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This is a picture of Kaylin and I brushing our teeth one morning. I think this is one of the few pictures that reminds me just how little she still is. I always think of her as my big girl…but she's to tiny still.

What a cutie!

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Crazy whirlwind two weeks

So last weekend was Dennis and Tina's wedding, this weekend was the Toronto Fan Supershow. In between there was a week of pure insanity that tried my patience on more than one occasion.

First the good. Last weekend's wedding was a ton of fun. Char, Kaylin and I all travelled to Chatham for the wedding Friday morning. Kaylin got to go on her first long car ride facing front, and she was much happier than normal. We played most of the way down, and I taught her the signs for fish, and tried to teach her birdie. By Chatham she was a fish genius.

Friday night was the rehersal, which was fun, followed by dinner. Around 8pm Char took Kaylin to the hotel, and I stuck around with the boys to “gather intel” for my duties as MC the next night.

After some bowling and go-carts with Dennis and his boys, I headed back to the hotel to write up my notes. About five or six typed pages later and I was ready to go.

Next morning Char headed off to get ready (she was in the wedding party), and I took care of Kaylin. Kaylin and I went out looking for a Memory Key to get the speech off my laptop and get it printed out. THen we went to the reception where I balanced Kaylin on one hip and a video camera on the other.

After that it was back to the hotel for a nap, and my parents came by to look after Kaylin during the reception.

My MC'ing duties when pretty well, I told some jokes, we played some games, and the speeches were both eloquent and sometimes hilarious. The highlight of the night was the little video piece that Char and I put together that surprised both Dennis and Tina.

My mom and dad brought Kaylin downstairs around 9, and she was WIRED, we played with her for a while and they headed up to bed. Char and I partied for another couple of hours, and headed off ourselves.

Sunday we had a little birthday bash at Grandma and Grampa's before heading back to “The 'Jax”.

Wednesday was Kaylin's 1st birthday, and she almost slept through her celebration. We had some cake, and she opened some presents (including her Little People Farm, which she absolutely LOVES), and then went off to bed.

Saturday saw the “Conventional Warfare” article in the Star. A lot of the people quoted aren't pleased with the way the article turned out, but I thought it was what I expected it to be, a fairly puffy piece. The Stop HobbyStar site has seen a dramatic increase in visitors, and by extension All New Comics has seen a number of increased visitors as well.

Today was the Paradise Comics Toronto Fan Supershow, which was a one day event at the Toronto Hilton. It was pretty successful for us, and has already led to a couple of post show sales, which is the barometer by which I measure success of a show.

Somewhere in there I also had to deal with an individual who said some very unflattering things online about me, and then followed it up by reporting me to the police on two seperate occasions.

This week is also a freaking HUGE week at All New Comics. There are a TON of new comics coming in on Wednesday, and we've got more than a dozen titles to put online including a brand new Absolute titles…Absolute Dark Knight.


She’s one year old!

One year ago at this time Char and I were sitting at home on our bed with this new little human being between us, totally thrilled, totally exhausted (Charlene especially), and totally without a clue about what to do next. It's 12 months later, and it's been the best, and most challenging year of my life by far (Just check out all of these Kaylin posts to see).

So much has happened in this year. She's sitting, crawling, standing, walking, talking, signing, eating, drinking, and voicing her own opinions. She's got a very distinct little personality. She doesn't like loud sounds, she loves birds and cats, she's very independant for a little bean, loves to turn pages on her own, likes to dance (especially to House of Pain's Jump Around), she's quick to laugh, and has one of the best little girl giggles on the planet.

She and I have a really special relationship, she's definately a “Daddy's girl”, and she'll sit in my lap and read a book, magazine, or newspaper for minutes at a time (hey, that's a long time when your life span can be counted in double digit months!). Don't get me wrong, she loves her mommy, and there are times that daddy just won't do, but there are also times when she just wants to crawl into daddy's lap and hang out…those are the best times.

So happy birthday to my big girl. You're a year old now, and the future will just get better. Mommy and I are so happy you came into our lives, just don't keep growing up so fast okay?

My mom sent out an email this morning wishing Kaylin a happy first birthday too.

Happy 1st Birthday Kaylin, you are such a precious little Granddaughter and we love you sooooo much.

Hope you have a real special day with Mommy and Daddy.

Thanks Char and Brian for giving us such a little cutie pie, wish we lived closer, can't get enough of the little Kegger.

