A 168 hour tour

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a wonderful trip. That started from this tropic port, aboard this great big ship. Okay, so it’s not exactly “Gilligan’s Island”, but that’s how the theme song for “Brian’s Island” would begin. Char and I are heading down to Miami in the morning… Continue reading A 168 hour tour

Green Lantern; Rebirth

A lot has been made of the return of Hal Jordan to the ranks of Emerald Gladiators. The die hard Hal fans have been complaining that his downfall and eventual turn into Parallax went against everything the character was about. They said it wasn’t true to character, and that the story should never have been… Continue reading Green Lantern; Rebirth

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HeadsDown relaunched

It’s said on the website that Change is coming spring 2004. It’s almost two seasons late, but change has indeed come, and it’s a doozy. The new HeadsDown site is now up, and Ryan and I have started the process of moving all of our tools into one code base so that when we build… Continue reading HeadsDown relaunched

The web…only better

I don’t often advocate one piece of software over the other, but I’m going to do just that right now. If you’re reading this website on Internet Explorer, and you’re wondering how the XXX Toolbar got on your browser, and why the Alexia Toolbar is up there, and hey, what’s with the pop-up that just… Continue reading The web…only better

Another 11

My original Leiber’s 11 (comics everyone should own) was a good start, but I realized there were easily another 11 comics I could do. Truth be told, I could go with another 20! However, since I decided not to impose any rules on myself, I came up with 11 more comics that I would easily… Continue reading Another 11

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Ad experiment ended

This morning I did something fairly significant, I killed off the Google Ads that were on the home page of this site. Over the next week or so, I’ll be killing them off on the rest of the site too. According to the logs, in the last two months that I had well over 1700… Continue reading Ad experiment ended

Three years ago today

It was three years ago today that Charlene Kish not only said “I will” when asked if she would love me for the rest of my life, but she added my name to the collection of things of mine she had accumulated (which includes my heart). I may not say it enough here…because I’m not… Continue reading Three years ago today