70 Minute Review of The Phantom Menace

Okay, we all know that The Phantom Menace was a bad movie. But WHY was it a bad movie? This dude explores the minute details of what sucked over the course of seven 10 minute clips…and they’re fascinating, while still being funny (inappropriate, curse filled in some points, but freaking hilarious).

Top 50 Comic Book Runs 30-21

Did I fall asleep? At least for a little while. I’ve forgotten about a bunch of stuff lately, and I’ve got about a dozen half finished posts on my blog here including my Top 40 Comic Runs stuff. I’m back though, here’s another crop of 10 titles (21-30). Other entries in the recently renamed “Top… Continue reading Top 50 Comic Book Runs 30-21

The More Things Change

Last week I celebrated my 38th birthday.  Over dinner we were discussing how different things are now than when we were Kaylin’s age (4). Wow…we’re talking massive changes that are as transformative as the changes our great grandparents went through, but where theirs were in manufacturing and transportation, ours have been in information and technologies.

My Comics For October 2009

I’m just in the middle of putting out our monthly email about the great new stuff that we’ve added to  my online comics store All New Comics and I’m going through that list to decide what I’ll add to my own Comics Pull List. While I’m doing that, I have to ask you…if you’re not… Continue reading My Comics For October 2009

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Game Review Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum is a brief, brutal, and faithful look into the world of the Dark Knight Detective which succeeds on all of the levels that comic book games traditionally fail at. While it doesn’t add a whole lot new to the Batman mythos, it deals with familiar territory in a reassuring and respectful way,… Continue reading Game Review Batman Arkham Asylum

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I’m a larval entrepeneur!

I’ve decided that I need to understand the way that business works a little more. I understand the day-to-day of management and all that jazz, but there’s a lot of stuff about creating a business plan, and go-to-market tactics that could benefit me not only in my day job, but also in my side-businesses. To… Continue reading I’m a larval entrepeneur!