Here I am starting Week 3 at InfoTech. Our house has been on the market for 20 days, we've had one agent's open house and seven or eight individual showings. So far nobody's made an offer, but everyone is telling us that this is very positive as nobody's looking at houses right now (what with … Read more

Our house is officially on the market

Our house is on the market, yesterday saw about 14 real estate agents come through, today was supposed to be our first showing (although I don't think they ever came), and the pictures that were taken on Tuesday morning are now up on MLS. Our agent (Rick Menary of Sutton Heritage Realty Inc), has a … Read more

Oh crap! We own two houses!!!

This week has been pretty busy so far. We painted on the weekend, re-organized the house, bought and installed nearly a dozen light fixtures, took care of a sick baby, and bought a new house…and so far it's only Tuesday! On Saturday and Sunday my parents came down and along with Char's brother Dennis, sister-in-law … Read more

Web 2.0 and you

This post is part of my new resolution to post at least once a week, every week on this site. Sometimes I'll write about purely personal things, sometimes I'll write about things that interest me, who knows what it will be? The point is, there will always be something here, every week, by Wednesday. This … Read more

PS3 Insanity!!!

The Playstation 3 went for sale today, people lined up for days, and the action was fast and furious. Stores got 15 units, people lined up since Tuesday, and in the aftermath the eBay sales are just stupid. A quick check on eBay sees that a PS3 sold online for $15,000.00. That's just plain silly. … Read more

The plan begins

A couple of months ago I mentioned “the plan” and how I would be working on “The plan”, and how just having “the plan” made me feel better about my future. Well I'm pleased to say that after quite a bit of thought, a little bit of negotiation, and a lot of soul searching, “the … Read more

Psst, wanna see something REALLY scary?

Halloween is a time for the creepy crawlies, the things that go bump in the night, and the truly scary. Scary stuff like…SCARECROWS!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEK! That's what Kaylin was this year, a really scary scarecrow. That's right, our little kegger was a scarecrow this year. Mommy whipped up this costume which consisted of the cutest little … Read more

October means…brains!

October is not only the month that Halloween falls in, (hence the new look on my site for this month), but it also means a ton of stuff for Char and I. The 13th is our anniversary, 15th my birthday, and the 26th her birthday. October was originally supposed to be the month that we … Read more

Holy craptastic reporting, Batman!

The Toronto Star had an article in yesterday's paper about how comics are losing their value. Of course no actual figures were given on how comics are losing their value, the article was horribly written and incredibly disjointed, and had no merit other than a pithy title that cashes in on a failed TV show … Read more

A total lack of writing ability

So Ryan recently pointed out to me how lax I've been in updating my site of late. It's sad when he's posted 8 times in the time since my last post. There's no good reason for it either. I'm busy of course, but not busier than normal. I've got a couple of projects on the … Read more