Month: September 2008

Defeat is a dish best not served

Quoits, sometimes known as coits, the sport of kings or at the very least sailors is one of my passions.  I train for it for 12 months of the year to prepare for the annual “Bond Street Cup” (this year renamed the “Balvenie Street Cup”).  I’m a proud two time winner, but I’ve had a run of bad luck the last couple of years, having been linked to a blood doping scandal in 2006, and tasting bitter defeat in 2007.

This year would see yet another defeat at the hands of my many enemies, meaning I haven’t drank from the Bond Street Cup since 2005.  This stings and I have vowed to return in 2009 with a new drive.  I’ll be redoubling my Quoits training, and plan on coming back bigger and better than ever. Continue Reading

To hell with IE 6

IE 6 burns in the deepest darkest fires of hell

IE 6 burns in the deepest darkest fires of hell

On February 16th 2001 Jeffery Zeldman posted an article called “To Hell with Bad Browsers” on A List Apart.  It was an eye opening experience for me, and was the piece of the puzzle to why accessibility and standards compliant websites were a must have going forward.  The title was memorable enough that it’s stuck with me all this time.

At the time I had just finished up the launch of TSNMAX, and the CEO of Bell Globe Media, Lib Gibson, was giving me a list of all of the problems that TSNMAX had with Netscape 4.7, which was her sole browser of choice.  The browser was dead in the water at the time, and the “To Hell With Bad Browsers” article gave me a ton of ammunition.

Fast Forward seven years, and we’re in the same boat, except this time with IE 6.  I hope that this treatise can be used by other developers to convince their bosses that it’s time to kill IE 6 in the corporate world. Continue Reading

Game Review: Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Yeah, that's a freaking Rancor!

Yeah, that is a freakin' Rancor!

Star Wars the Force Unleashed as a game is a good, but not great game.  Star Wars the Force Unleashed as a cannonical movie is incredible.  The gameplay at times is fantastic, but at times so broken and repetitive that it’s almost not worth playing through another level to get to the cutscene and story.

Almost not worth playing, fortunately for the Force Unleashed, the story that is told in the game is so good, that slogging through another impossible task is worth it. Continue Reading

Kaylin visits the fair

We had planned to go to the Western Fair on Friday, but because it was such a miserable day, we decided to hold off until Saturday.  We left our house around 11 Saturday morning and arrived at 11:30, greeted as we were by a sleepy, quiet little affair.  Hours later the place would be a booming madhouse, but for those first few hours, we had the joy of non-existant lines, sparsely trafficked walkways, and easy to find seating.

It was a good decision. Continue Reading

Oh Crap, Google Chrome

I love Google, I love the way they come up with new innovations, and I love the way that when they realize an innovation isn’t panning out, they abandon it (see the Google Browser Sync).  With that said, I’m not terribly excited about Google Chrome.

The world doesn’t really need a new web browser.

Firefox is an awesome browser.  IE 8 sounds like it will be pretty good.  The Mac has Safari (although I find it pretty crappy), then there’s Opera the also-ran.

We really need another choice that does a bunch of different things in its own way?  Really? Continue Reading