Of Mac’s and Men

Yesterday I got in a shiny, brand new 17″ Apple eMac 1.25GHz with 256mB RAM, 40GB Hard drive, and a combo CD/RW/DVD drive.Everything about the Mac is pretty. The four colour box was gorgeous, the actual unit itself is white with a clear keyboard and a pretty sweet (although strangely single buttoned) clear mouse.

I unboxed it, found a good place for it, hooked it up, then turned it on. From the time I opened the package, until I first logged in, it took about 15 minutes. The eMac (or Mackie as I like to call him), then went online and got a bunch of updates, which took another ten minutes. I then proceeded to download IE 5.2, Firefox, Camino, and Mozilla.

I then started scratching my head as how to install a program. After downloading everything, I double clicked on it and a pretty hard drive icon came up. It wasn’t until I installed Camino and it told me to drag an icon to the “applications” folder to complete the installation, that I figured out how to install stuff.

Next I spent about an hour trying out a bunch of different programs. Safari (the web browser) is pretty cool. I played with iDVD, and Garage Band, touched on iPhoto adn iTunes…then I proceeded to crash the thing about six times in a row by using FireFox, Mozilla, Camino, and IE. Loads of fun. It also stopped responding for about five minutes during a Garage Band test.

So far the whole experience has been very Mac-lightening, although I have not yet been assimilated into the Mac-sphere.

Pictures to follow!


Why the CFL is a joke

It’s sad to me that the Canadian Football League is so much of a parody of itself. This is a league which wants so bad to be considered the Canadian version of the NFL. However their official web site is a joke (it’s sad when online news agencies get stats, standings, and history done better than the “offical site”), then there’s the league’s new video game.This game is such a joke that the URL of the “official website” is a sub-section of a user’s personal web space on Shaw Cable. They haven’t even bothered to buy the URL or and had a free redirector sent to their URL.

For the record, it costs $20.00 to register a URL. How’s that for pathetic?


“I’ll be honest with you”

Well now tell me bunky, what are you being the rest of the time? I was just on a website where the guy used “I’ll be honest with you” to start off three different reviews of comics. By that logic, am I to take it that he isn’t usually honest with us, but in this one case he’ll break down that fourth wall and come clean? I don’t get it.I occasionally bust out a “all seriousness aside” (which is an homage to a former TSN’er named “Clubhouse” Sam Cosentino) to friends and family when I’m being serious about something (to denote a difference from my usual jokes), but I can’t imagine starting stuff off with “Honestly, I didn’t expect to like this”. Really? How about falsely? Did you expect to enjoy it facetiously.?

I know it’s just a little thing…but HONESTLY!

Movies and TV

Knee deep in movie season

I know we’re pretty deep in the movie season because I saw three movies this past week. On Tuesday Char and I saw Anchorman, on Friday night we saw I Robot (at the Cineplex Odeon Eglinton Town Center…more on that in a moment), and on Saturday afternoon I biked up to Yonge and Eglinton and saw a matinee of King Arthur.Anchorman, funny, full of that Will Farrell pseudo ad-libbed comedy that he does, I loved all of the little bits of what life was like in the 70’s…chucking garbage everywhere, smoking in the newsroom, just little slices of how innocent everything was.

I Robot was perfect summer escapism, it had very little to do with the book (other than the three laws). We saw it at the Eglinton Town Center though, which wasn’t such a good idea. Our usual theatre is “The Beach”, and people just seem to be better behaved there. Every time we’ve been to the ETC, we’ve had to tell someone to shut up. This time there were about ten people together, over three rows. The one guy kept on taking phone calls during the movie. We tried to move, except the theatre was packed.

King Arthur was decent enough, but the movie didn’t seem like an Arthurian legend, it took too much from Lord of the Rings, and not enough from the rich depths of the legend of King Arthur. What really bugged me about it though was the fact that it should have been called “Arthur and his men”, not “King Arthur”. Arthur isn’t a king in the movie, just a soldier in the Roman army. It was a decent medieval movie, but Excalibur doesn’t need to worry about losing it’s place as greatest Arthur movie of all time (as cheesy as it was).

Finally…this summer’s been pretty filled with Comic Book movies, Hellboy, Spider-Man 2 have already come out, while Blade and Catwoman are still to come. Next summer will have Batman, and now word comes out that Green Lantern will come out in the next couple of years with Jack Black playing the ring-slinger.

Ugh, what are they doing? A story that could become a huge franchise (a man without fear being granted the ultimate weapon by a dying alien) will instead be “zany comedy version a la ‘The Mask.'”. If you want comedy, go with Plastic Man (which really SHOULD be a movie)…not Green Lantern.


The secret lives of Brians

I just had an epiphany last night, I love comics, I have tons of comics, have a wall of trade paperbacks, hardcovers, and various art books. I have original art hanging on my walls, a tattoo of a comic character’s logo emblazoned on my shoulder, yet I rarely talk about comics in real life. Even when I talk about movies, I’ll rarely mention “how close to the comic” the movie is.I’m not sure why. I don’t really have any “comic friends”, people whom I hang around with just because we share that love of comics, and other than Wednesday’s, I don’t obsess over getting to a comic store.

My wife of course knows my deep, abiding love of all things four colour, when we go on vacations, I often employ my mysterious “comic book sense” to find a comic store (I’m rarely wrong. I can go into a city, and within two blocks predict where the comic store will be.).

That’s one of the reasons I decided on the new theme for this site. That and the fact that I’m going to start posting my “Chronicology” comic strips early next month (right as soon as my teaching job ends).

There ya go though, if you’ve come here from, or one of the other non-comic links that live out there, then you now know. I love comics.

About Me

A whole new world

This is a little something I’ve been toying around with for a while. Consider it a sneak peek at the forthcoming “Chronicology” comic book. I’ll be tweaking this theme a little in the next few days, and will be adding a few things, including a small tweak which will allow you to choose which style you’d like to have displayed.I call this theme “Comicology” (aren’t I clever?).

The dude in the top left hand corner is my little “Cartoon me” that I’ve been sketching constantly. This is my first digital attempt at doing him, and it turned out pretty well. He’s a tad sterner than I’d like, but what’cha gonna do?

Here’s a little example of that logo if it were done in colour;

The theme is based on the one I created for’s site, with a few tweaks of my own. Once things calm down (i.e. classes are done for the summer), I’ll be whipping off the rest of the Writer’s Quill themes and get them up here too.

Movies and TV

Hostages saved, Spidey was go

Thanks to some last minute negotiation, we went to Spider-Man 2 last night. I thought it was better than the first, a lot of fun, quite true to the comics, and peppered with little geek cameos (Bruce Campbell, Ted Rami, Stan Lee, all good stuff). There was plenty of fodder for a sequel, including Harry’s discovery of his father’s Green Goblin cache, and some ominous foreshadowing of Dr. Curt Conners. Doctor Octopus was awesome, and the arms were downright creepy. The Mary Jane/Peter Parker relationship was really ratcheted up a notch, and a whole ton of folks now know Peter’s secret identity, which is keeping in spirit with the Ultimate universe (which the movie continuity should really play off of).All in all, I enjoyed it. Now for the results of the negotiation. I’ve agreed to go to Centre Island tomorrow. It could be worse. I could be forced to watch The English Patient while sipping Shirley Temple’s.