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Digital Cinemas

If you’ve ever seen a movie projected in DLP, you know why Digital Projection will be the wave of the future. Imagine watching a movie print for the first time, never seeing the “cigar burns” of the joined reels, and most importantly, not seeing the big flakes of film that fall off the reel after a couple dozen showings.

Theatres are in the embryonic stages of going all digital, theatre owners are Digitizing the Multiplex. This means that rather than an elaborate system of distribution (which involves shipping huge reels of film all across the country), we will have an elaborate electronic system of distribution, where the movies will fly through secure pipelines.

It’s all very exciting, especially if you like your movies pristine, and are starting to think that your home theatre system is getting better than the movie theatre.

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Ads and stuff

So as you’ve noticed, I’ve added some advertisements to the site. It’s nothing huge, just a little Google Ad Words box at the top of every page. If you see an ad that interests you, click on it. I get a tiny fraction of money, but the thought there is that every little bit counts.

There are a few costs to running a site like this (a couple of hundred dollars a year), and helping to offset those costs, means that I can do bigger and better things with the site.

I like Google’s ad sense because it looks at the page and finds relative terms, before linking to an ad. That’s a good deal.

Click, and be happy!


You just never know

Char and I went out looking for furniture for our soon to be owned new home. We decided to hit “The Decorium” wayyy out in North York, and on our way home, we drove down Leslie. We were stopped at a light at Leslie and Sheppard, when a van got broadsided by a car right in front of us. I didn’t see the actual accident, but without even thinking, I put our car in park, grabbed my cell phone, and went to make sure everyone was all right. After checking on everyone in the van, and making sure they were okay, I called 911, and talked the operator through what happened. Luckily the gentleman driving, and his son and wife in the back seat were all okay. The wife was a little bruised up, and the son bit his tounge, but they’re all going to be okay. The other car was pretty badly damaged, but both the kid driving and his mom seemed okay, a little bumped around, and a little bruised, but okay.

It makes you think though, when something so violent, and so quick can just change your otherwise sleepy Sunday afternoon. Yet again it makes my new favourite saying pop into my mind, “There but for the grace of god go I.”

It also reminds me that I HAVE to start carrying gloves in my car. Again, without even thinking, I jumped into the fray, and if there had been blood anywhere, I could have gotten it on me. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. My mom taught me to be cool in an emergency, but I need to learn to take better care of myself when they happen.


The comic show starts today

The annual “Canadian National Expo” (not to be confused with the Canadian National Exposition which is on at the same time) started today, I’ll be making my way down tomorrow to see (and hopefully get a signature from) George Perez. I’ve been reading Perez’ stuff since I first got into comics, and it’s his run on New Teen Titans which really cemented my love of comics. Sure I had a few comics before that, but it was with Teen Titans that I really became a comic nut.

In time for the “really big show”, I re-launched Comics and More’s website today. It’s not fully using the new HeadsDown tool yet, but it’s close.

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What have I done lately?

I’m under 2 months until my 33rd birthday. Jesus Christ was dead and alive again by 33. I’m not even going to have been in my first house yet (although I HAVE been to Vegas three times, something JC can’t boast about). Something to think about.

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Plus ce change

You are reading this page on the proper URL. That’s right, is finally alive and well. I’ve been meaning to change over to this server for almost a year, a recent e-mail reminder from Network Solutions that my domain is about to expire inspired me to actually do something with this domain (it was sort of a “do I kill it or do I use it?” decision).While checking out whether or not I had an RSS feed going (and I do, it’s at, I decided to make the changes necessary.

It took a grand total of an hour to move, publish, and then fix all the broken images on Chronicology. So there you go, is now the permanent home of the site formerly known as Tales from the Darkside.

I’ll also be launching a new blog this week which is entirely work related. This one will detail anything that I find online that I feel I should follow up on later. It could be a cool thing about CSS, or a sweet computer system that needs looking into. It will be over at “Darkside’s Work Blog“, coming soon to a web browser near you.


More cool comic inspired mini-films

Man some of these things are great. In the tradition of Sandy Collera’s terrific Batman: Dead End, and World’s Finest, comes “Grayson” written and directed by John Fiorella. He says; “In a nutshell, the idea for GRAYSON has been swimming around in my head for too long – so, with the help of a handful of talented artists, and four credit cards, I set out to shape the idea into a reality.”Speaking of which, I managed to see the first three episodes of Justice League Unlimited this weekend, and they’re a geek’s treasure. These things put the old SuperFriends show to shame. The writing’s smart and sophisticated, yet it’s full of colourful super-heroics. The first episode, “Initiation”, is about the Justice League getting a new HQ, and introducing tons of new heroes (in the background I saw dozens of guys and gals including Aztek, Gypsy, Booster Gold, Hawk and Dove), it features SuperGirl, Captain Atom, and one of the best Green Arrow characterizations ever. The second one, “For the man who has everything”, and it’s based on the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons comic of the same name. It’s incredibly faithful to the original story, and I hear that cranky old curmudgeon Moore, who professes to have never seen any of his own films (From Hell, League of Extrodinary Gentlemen) really enjoyed it. The third is called; “Kid Stuff”, where the Leaguers are turned into kids (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern). It guest stars The Demon…who’s a baby in this episode. The whole show is so smart and sophisticated. It’s a show I’d be proud to have in my DVD collection.

