Gadget Dad: The Flip Ultra

When we bought our Pentax digital camera, we discovered that it had a nice little built-in video feature.  The movies it made were good, but not great, the sound was quite distorted, but the pictures were good enough that we could take little 30 second videos without hauling out the massive Sony Digital 8 camera… Continue reading Gadget Dad: The Flip Ultra

The Web Design 10 Commandments

There are a few pet peeves I have of web site designers, things usually done by people who don’t really know any better, who think that “more is more”, or who blindly listen to advocates without understanding the realities behind the advocacy. With that in mind, I’m creating my Web Design 10 Commandments Thou shalt… Continue reading The Web Design 10 Commandments

To hell with IE 6

On February 16th 2001 Jeffery Zeldman posted an article called “To Hell with Bad Browsers” on A List Apart.  It was an eye opening experience for me, and was the piece of the puzzle to why accessibility and standards compliant websites were a must have going forward.  The title was memorable enough that it’s stuck… Continue reading To hell with IE 6

Poor Yoda gets curb stomped

Yoda gets curb stomped from Brian Garside on Vimeo. It’s a senseless tragedy. Poor little Yoda was just sitting there doing nothing, when suddenly…Kaylin happened. It’s like a scene from Dagobah History X. This little movie was created on my new Flip Video Ultra, which I’ll post a review of soon (it’s pretty frigging awesome).