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Play hard, work hard

Kaylin as Baby JaguarIt’s been a busy few days, with quite a bit of work, and quite a bit of play going on. I had to cram a little to get the monthly All New Comics update done, then this weekend we got some last minute comp tickets to Go Diego Live, watched some fighting, and finished up the weekend with a little Info-Tech work, a get together, and a little more Info-Tech work.

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I call it…the monstrosity

It's's awesome.This is what I did this weekend.

Last weekend I came up with the plan, and my dad and I specced out the wood. I figured that I’d be looking at about $400.00 plus taxes. Looking around at the pre-fab packages, I figured I could do better than theirs for less money, and build something way cooler.

Not sure if I spent less money, since my final total was double my initial estimate, but it’s definately cooler.

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Welcome to the dollhouse

The cast of DollhouseJoss Whedon is back on TV this January…and once again on Fox.  The show is called “Dollhouse“, and it looks kind like the typical Joss Whedon premise.

JJ Abrams has a new show called Fringe coming in the fall that looks pretty cool too.  With Lost and BattleStar Galactica only a season away from ending, I hope something cool comes out soon.

I’m afraid that the same thing will happen to these shows that always happens to anything interesting.  Tim Minnear’s “The Inside” is a perfect example, an incredibly brilliant show that just never found an audience.


Go Gadget Dad! The Harmony Remote

The Harmony 880 RemoteThis is the first in what I hope to become a monthly installment called “The Gadget Dad”, a look at the gadgets that I find incredibly useful in my everyday life. Right now there are things that are not in your house that you can’t live without, and you don’t even know it.

Take the Harmony Remote.

On the surface it’s an all in one remote, which means that it controls all of the devices in your living room. The first benefit is that instead of having 8 remotes in your living room, you can have 1. This is good. However that’s not what makes the Harmony Remote the best remote on the market. There are hundreds of remotes which can control all of the devices in your home with one remote…what they can’t do is activities.


I got served by the Windows Home Server

Media Smart Home ServerWith our lives relying more and more on digital media, and Char’s initial forays into the land of Freelance Editing, it’s time to get serious about back-up, restore, and all of the other PC things that most folks take for granted. I’ve read some really great reviews about the HP MediaSmart Home Server, so when I finally found one for a great price on eBay, I jumped at it and bought it.

I set it up and configured it tonight, and while I’ve only scratched the surface, I’m really happy so far.


R2 Drool2

The R2 D2 ProjectorOkay, I need everyone who visits this site to help me out on this. I desperately need this toy. It is essential to my credit as a geek. However, I also like being married. How can I reconcile the two?

Gizmodo has some pimp pictures and a wicked video up on their site.

To quote the good princess (Leia that is), “Help me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope”

How do I get this purchase order approved by the finance department (GarsideCorp’s CEO “Charlene” is quite tough when it comes to making purchases like this). What is the business case?

Alternatively, how do I manage to sneak a $2999.99 purchase in the door without her knowing? “Oh, that little astromech droid, no idea how he got in here. You know those darn Jawas and their sandcrawlers, always dropping off droids in weird places. ha ha ha ha.”

R2D2 @

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Stupid Hollywood excuses

Last year when Halo 3 came out and sold more than $300 million dollars worth of copies in 7 days, Hollywood trades blamed it as the reason that Ben Stiller’s movie “The Heartbreak Kid” made less than $14 million opening weekend. Halo 3 drained gamers’ everywhere will to see the movie.

This week GTA IV came out, it is predicted to have outsold Halo 3 by a three to one factor (that’s nearly a billion dollars in a week).

Iron Man came out the same week, and made $100 million dollars in the weekend (over $200 million worldwide).

Here’s a theory…and it’s absolutely crazy. Maybe nobody went to see Heartbreak Kid because it sucked (seriously, at the time Char and I had seen like 6 movies in a year, and we decided the best part of our night was the popcorn).

Maybe people went to see Iron Man because it was a good movie.

Maybe people who are playing video games that take 100 hours to finish can find a couple of hours to go see a good movie, but don’t bother when the movie looks bad.

I know…crazy theory. I’m stupid like that sometimes.

Movies and TV

Movie Review: Iron Man

Iron ManIron Man, he’s a B level comic book super-hero.  He’s best known for being one of the founding Avengers, being rich beyond most people’s dreams, and for a groundbreaking storyline where he battled alchoholism.

John Favreau has never done an action movie before.  He’s the guy who brought us Swingers (which he wrote, but didn’t direct), Made, Elf, and Zarutha.

However, the cast was A level all the way.  Robert Downey Jr. seems made to play a guy who is battling demons even while he’s having the time of his life.  Gwenyth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges and Terrance Howard were brilliant choices.

The trailers showed that Favreau “got it”, and that the entire cast was spot on perfect, and the music.  Good grief, how could you do a movie trailer for Iron Man where you didn’t use Black Sabbath’s tune?


Free Comic Book Day…costs a lot

FCBDFree Comic Book Day. I’m not sure if it’s a success or not. If we measure success by “We spent lots of money and didn’t get see any obvious returns, but people got free stuff”, then it was an overwhelming success.

If we measure success by sales, it was about as unsuccessful as anything could be.

If we measure success by introducing our brand to new people…it was a minor success.

Frankly, Free Comic Book Day might be an idea who’s time has come and gone.


Initial Thoughts: GTA IV

GTA IV artworkGTA IV is out, I picked mine up on Tuesday, but didn’t get to play it right away. I’ve got a ton of stuff on the go this week, but I decided to make some time to play it anyway Wednesday night.

This is the first new GTA game for the current generation of consoles, and appropriately it’s named GTA IV rather than GTA subtitle here (for those not in the know, GTA 3 was the first GTA game for the revolutionary PS2 / Xbox generation last time).  It currently has the highest ratings for any game that I’ve ever seen with pretty much unanimous praise.