Cool web sites that I like

I'm a web guy, it's what I do, it's what I like, some might even go so far as to call me a “mouse potatoe”. So these are the links that I've accumulated this week. Good sites, fun sites, and sites that I go to all the time: – relaunched and slightly rebranded. I… Continue reading Cool web sites that I like

Getting the word out

It has been a busy bunch of months, but finally after all that time, I'm off for a week! Time to sit down, take a load off, chillax, and do pretty much nothing. …or maybe not. I'm pretty much swamped at work lately, even with the addition of a new developer. Actually, that's caused more… Continue reading Getting the word out

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What up cuz?

This weekend Kaylin got to meet her cousins Bradyn and Kiera (not to mention her other cousins Sherri, Jason and granola eatin', hemp-wearin' BC-ite Brenda). She met her first “big dog” (and had the cries scared right out of her when Whisky barked one of those bellowing barks that reverberates deep in the pit of… Continue reading What up cuz?

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Tracking patient zero

On Saturday morning around 10am I got a call from my neighbour down the street “Freak Daddy” Donnie. “Yo Dark, you busy?” he inquired. This is usually code for “Come over and play video games.”, “A little dude, I’m cleaning the office because my parents are coming over.” I responded (actually I was trying to… Continue reading Tracking patient zero

So many things, so little time

Just when you start thinking that things are going to lighten up, the insanity just keeps on keeping on. Things have been really busy this last couple of weeks, and it's starting to look like a busy summer despite my earlier predictions. The Toronto Comicon went awesome, we got our name out there, and we've… Continue reading So many things, so little time

Good design, wicked websites

The internet is all full of all manner of wonderment and amazeness. Dave Werner's portfolio A 26 year old kid who went to the Portfolio Center in Atlanta and came out the other side as “one to watch”. Holy crap. I've never seen such an inspiring and amazing work of art. Okay Samurai Dave Werner's… Continue reading Good design, wicked websites

Big news in the land of Kaylin!

So last week I alluded to a big story, something huge, something spectacular. Our baby girl turned 8 months old yesterday (Easter Sunday), but exactly a week earlier she made some huge strides. Literally. Yup, little Kegger can crawl. Last Saturday she took her first tentative movement, figuring out that her hand had to move… Continue reading Big news in the land of Kaylin!

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