Month: November 2008

PS3 vs Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 Gamercard, vs the PSN portable ID

The Xbox 360 Gamercard, vs the PSN portable ID

I picked up a PS3 a few weeks ago, and I’ve been playing quite a bit of PS3 since then, but I recently installed the New Xbox Experience on my 360, and I have to say that…ummm, wow.

The PS3 is a beautiful piece of hardware, but the 360 is a much better experience overall.

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I shall call it mini-behemoth

And I shall call!

And I shall call!

Almost a year ago Ryan and I built the Behemoth.  It’s fully assembled (except for the darned doors which I just can’t seem to manage to build), so last weekend I decided to build a unit for Kaylin.   It’s not nearly as big, just one 24′ wide by 8′ tall unit.  This one’s built with 3/4″ maple ply-wood ($66.00 a sheet) instead of 3/4″ MDF ($33.00 a sheet). Continue Reading

New host

If you’re reading this post, then you’re reading it on Radical Hive’s new host…  I’ve moved Radical Hive over to DreamHost where I am hosting a lot of other sites, and hope to one day move All New Comics over to as well.

This new host is much faster, and I’m now trying out WordPress 2.7 over here, which has a very nice User Interface.

As they say, “As you were”.

How did games become my new movies?

The best games from the beginning of 2008

The best games from the beginning of 2008

I don’t know when it happened exactly, but at some point in the last 5 years, I stopped being a huge movie nut, and transferred some of that love over to video games.  I used to read Premiere magazine, and Entertainment Weekly.  I would surf Film Threat, and Cinematical, Rotten Tomatoes was a weekly pilgramige, and I always knew what new releases were out on video.  My DVD collection was huge, and always growing.

Then a strange thing happened.  About 3 years ago I kind of stopped buying DVD’s.  You can almost see a line in my collection that looks like a growth line in a tree.  Tons of DVD’s, then nothing.

A similar thing happened with my surf habits.  I now visit Gamespot, Giant Bomb, Joystiq, PS3 Fanboy and Xbox 360 Fanboy on a daily basis. Continue Reading