A rock band Christmas

Last Friday I got a call from Electronics Boutique saying that I wouldn’t get my pre-order of Rock Band because they didn’t have enough units. Then on Sunday I got another call saying that someone had cancelled, and they had a unit if I was still interested. HELLS YEAH I said.

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Top 5 Gadgets of 2007

This was an amazing year for gadgetry as a ton of stuff that’s been in the pipeline forever has finally made it to retail, and a bunch of stuff that’s been around for a while made its way to the Garside family house.

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Christmas with the bugs

Saturday morning I woke up with a fever and a horrible rumbling in my tumbling. When Char woke up a couple hours later, she had similar symptoms. We were both out of it for most of the day, and my parents had to come over to help us out for a little while while we … Read more

And I’m back! Optimized and better than ever!

Way back in the middle of October I was brought onto a big project for Info-Tech, a new research product which would provide a whole new way of seeing Info-Tech’s research and be a “disruptive product in the marketplace”. Anybody who knows me knows there’s two things I love to do. 1: I love to do cool new things. 2: I love to be disruptive. It took nearly two months, tons of overtime, but we’ve finally launched and we can all get back to our regular lives!

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Why the music industry sucks: Stupid Old Guys

I just got my first issue of my new subscription to Wired Magazine, and I may have to cancel due to my blood pressure rising. In it they profile Universal Music CEO Doug Morris, who is but the latest in a long line of guys who just doesn't freaking “get it”. The article is about … Read more

My wife and daughter

This is more for me than anyone else. Just a reminder what my wife and daughter look like. Way back in October, before I started on this whole Optimize / Website Usability combo massive project, I spent a really nice week off with them. We went to Toronto, had a few fun days at home, … Read more

Department of incorrect conclusions

I read a lot of things about the web. One of my favourite websites, Design Float is kind of like Digg for web design. I like it because while it's updated a few times a day, the content is specific to something I'm interested in (Web Design), and there are at max 3 or 4 … Read more