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London: Not all wine and roses

So since I took this new job in December of 2006, I’ve been in London in one shape or another for a little over a year (we moved into our new home in early March, so that will be the official one year anniversary). In the past I’ve talked about all of the benefits of moving to London, the commute, the lack of traffic stress, the lack of daycare stress, the benefits of having my mom and dad close by, friends less than a 10 minute drive away, the first Christmas where we awoke in our own bed and didn’t have to rush around…all of that is great. However there are definite disadvantages to living in London as well.

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My two movie weekend

It was a rare weekend where not only did I get to see a single movie at the theatre, but I saw TWO! Yeah, it was a pretty great weekend. The fact that one of them was really cool, and the other one was fun for entirely different reasons was pretty special as well.


Hating my hosting provider

All New Comics has been up and down more often than a kid on a trampoline lately, and this week I finally had enough with some serious database troubles. After quite a few years with my server sitting in Florida, I’m finally moving it back to Canada where it belongs.

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What I did with my weekend

Ryan, the home improvement expert came over this weekend and helped me build what can only be described as “The behemoth”. It’s nearly 10 feet tall. It’s the finest in engineered maples and MDF, and it will either change our lives for the better, or be the end of us (at this point I don’t know which is the worse fate).

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Revolutionary resolutions

Last year I made some resolutions (like I do every year) in my post “Time for some resolutions”. Last year there were 7 including one ridiculously easy one, and a couple of really nebulous ones.

#1: Move
#2: Eliminate unecessary things
#3: Only pursue projects that make money
#4: Learn to say no
#5: Get a doctor. Go to doctor. Look after your health.
#6: Go away.
#7: Be better

How’d I do?