Five Things I’ve Learned About Babies (by Char)

It’s true what they say – you cannot possibly prepare yourself for parenthood. Just over a month ago I was blissfully enjoying my first week of maternity leave. Back in those days, you could find me taking a long, relaxing morning shower, sitting around our air-conditioned house leisurely reading a paperback novel and getting a … Read more

A month of Kaylin

On Tuesday at 10:32pm, Kaylin Elizabeth Garside turned one month old. So much has happened in this last month that I'm amazed an entire 4 weeks have passed. Pictures don't do her justice, she's just about the cutest baby I've ever seen…of course I'm probably just a touch jaded, after all, I helped make her … Read more

Ordering comics online

Just before Kaylin was born I decided to try ordering some comics online. It's kind of hard for me to get to the store sometimes, and occasionally I miss some stuff. I really wanted to check out Serenity (based on the Firefly TV series), and there were a few other comics which had sold out … Read more held hostage

For the last few years some dude who owns “Garside Property Managment” in Florida has owned I've emailed the dude over the years, but the emails always bounced. It came up for renewal in mid-August, and I was planning on buying it. However a cyber-squatter, which is part of the umbrella of … Read more

Freak Daddy is a daddy!

Congrats go out to “Big Daddy” Donnie (whom I affectionately refer to as Freakishly Tall Daddy…or Freak Daddy for short) and his wife Sarah on the birth of their little girl Natasha Alexis Venusina. Kaylin has already decided that she and Tasha will be best friends for life, and she pinkie swore on it with … Read more

Not my gumdrop button!

Very exciting news! This morning Kaylin lost her cord stump, and I'm pleased to report that from all appearances she has an innie! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Special thanks go out to Maysoon who clamped the cord nice and tight to her belly, and who instructed me to cut very close to the clamp. Kaylin actually slept mostly … Read more

Happy Birthday My Love (a letter from mommy)

Dear Kaylin, Who would have thought, at this time last week, that my world was not yet complete? It wasn't until 10:32pm, on Tuesday August 16th, that you came into our lives and changed us forever. Mommy and daddy are so blessed to know you. This first week of your life has been inspiring. We … Read more

Kaylin’s big family weekend

This weekend Kaylin got to experience the “Parade of family” as Grandma and Grandpa Garside travelled from London, and Meme and Pepe Kish came all the way from Chatham. Auntie Sharon, Uncle Dennis, and Aunt Tina made special guest appearances to meet their newest niece as well. Mommy and Daddy were outside visiting with next … Read more

A wicked awesome social network

I just want to give a shout out to everyone who helped us out yesterday. It was day 3 and things were getting weird. From not waking up fully to weird things going on that we couldn't find in any book, our awesome group of friends helped us get through the wild and mysterious “third … Read more

48 hours of Kaylin

It's been less than 48 hours since she came into our lives, and already Kaylin's a very important person in many people's lives. Mom and Dad K, as well as Mom and Dad G have called to congratulate Char and I, while aunts, uncles, friends and co-workers have all poured in emails, instant messenges, comments, … Read more