Gettin’ in the spirit of things

Not a lot of updates lately, there's been a lot I've wanted to talk about, but there doesn't seem to be enough time in a day anymore to do everything I want to do. With the year wrapping up I'm going to try to get a few end-of-year posts out (best movies, best comics, best … Read more

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad turns the bit 6-oh today, amazing considering he doesn't look a day over 70! (I kid, I kid). He's still in great shape if you don't count the rickety old knee, the busted up wrists, the crippled back, and the countless aches and pains that go with being a “senior citizen”…but HEY, he … Read more

Cutie Patutie!

Brian is pretty busy these days, so I thought I should step in and get some new pictures of our sweet girl up for all of you to see. Check out the gallery for new pics!! Kaylin is doing so well. She's growing like a weed while maintaining her slim, girlish figure. Some of her … Read more

Big time lottery winner!!!

Well friends, I paid the idiot tax this week and finally my ship came in. Yep, after a dozen or so years of playing the numbers, after untold countless hours of figuring out odds, making sure that my system was flawless, and ensuring that I never missed a lottery drawing, I'm a big winner. Before … Read more

The chicken and the candy

Kaylin had her first Halloween tonight on Tansley Ave, and let me just say…new neighbourhoods kinda suck when it comes to All Hallow's Eve! We maybe got 30 kids tonight, and our first one didn't come until quarter after six. Compare that to Toronto, where we had kids from 4:30 on…and dozens and dozens of … Read more

Pics Pics Pics!

A few people have asked for more Kaylin pictures. Well, twist our rubber arms! We’d love to share some snapshots of our sweetie pie with you. Check out the Photolog for a few images of Kaylin taken over the past few weeks. By the way – she turned two months old on October 16th! Some … Read more

What is this chicken of which you speak?

I've been meaning to flip up my style for ages and haven't gotten around to it, but I decided that tonight was the night. I wanted something bright, something sunny, and something that is foreshadowing…what does it foreshadow? The chickens are coming, that's all I can say. With the CSS styles that I've applied to … Read more

Today I married my best friend

Four years ago today Charlene and I got married at the Inn on the Park. It's kind of cliche to say that I got married to my best friend, but it's true. She's the love of my life, the receiver of comic books, the light for my soul, the bearer of lightsabers, and the mother … Read more

All New, All Comics, All Canadian

So the dilemma I posted on here a few weeks ago about buying comics online was a little bit of a tease. For about six months now I've been looking into the feasability of opening a comic store online. I've been checking the competition, and seeing what's going on out there. I tried to buy … Read more

Ten years…how time flies when you’re having fun has been online for 10 years today. I remember where I was on this day back in 1995, in a Seneca College computer lab registering for the site for the first time. I logged in, looked around, and promptly got frustrated enough to not take another look at the site for about a year. … Read more