How I learned to love the fox

Wired’s got an article up on FireFox and how it’s re-opened the browser wars called “The Firefox Explosion“. I will tell anyone who asks why I love Firefox. Built in pop-up protection, tabbed browsing, extensions that allow me to do things like save my sessions, disable CSS, change a CSS on a page, look at tables, and any number of other things, and it’s got a smaller footprint than IE. PLUS it won’t allow hijacks which IE was infamous for.

Some folks like Ryan have complained that it takes up too many resources and hangs their computers…but I’ve never experienced that before.

Firefox, it’s what’s for browsing. Go get it!

About Me

What’s going on?

I’ve been up to a lot of stuff since the move, not a lot of which has been documented. First off, Char and I have been looking for things to fill our big beige box. It’s almost embarassing that when we have people over we gather around the sink (and breakfast bar) for food, so we need a table. We’re also looking for a living room suite so that we can have people over to chat. Right now they have to sit on our uncomfortable futon, and our six year old Ikea love seat which has seen better days.

I’m also accumulating grown up toys. I got a bunch of tools for Christmas, and I recently bought a work bench. My next purchase will be a mitre saw so that I can build some shelves and do some trim work.

On the web front, Ryan and I are prepping for another season of HockeyUpdater, which should be ready to go soon, and we’re working on some new promotional material.

I’ve been teaching myself DVD authoring so that I can (finally) finish my wedding video. While playing around, I learned about Hal Hartley and Possible Films which are self publishing DVD’s online. It’s a pretty cool concept, and one step closer to Francis Ford Coppola’s vision for film (where it’s as easy to make a movie as it is to sketch a masterpiece).


TV: Foul Temptress

For the last six months or so I’ve been thinking I’m such a good, productive member of society. I can usually go several days without turning on the TV, and as a testament of my TV-lessness, I’ve pretty much forsaken the TiVo since we moved. I deleted all of my pre-set recordings before the Christmas hiatus, and hadn’t bothered to reset them.

So how did it happen that tonight, the one night of the week that I’m away from my TV, I have to TiVo 24, then I find out that I missed a new Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where they had a “How they did that”, and I missed the first new Desperate Housewives in a month?

I’ve just managed to start getting into Lost, but I stupidly rented out a movie last night which I won’t have time to watch because 24 is on AGAIN tomorrow night for ANOTHER TWO HOURS!!! This of course means that I either watch Las Vegas live, or miss out on it all together.

I have 12 episodes of Lost to catch up on before Wednesday, and then a 2 hour movie to watch, plus 4 hours of 24 to catch up on, damn! When did TV become a full time job?


A truly All Star team

So the All Stars: Superman team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly was announced quite a while ago, but today’s New York Times (registration required) made the big announcement of who the All Stars: Batman creative team is. In addition to the previously announced Jim Lee, the writer on the series will be none other than the man who made the Bat cool again…Frank Miller!

Back to Batman

Frank Miller, an acclaimed comic book artist and writer who helped revolutionize the comics industry in 1986 with “The Dark Knight Returns,” a grim vision of an elderly Bruce Wayne, is taking on Batman again. Mr. Miller has been announced as the writer of “All-Star Batman and Robin,” which will be published by DC Comics in July as part of a new group of titles in which top artists and writers will create stories not bound by decades of continuity. (In this case, Batman’s partner is Dick Grayson, the first and best-known Robin, not Tim Drake, the third boy in the role.) “All-Star Batman and Robin” will be illustrated by Jim Lee, a fan-favorite artist of Batman and Superman titles.

Yeah, sign me up for that bad boy. If DC Comics is smart (and I’m pretty sure they are) this will be released the week before Batman Begins comes out (June 17th).


Will Eisner passes away

Comics legend Will Eisner passed away yesterday at 87 from complications due to quadruple heart bypass surgery.

While I haven’t read much Eisner work, I’ve read a little bit of The Spirit, and I’ve thumbed through some of his amazing graphic novels through the years, but it was his book “Comics and Sequential Art” which really changed how I looked at comics as a whole and made me consider it for a career option…of course then I fell in love with the interweb.

I almost met Mr. Eisner at the last Comic book convention here in Toronto, but he was just on his way out as I was on my way in. As he was getting into a car, a couple of guys about my age were watching him with a couple of Spirit archives in their hands. He saw them, walked over, and asked if he could sign their books for them. They were so happy, and he beamed as he signed the books. It took all of two minutes for him to do it, but it was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen a comic pro do for anyone.

Comics will miss him, although I’m sure he’s somewhere now drawing shoulder to shoulder with Kirby, Bob Kane, Jerry Seigel and Joel Shuster.

About Me

My resolutions;

Here are my official new year’s resolutions for 2005:

More, better HeadsDown

Make more websites for HeadsDown, make them better, and get the business fully off the ground. 2003 was a building year, 2004 was a refining year, 2005 is the year we make this turkey fly!

Learn some cool skillz

Judo skillz, numchuck skillz, computer hacking skillz (props to Napoleon Dynamite). I want to learn how to do wood stuff on my own. How to make cabinets, book cases, that kind of stuff.

Make our house a home

Our house is currently just a big beige box. Some colour, a few pictures, some book cases, maybe some real furniture. That kind of stuff will make a house a home.

Chronicology, bigger, better, and in the real world

Chronicology has taken over the online world, now I gotta make it take over the real world with both the comic version and the book version.

More comics, made by me

I want to have at least one 22 page comic done by the end of the year.

The end of 1997

Project: 1997 needs to be done by the spring, and the training needs to begin.

Those are my resolutions. Let’s see how I do.