A plan

September has been one of the worst months I can remember in ages. Things haven't gone my way, Kaylin's been sick for like 10 days (fevers, sinus colds, aches, pains, the whole works), I've been under the weather for at least a week with symptoms that come and go, not to mention all of the… Continue reading A plan

Just because…

This is a picture of Kaylin and I brushing our teeth one morning. I think this is one of the few pictures that reminds me just how little she still is. I always think of her as my big girl…but she's to tiny still. What a cutie!

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Crazy whirlwind two weeks

So last weekend was Dennis and Tina's wedding, this weekend was the Toronto Fan Supershow. In between there was a week of pure insanity that tried my patience on more than one occasion. First the good. Last weekend's wedding was a ton of fun. Char, Kaylin and I all travelled to Chatham for the wedding… Continue reading Crazy whirlwind two weeks

She’s one year old!

One year ago at this time Char and I were sitting at home on our bed with this new little human being between us, totally thrilled, totally exhausted (Charlene especially), and totally without a clue about what to do next. It's 12 months later, and it's been the best, and most challenging year of my… Continue reading She’s one year old!

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What does victory smell like?

Apparently victory smells like bacon. Fabio flavoured bacon that is. After being stooged out by the “5-oh”, and being unable to appear at this year's Bond Street Cup (for reasons which I am still unable to speak about on the authority of my team of French Lawyers), my Bond Street Cup trophy has been moved… Continue reading What does victory smell like?

Garside fails drug test for Bond Street Cup

Canadian Press 7/27/2006 11:29:32 AM Toronto (CP) – Bond Street Cup champion Brian Garside tested positive for high levels of testosterone during competition, his QuoitsNation team said Thursday on its website, raising questions about his previous victory on Bond Street, and barring him from the coming games this Saturday. The team suspended Garside, pending results… Continue reading Garside fails drug test for Bond Street Cup

Spam is out of control!

Okay, I'm at a loss. I'm being entirely overwhelmed by spam, to the point where it is taking an inordinate amount of time out of my day to sort through what is Spam and what is not. Email spam, comment spam, hotmail spam, gmail spam, work spam, home spam, and now frigging Email form spam!… Continue reading Spam is out of control!