Month: March 2008

All New Comics hacked

The official All New Comics T-ShirtFirst off, don’t these stupid little script kiddiez know who they’re dealing with??? Seriously.

Yesterday morning someone who I assume to be Charles Eckholdt or (and yeah, I hope the spambots harvest your stupid little email address Charles) changed the “send payments to” address in my shopping cart program from the regular All New Comics address to and changed the dollar value to US Dollars. Continue Reading

Under Quarantine! The zombie plague is here

Under QuarantineOH MY GOD! The worst possible thing has happened. Yesterday we got a notice in the mail from the Canada Food Inspection Agency, a notice I prayed we would never receive. A notice of quarantine. Seeing this notice, a cold chill ran down my spine as I thought “Damn, time to lock up the windows and doors and stay inside for an indeterminate amount of time.

This is the sign I needed to prove to me that the end times are indeed here. I immediately ran around the house looking for my most valuable possessions and put them in hermetically sealed bags as I prepared to bunker down in the basement while the zombie hoarders swept across London.

Luckily I had stocked up on “bite me not” last month, so I’m good to go.

With that out of the way I sat down to read the notice. Continue Reading

Book Review: Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing book coverDouble or Nothing is the story of how two friends hit it big in the dot com era, and then went on to purchase the legendary Golden Nugget Casino. Written by Tom Breitling in a casual, informal style, their story deals with the ups and downs of a fourteen year period that in some ways mirror my own experiences over the last 15 years (although in my case without the vast riches that went along with the story). Continue Reading

The best five bucks you’ll spend?

Ghosts I - IV Album CoverLast night I downloaded the new Nine Inch Nails album “Ghosts” directly from the NIN website. You have several choices of format to choose from, including lossless Apple and FLAK formats for $10.00. For $5.00 you get all 36 tracks in 320kbps DRM Free MP3 format.

Five bucks for 36 tracks! That’s nuts.

I’ve only had a chance to listen to about a quarter of the album so far, so a full review will be coming soon, but so far, this is a good investment in not only good music, but the future of music distribution. See, Trent Reznor is distributing this album himself, with no help from the music industry.

First week sales are in over a million bucks, which I’d have to say is a success.

What I played, Q1 2008

The best games from the beginning of 2008Since the first three months of 2008 are almost over, I thought I’d go over the games I played this quarter, what got the most of my time, what I liked, what I didn’t, and what rocked my world (pun intended).

Here’s the brief list of the games I played in the first 3 months of 2008: The Darkness, Rock Band, The Orange Box, Burnout Paradise, Halo 3, Marble Blast Ultra, Beautiful Katamari. Continue Reading

Rock Band: Better with a group

Rock BandI’ve been playing Rock Band off and on since Christmas, and other than one night with the guys, we usually play just Char and I. We have a great little two person band ala The White Stripes going on we’re known as “Chip and the Dips”. The two of us have fun together rocking out (Char on drums, me on guitar), but yesterday during our team building session, I experienced Rock Band as it was really meant to be played. Continue Reading

Comic movies this summer, maybe not all good?

The Incredible HulkUnfortunately I live in the 3rd world (Canada), and we’re not permitted to see the exclusive trailer for the upcoming Edward Norton Incredible Hulk flick. However with that said, there are still pictures on websites out there, including the one that I am referencing here which show grabs from the trailer. So far everything I’ve seen looks pretty horrible. Continue Reading

Super crabby

A giant spider crabI get this way every February, this year it’s taking more time to go away than normal thanks to the lingering effects of winter. I suffer from the whole “seasonal affective disorder” nonsense, which is really a PC way of saying I become a crabby little jerk when winter overstays its welcome. Even though I can have my share of good times in the snow, if I don’t see some sunlight consistently for a few weeks, I get irritable. I’m irritable right now, so let me vent with a few of my pet peeves. Continue Reading

Holy SNOW Batman!

Kaylin up to her shoulders, me up to my waist in snowNow that’s a load of snow. The picture you see above is our back yard on Sunday with Kaylin and I standing. The snow’s up to her shoulders, and up to my waist. Now admittedly this is in a drift in the back yard, but it was still huge. In around 24 hours we had about a foot of snow dumped on us. Saturday we were trapped in our house, but Kaylin and I went outside anyway to dig out the driveway. With a bunch of cars stuck on the road I knew that we weren’t getting anywhere.

Instead Kaylin and I dug around in the snow, cleared the driveway, and then went between the houses to dig holes in the big piles of snow. I dug her a tunnel, and she crawled through it way braver than I would ever be. After about an hour though we had to head back in. While the actual temperature wasn’t too bad when we were all bundled up, the wind was biting and hurt like heck. Continue Reading – A review

A funky little InfoTech pageI had a few very elaborate HTML pages to build the other day and just simply didn’t have the time to write clean HTML code. Rather than hack up something that I’d later HATE, I decided to try out a service that I’ve seen reviewed in tons of places. Their gimmick is, “You design, we XHTML, in 8 hours.” All right smart guys, let’s see how well you do.

I went to the website and clicked on the “Order now” link. I selected the “professional package” and under the advanced options I added “commented”. The total for all three pages, coded in “W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Table-less CSS markup. Compatible with IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari with W3C Valid Shorthand & Optimized CSS.” with commented markup was $324.00. I filled out my personal information and uploaded my files. Then I entered my credit card info, and hit submit. Continue Reading