Rumours have it that Warner Brothers studios is working on a Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon series. How happy would I be? First Justice League (which was amazing), then Teen Titans (another series I’d love on DVD), now Justice League Unlimited, and possibly Legion…damn, that’s some good television.

Movies and TV

Predatory instincts

Okay, I admit it. On Tuesday night I went to see Alien vs Predator. It sucked. I was expecting a certain degree of suckitude, after all, this is written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. He’s the guy who brought us Resident Evil, Soldier (starring Kurt Russell), Event Horizon, and Mortal Kombat.With that said, those movies weren’t totally sucky, they all had flashes of brilliance, and Event Horizon had minutes of brilliance!

AvP however? Not so much so. There are so many logic gaps, so many stupid decisions, and so many outright flaws in the script that it wasn’t funny.

All of my most hated movie sins are represented here. Bad dialogue? Check. Bad action scenes? Check. A too-dark-enviornment? Check. Dumb characters doing dumber things? Check. Stupid pseudo science? Check. Poor continuity? Check.

Example; In every existing Aliens movie, it takes quite a while for an Alien to gestate, in this one it takes minutes. Okay, so maybe these are “Super Fast Breeding Aliens”, who are on the Alien equivalent of a speed/steroid mix. Explain then why one character gets implanted and apparently takes half the movie to gestate? Why is 3M’s powerful Gore-Tex material the only substance immune to Alien blood? How is it possible to stick your hand inside an Alien’s skull? When someone says “We have to stay together at all costs.”, and in the NEXT FRIGGIN’ SCENE someone doesn’t…why don’t the good guys just kill that character right there and then? It would save the audience from having to watch the character for the next hour knowing that he’s going to die! Establishing that a character has kids DOES NOT MAKE HIM/HER SYMPATHETIC!

Nope, I can’t do it anymore. This movie sucks much road kill. Do not go see it.


X’04 – Microsoft puts on a great show

This was a pretty cool way to spend an afternoon. Not only did I get to meet some really cool Microsoft people, I was also able to check out a bunch of upcoming X-Box releases like Knights of the Old Republic II, Star Wars Battlefront, Fable (which looks awesome), ESPN NHL Hockey 2K5, and other stuff from Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, THQ, Activision, Tecmo, LucasArts, ESPN Videogames, Buena Vista Interactive and Microsoft Game Studios.Halo 2 was there, and it looked amazing. The new weapons and destructible vehicles are awesome, and the Ghost at least has a new “turbo” mode which lets you boost away from enemies and enemy fire.

I only got to play a few minutes of Battlefront, but it was pretty cool. The level that was available was a Clone Trooper level, which was kind of neat. I’m sure it will be amazing when you have the ability to play the full game.

What really impressed me however was Fable. I’ve heard loads of good things about it, and since it’s made by Big Blue Box and Uuber AI genius Peter Molyneux (who created one of the coolest games of all time Black and White). I knew it would be good. What surprised me was how easy it was to just pick up and play. Within two minutes I was intuitively doing stuff with the character. This is going to be an amazing character based game, where everything you do will have repercussions on how you are treated, and how your character looks.

It was a load of fun, and the swag was pretty cool too. Just getting to see Halo (which comes out in November) was worth it for me, but seeing other stuff which I’m looking forward to makes me even more excited.

Movies and TV

Why I love my TiVo

My TiVo is crippled, it is basically just a digital VCR, it doesn’t do any of the really cool things that a real TiVo will do, like TiVo recomendations, proper TV listings, etc. What it does do though is record TV perfectly. The user interface is perfect. Everything it does, it does well.Boing Boing has an article up titled: I hate this digital video recorder: Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8000 on how much superior the TiVo is to the Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8000 (which I believe Rogers provides as their DVR). TiVo just got it right. Why can’t everyone just license the technology from TiVo?

TiVo for their part hasn’t bothered to move into Canada yet. Why not? Good question, I decided to ask that very Q on the Tivo community forums.

The sad thing is that poor TiVo will eventually go under, and it will go on the pile of tech that “almost was” along with the Beta VCR and the Laser Disc.