Leiber’s Eleven

So Steve Leiber created “Leiber’s Eleven”, the eleven comics you’d most like to see in libraries (because libraries are the gateway to reading). It took me about five minutes to compile a list, another twenty to weed it down to eleven, and then another half hour to organize it in a 1-11 manner (and even then I’m not happy with how it shook out).Here it is, my 11 most recommended comics.

1 – The Complete Bone (Cartoon Books): Bone will be one of the first comics I read to my kids. It’s pure, it’s innocent, and it’s awesome.

2 – True Story: Swear To God (AIT/PlanetLar): This is the first comic that my wife actually read with me, and really enjoyed. It will always have a place in my heart because I was able to share my passion with her.

3 – Watchmen (DC Comics): So good it’s almost a cliche. Moore was light years ahead of everyone else with this, and 15 years later, you can still read it without cringing from hokey dialogue.

4 – Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl? (Image): Powers made me remember why I loved comics so much in the first place, and this story is absolutely perfect.

5 – Re-Inventing Comics (Perennial): A lot of people will cite Understanding Comics, which is good, but this one goes one better and tries to look at the way comics will change in the future. I loved it even more.

6 – Kingdom Come (DC): I remember reading Alan Moore’s proposal for “Twilight of the Superheroes” back in about ’96. When I read Kingdom Come, I thought that his story had been pretty much nailed. Alex Ross was at his best for this post-apocalyptic look at superheroes.

7 – Marvels (Marvel): Did you ever want to believe that a boy could whip around a city on a web? Alex Ross (this time with Kurt Busiek) managed to make Peter Parker come to life years before Sam Rami got his hands on Toby Maguire.

8 – Top Ten Book 1 (WildStorm): Imagine NYPD Blue set in a superhero universe full of the mad ideas of Alan Moore. That’s Top 10.

9 – New X-Men Volume 1 (Marvel): If pot is a gateway drug, then New X-Men is a gateway comic, Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly’s big ideas and bigger drawings in this collection have brought a couple of my friends back into comics.

10 – 100 Bullets Volume 1 (Vertigo): I can’t think of a better comic to prove that comics aren’t just for kids.

11 – Flight: Volume 1 (Image): It’s only been out two days, and already I think it’s a modern classic.

Of course every single one of these comics is in stock at my favourite comic store…Comics and More (new site coming in 1 week).

Those are my 11 faves, what are yours? Only have a few? That’s cool, post them in the comments, and I’ll discuss them here next week.



This is one of the funnier things I’ve seen on the interweb. It’s a site called “Monkeehub“, and the funniest are Net Parents, and How to buy a computer, both of which are hilarious. Did you know for example that the internet was created by the U.S. Military so that in the event of a catastrophic nuclear event, high ranking generals would still be able to continue to use porn sites unabated? You see? You learn something new every day.Highly recommended.


One of the best comic book products ever

The JLA/Avengers hardcover slipcase came out this week, I’ve been putting aside a little money every week to eventually pick it up, and it came out a couple of weeks earlier than I expected it to, but damn is it ever sweet.Not only does it have the entire 4 issue miniseries that was released earlier this year (all 224 pages of it), but it also has a second hardcover the 21 completed pages from the original, previously unpublished 1980’s crossover. It’s an incredibly awesome oversized package (the same size as the Marvel hardcovers…which are sweet).

George Perez is going to be at the comic show in August, and I think I’ll actually stand in the line to have him sign it. Maybe I’ll even get to ask him about the Titans “Games” graphic novel that he’s working on.


Strange business practices

This seems bizzare to me, but Roxio, the company that made it’s name with some pretty impressive CD burning software, has decided to get out of the software busines. According to C-Net’s article Roxio will now shift its focus soley to Napster, and legal downloading of music. Now maybe I’m crazy, but is there really that much money to be made with legalized music downloading? This would be as insane as Home Depot getting out of garden accessories to focus on legalized pot. It just don’t make sense to me.

Movies and TV

World’s Finest

I remember reading about Sandy Collera about eight years ago in an Airbrush Action magazine, when he was talking about a project he was working on called “Guardians of Atlantis”.Last year his short film “Batman: Dead End” stole the show at San Diego Comic-con. This year he wasn’t allowed to show the trailer he’s created for “World’s Finest” featuring Batman and Superman.

However, of course, the trailer’s made it’s way around and is now on The acting’s a little hokey, but the two guys in tights have NAILED the look of Batman and Superman. I’m actually a little dissapointed now that Christopher Nolan has gone for the “armoured bat-suit” look in “Batman Begins” (the trailer is out now by the way), after having seen the spandex suit done right in daylight. Spider-Man has proven that you can actually have a spandex suit, and not make it look ridiculous.


The original HeadsDown idea

I taught my last ECOM 251 class yesterday, and it will probably be my last class for a while becuase I think I’ll be too busy this next year or so to do any more teaching (house, planning for a family, and getting more serious with HeadsDown again).

One of the cool things that came out of my last class was a presentation on RSS, and how it’s poised to be “the next big thing”. Wired had an article about RSS a while ago which really got me to thinking about the original HeadsDown idea, and how it was going to be a news aggregator. How ironic is it that now, seven years later, that tool actually exists. I never pursued it because I couldn’t figure out a way to make money on it (and even today RSS doesn’t really have a business model which generates revenues), but it’s interesting that the tool exists.

I’d like to start playing with RSS and trying to create an RSS feed with various things. I know I have an Atom feed set up in Blogger right now, but I’ve never done anything with it.