What got me hooked on comics

Comics that hooked me

In honour of Free Comic Book day (this coming Saturday May 3rd at All New Comics), I thought I’d talk about what got me hooked on comics.

Here they are…these pictures are of the three comics that first got me.  I had read comics before, my uncles Donnie and Ronnie had comics, but it wasn’t until these that comics really got into my brain.

About Me

The Behemoth is finished (mostly)

The behemoth is finishedIt’s a project months in the making. I purchased the first MDF for it back in September, and actually got to the building of it January 5th. I got the bones of it up in a couple of weekends, and by the middle of January the painting, sanding, painting, re-sanding, and re-painting began in earnest.

Nearly four months later I’m finally finished enough to actually put a book on it (although I’m going to wait a week or so to ensure that the paint has fully cured). The paint is applied, the shelves are assembled, the grommets and shelf supports are installed, and the behemoth looks spectacular.


Montreal is Affliction crazy!

George St. Pierre wins the undisputed welterweight titleI’m not sure what I’ll remember more, the crowd which was so loud that my ears are still ringing today…or the fact that I have now seen 20,000 Affliction t-shirts and never want to see one again.

The show was amazing, George won, Serra was dominated, and the crowd went wild. The UFC has never experienced a Canadian crowd before, but one of the main reasons that WWE does so many of their PPV events up in Canada is because of how incredible the crowds are on TV.


Picture = 1000 words

Baby GarsidePictured here is a head, two arms, two feet, and a rapidly beating heart.

Coming soon (October 2008) pictures of an awesome new Garside.

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Of comic shows and hometels

Mini Batgirl - Kaylin styleThis past weekend was the Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation show on Saturday and Sunday at the Metro Convention Centre, Pete and I were there with All New Comics and four tables of our stuff. It was also a chance for Kaylin, Char, and I to have a little mini-vacation in downtown Toronto.

Friday night I took the train down to Toronto and spent some time building the new All New Comics. Here’s a live sample of the work in progress. I’m still going to Tab-Ify the navigation, and tighten the cart area on the top, but I’m pretty happy with this overall.

Internet Silver

The Silver interface - NBAThis week the crew launched the latest version of the site, dubbed internally “Silver”, I saw the first preview of it a couple of months ago, and had some real good looks at it about a month ago. I think the design is fantastic, and the new HTML and CSS are clean.

It’s a little bitter-sweet for me as this is the first design since 1997 that I haven’t participated in any way on. Even when I was gone for 18 months the first time (from 2000-2001), I had helped during the major redesign, and when I got back we were just freshening up the site due to the new logo.

About Me Internet

Whither All New Comics?

The latest version of All New ComicsThe new All New Comics is indeed still coming soon, but it’s looking like a mid-April launch at this point.

Right now I’m trying to clean the site up for a server move, and the redesign took a little longer than last weekend. I was in good shape until the “hack attack”, and that’s put me about a week behind where I’d like to be. The good news is that after the show on the weekend, I’m off for the rest of the week, so I’ll have some time to do all of the redesign tasks while my paint dries on my massive shelves.

I’m really happy with the front page of this design, it’s tons cleaner than ever before, and looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I’ll need to spend some time on a bunch of the inner pages before I’m happy with them, but the initial design that I’ve created looks pretty solid.

The thing that concerns me is that there are a ton of support pages that will need a lot of work to get where I need them to be. I’m not likely to find those pages until after I’ve uploaded the new stuff.

The worst part is that every modification I make to the code takes me further away from the original source code, which makes upgrading to the newest version an impossibility at this point.

Too bad too, because I’d love to upgrade from 3.2 of my shopping cart to 4.1, but it’s unlikely at this point. I’m more apt to re-write the entire thing in Magento rather than continuing on with the ASP version that’s on the site now.


Oh Noes, I’m Naked!

Radical Hive in the nudeIn honour of CSS Naked Day, I’m letting Radical Hive go naked for a day (and for those of you who don’t know what a naked Radical Hive looks like and you came here after April 9th, check out the picture above.

What is CSS Naked Day?

The idea behind this event is to promote Web Standards. Plain and simple. This includes proper use of (x)html, semantic markup, a good hierarchy structure, and of course, a good ‘ol play on words. It’s time to show off your <body>.

Looks like fun right? Well if you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.

General Movies and TV

Really Apple?

Just when I think I can start trusting you, I go ahead and click your STUPID Apple Update icon, and click next.  I’m about to click next again to let you update iTunes to the latest version when I see another check box.

What’s this?

Install Safari web browser.

Really?  That’s your play?  You’re going to install your crappy web browser on my system as an “added bonus”?  Isn’t that nice of you…but how about NO!

Then after I let you install iTunes, you tell me you need to reboot my system.  Why pray tell?  You’re not an essential system tool, you’re a stupid MUSIC PLAYER and not a particularly good one let me tell you…oh no, now stop crying, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.  You may not be the brightest or most talented kid on the block, but damn you’re pretty, and your store is pretty neat-o.  Sure you have problems with crazy things like “managing a large library”, and you have difficulty dealing with anything that wasn’t spoon fed from your store, but hey, look at that coverflow thingie! There you go, okay, take a deep breath and stop the snuffling.

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Zoom Zoom

Our The lease for my Accent is up, and while the buyout’s pretty attractive, it’s just not a great car for a family. Two doors, small back seat, and it probably needs about a thousand bucks in maintenance to keep her on the road (new tires, a couple of scratches that need to get taken care of this summer, that sort of stuff), so it was time to look for a new car. After quite a bit of looking, we settled on the Mazda 5. It’s a CUV (crossover utility vehicle), with six seats, van style rear doors, and fold down seats that flatten right out (to let me carry loads of wood!).

Then it was time to actually FIND one. We looked at one last weekend which was for sale here in town, but it was sold midway through the week. I saw that they still had a silver one on the lot, so we went back Saturday morning to work out a deal.