industry has suffered from the advent of filetrading), was because you weren’t giving consumers what they wanted, online distribution. Now you have, so quit pissing us (your consumers) off with your stupid lawsuits and nonsensical appeals to congress to have them help your poor starving souls.

In other words, quit your friggin’ whining, and get back to making music.

Welcome MezzoBlue Visitors

Dave Shea of MezzoBlue posted a link to “The Standards Police Will Get You” today, detaling my frustrations with an e-mail from “Timo”, who commented on the fact that doesn’t validate according to W3 rules.

A ton of good discussion has gone on about the subject, and it was really interesting to read.

As a follow-up, we are indeed working on an XHTML 1.0 Transitional version of the site, and it should launch later this summer. My personal preview pages live at although right now the pages probably don’t validate.

Ironically, this site itself doesn’t validate because of some stuff I’m doing with links in the side to make them a little more dynamic with Blogger. It will validate once I convert the site over to Writer’s Quill though later this summer.

The Great Communicator

Ronald Reagan died Saturday June 5th.Reagan was the first president that I was really aware of. I was too young to understand what a president was before that, and why he would be relavent to me as a Canadian. Reagan fascinated me for his ability to command an audience. His words were so powerful that the bands I loved at the time would use snippets of his speeches in their songs (I believe Def Leppard’s “Armageddon It” used; “Today we did what we had to do.They counted on America to be passive.They counted wrong”).

It was during Reagan’s presidency that I realized how profoundly America’s foreign policy affected Canadians, in many cases even more profoundly than our own foreign policy affects us.

Lessons I learned 25 years ago still stay with me to this day, and despite Reaganomics, the Iran Contra scandal, and 66 other reasons, he’s my favourite American President.

Napster comes to Canada

It’s been well documented on how I hate PureTracks, and how they screwed me with my first purchase. Now Napster has come to Canada (check out their oh so clever Flash animation that proclaims “I’m proud to be a Canadian, now pass me another beer. I’m proud to be a Canadian, now pass me the lumber jack.”).

Napster just kind of saddens me now though. It’s like your old friend who was the coolest guy in high school, did all the bad stuff, was the guy that your parents didn’t want you to hang out with. He went off to college, where you heard he did even WORSE things, and got in trouble with the law. He vanished for a few years (rumour had it that he was teaching English in Japan), and then he came back, and now he works for the bank, he has a wife and kids, and a vaguely vacant stare. When you look deep into his eyes, you realize that he’s already checked out, and all that’s left is the shell of the man that once was. Sure he still wears the tie-dyed t-shirts, he’s got a beard (but it’s neatly groomed), and he can still out-drink you, but really, there’s nothing there.

That’s what Napster is now.