Cute picture Char for Kaylin's special day.

My heart is with you today I know the miracle of this last year and you will always hold it in your heart and memory for ever. Love Grandma and Grandpa

You can check out Kaylin's mom's thoughts on your first birthday at I Heart Baby Toes.

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The good, the bad, and the ugly

So after a few days of reflection, I think this past weekend was actually a pretty decent one. It didn't start out that way, and it ended on an off note, but a lot of the stuff in the chewy middle was a ton of fun.

On Saturday after spending a fun morning and early afternoon with Kaylin and Char, I headed off to London for Ryan's birthday. The skies opened and all of the heavens flooded the earth, and at one point I'm pretty sure I saw an ark float down the street…but the rain let up just enough that I could get to my car and drive off. By the time I reached the highway (2 minutes away) the rain had entirely let up. By some freakish weather weirdness, our house got poured on for another 3 hours, definately the strangest localized weather phenomenon I've seen in a while.

Meanwhile I booted down the 401, confident that my two hour trek to London would be filled with Podcasty goodness, and plenty of iPod iTunes from my iTrip. Of course my iCar doesn't have iAir, so it was bound to be a steamy drive. Although I don't have conventional “air conditioning”, I do have 2 120 AC, two windows down, driving 120 on the 401.

Things were a little heavy for a Saturday (I really can't believe how many people have places to be on Saturday's in this city), but not too bad…until I got to Milton. Just about at the Escarpment, things slowed to a crawl and eventually stopped. I sat in traffic, listening to the news radio which told me sweet FA, and did nothing except sweat, drink my coffee, and sip on some water for an hour as emergency vehicles passed by me. Slowly, traffic was allowed through one lane and we discovered that two cars had collided perpendicularly, while another had flipped into the ditch, and another had somehow managed to get rear-ended (though only one of the non-ditch cars appeared to have front end damage). We booted along for literally 5 more kilometers until we stopped dead again. This time a tractor-trailer had jackknifed and took up all 3 lanes.

At this point I was thinking that either a: God hates me, or b: God is trying to tell me something. Then the coffee, two bottles of water, and the half litre of water I had drank at home before leaving hit…and it wasn't good as my bladder felt fair to bursting. We were eventually led off the highway and sent on a back road of hell tour (although I managed to find a Tim Hortons to relieve myself at first).

After going through a horrendous line of cars to get off the back roads, I managed to get back onto the 401 and booted down the highway and due to a very strong tail wind, and with some finangling of the jet stream, I was able to make the Milton to London trip in record time.

Still, by the time I got to Ryan's, it was 6:40. It had been very nearly four and a half hours to do a two hour drive.

The party was fun though, I got to see my buddy, his wife, my goddaughter, and their three month old baby girl, not to mention my buddy Rich and wife Kara's new two week old little girl.

After dinner Ryan and I went to check out his new house which was pretty fun, it's in a great location, and I can't wait to see what he does with this one (I'm still amazed at what he's done to his current place…and though I've said it a thousand times, the stairs look frigging AMAZING!). We dropped off a package at one of my All New Comics customers' place (that's the kind of service you get from me boys, if I'm in town, I'll drop your package off personally to make sure it doesn't get destroyed by Canada Post), and I popped by my mom and dad's place before filling up the gas tank, grabbing an energy drink, and hitting the road to make it back to the 'Jax by 2am.

Sunday we had a nice leisurely breakfast, and then took the Kegger over to the Imagination model homes to get some design inspiration for our own house. One of the places had a gorgeous laundry room with these great tiles on the floor. While looking around at things, Kaylin decided to stand up and take a couple more steps (oh yeah, she's a walker now). She lost her balance a little bit and bumped her head on the floor, which lead to a 5 minute scream fest. Char got her calmed down with a combination of “You're okay's” and some very clever distraction “Is that a flower?”.

We went over to the Baskin Robbins were Kaylin had her first frozen yogurt (which she really enjoyed), before heading back home.

We ended the weekend with a nice meal, and our very tired little girl fell asleep without her regular bath ritual.

After that I managed to get the latest All New Comics ads pulled off, cranked off some stuff for Black Swan Press (still coming soon), and updated ANC with the weeks' new comics.

I'm really impressed by the amount of business we're doing lately. Just this week alone we've got another 12 orders, which makes two weeks in a row with a dozen orders or more. The ads on Newsarama and Google are definately paying for themselves, and the word is really getting out there about All New Comics.