Blogs can get you fired

Attention internerds, be careful what you say on your weblog. Recent Google hire Mark Jen was recently fired for comments he made about Google on his weblog. A Delta Airlines employee was fired for posting a picture of herself in uniform (that one’s strange to me…why did Delta care?). Of course there’s Dooce, who’s so … Read more

Boobs: Tools of the devil

I’ve thought that the United States was pretty much off its collective rocker for a few years now (about five to be precise, all of them under the benevolent reign of “W”), but now I’m just shocked and awed. The United States of America, the country which invaded Iraq, has postured against Iran, has ongoing … Read more

Who’s the big winner?

Another year, another Royal Rumble, and finally, FINALLY the rolls come my way, and I walk away with the winning team of Chris Benoit, Edge, Renee Dupree, Simon Dean, and the big man himself…Batista. Not only that, but for the second year in a row, the winner of the rumble eliminated the most superstars, making … Read more

How I learned to love the fox

Wired’s got an article up on FireFox and how it’s re-opened the browser wars called “The Firefox Explosion“. I will tell anyone who asks why I love Firefox. Built in pop-up protection, tabbed browsing, extensions that allow me to do things like save my sessions, disable CSS, change a CSS on a page, look at … Read more

What’s going on?

I’ve been up to a lot of stuff since the move, not a lot of which has been documented. First off, Char and I have been looking for things to fill our big beige box. It’s almost embarassing that when we have people over we gather around the sink (and breakfast bar) for food, so … Read more

TV: Foul Temptress

For the last six months or so I’ve been thinking I’m such a good, productive member of society. I can usually go several days without turning on the TV, and as a testament of my TV-lessness, I’ve pretty much forsaken the TiVo since we moved. I deleted all of my pre-set recordings before the Christmas … Read more

A truly All Star team

So the All Stars: Superman team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly was announced quite a while ago, but today’s New York Times (registration required) made the big announcement of who the All Stars: Batman creative team is. In addition to the previously announced Jim Lee, the writer on the series will be none other … Read more

Will Eisner passes away

Comics legend Will Eisner passed away yesterday at 87 from complications due to quadruple heart bypass surgery. While I haven’t read much Eisner work, I’ve read a little bit of The Spirit, and I’ve thumbed through some of his amazing graphic novels through the years, but it was his book “Comics and Sequential Art” which … Read more

My resolutions;

Here are my official new year’s resolutions for 2005: More, better HeadsDown Make more websites for HeadsDown, make them better, and get the business fully off the ground. 2003 was a building year, 2004 was a refining year, 2005 is the year we make this turkey fly! Learn some cool skillz Judo skillz, numchuck skillz, … Read more