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Problems, now in high def!

Tonight I set about setting up my HD DVD player. I had an HDMI cable hanging around, a free HDMI port in my receiver, and I figured out a way to map all of the different cables needed to get where I wanted to be.

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HD DVD is dead. Should I buy a player anyway?

The Toshiba A3 HD DVD playerSo here’s a dilemma for you. The HD DVD format is officially dead. Toshiba pulled the plug on its lifeless corpse, and people are blowing out their stock. Right now I can buy an Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on for $49.99, and it comes with King Kong. What’s more, until February 28th there’s a mail in offer for 5 free HD DVD’s. Or for $99.99 I could get a Toshiba player with 2 free DVD’s and the 5 free mail in offer.

The format may be dead, but it’s still got some good content on it. Heroes Season 1 is available on HD DVD, the remastered Star Trek the original series is on HD DVD, and Planet Earth is available on HD DVD. I’m figuring I can probably pick these up for a song soon.

Movies and TV

Movie Review: There Will Be Blood

There Will Be BloodSpoiler Alert right away. There Will Be Blood is a misleading title. From the title you expect blood in droves, buckets of blood, blood so deep that men are treading water just to stay afloat. There IS blood in There Will Be Blood, but not the vast quantities that I expected.

What there is aplenty is an underlying tension, a violence that’s palpable, and always threatening to bubble to the surface. The oil that gushes from the wells with force is a metaphor for the violence which is always under the surface.


How I switched to WordPress

The WordPress 2.3 interfaceI’m still working my way through a ton of small issues with my new site, but I’m really happy with what I’ve got so far, and where I am right now compared to where the site was a couple of weeks ago. At this point I’m done with the small fiddles and I’m actually creating content in WordPress quite happily!

It’s taken me the better part of a month to get to where I am right now. I’ve imported nearly eight years of content from two separate publishing tools, creating and modifying categories and content types over from the previous systems. I’m also in the process of importing nearly 600 comments from the past three years (via the old HeadsDown Chronicology powered blog).


The ever changing face of Las Vegas

Having been back from Vegas for a couple of days, I’ve had some time to reflect on it, and put down some thoughts on what I think about the city that is Las Vegas.

It was a really fun trip, I’ve been to Las Vegas five times now, and I can definitely say that I feel really comfortable in that town. I almost know Vegas like the back of my hand…of course the main difference being that they don’t blow up the back of my hand with alarming regularity and move things around on you. We stayed at the Wynn, which is just past the Venetian, and is one of the newest hotels in Vegas. Directly across from it is Fashion Island, which was just being built when Ryan Rich and I went to Vegas the first time in October 2001. The Wynn has another tower going up which will be called “Encore” and will be its own resort, and it will be open by early next year, just four years after they opened the first one.

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Unlucky at Craps, lucky at Slots

We just got back from Vegas last night, and boy do I ever feel like death warmed over. I’ve got a head cold that would kill an ox, and I think I may have hacked up a lung this morning. It’s not a regular cold either, I’m pretty sure that I’ve got a “Man Cold“.

Let me get it off my chest right now. I lost over $200.00 on Craps this weekend, maybe closer to $300.00. In total I maybe played 15 minutes of craps. The only reason I’m not crying into my cookie jar right now is that between Char and I, we won back that much and maybe a little more playing slots. Yes slots. The thing that you’re never supposed to win at.

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eBay: Hostage Situation

Ebay recently made a ton of changes to the system, which include increased fees, and some changes to how feedback works. One of the most significant changes is that buyers will only be able to recieve positive feedback.

This of course has gotten sellers up in arms, they are upset that they will have no recourse against deadbeat buyers, and will get bitten by buyers who don’t pay for items (although there’s a process in place for sellers to recoup all fees when a sale doesn’t go through).

I think that this decision is a bit extremist, but I have to say, the majority of sellers on eBay have this coming.

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Vegas baby, Vegas

Vegas baby, VEGAS!
Char and I are on our way to Las Vegas this morning, we’ve left the fish at a neighbor’s, and we’re dropping off the house gnome at grandma’s.

More on this story as it develops, but…Vegas baby. Vegas! – Updated Friday 15 2007.

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What I’m working on – The web edition

All New Comics Version 3I’m working on a ton of cool stuff at work (as always) including a totally revamped search engine, a new version of our Vendor site, and a new sales process, but at home I’m working on a couple of web projects as well.

One of them you’re reading right now, Radical Hive is progressing, although not quite as quickly as I’d hope. I’m also building out a brand new Version 3 of All New Comics which I would like to go online with by the end of the month.


Welcome to the HiveMind

Radical HiveDo not adjust your TV set. We control the vertical, we control the horizontal. This is indeed the Hive. What you are about to witness may once have been called Chronicology, but now it is the Radical Hive. Where once there was Brian Garside, now there is only the HiveMaster.

This idea is a few months in the making, but it was always on the back burner, now the time feels right to make the move and turn this into my new home.