Month: April 2009

Toronto in 72 hours

Our table at the Toronto Comicon

Our table at the Toronto Comicon

I spent last weekend in Toronto visiting friends, pimping comics, and living somewhat of the high life, it was a good, if exhausting weekend, and at the end of it all I’m glad to be home.

I worked out of our Toronto office on Friday, which was a great reminder of why I love living in London.  The trip took me over 2 hours to drive down (we usually take the train from the London office), and was pretty much exhausting.  Everything’s usually fine until you reach Milton, and then things go downhill.  The trip along the Gardiner was okay.

Parking for the day was $9.00, not too bad, and the weekend seemed off to a good start.

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How to get a job in web design

Me and my Logo

Me and my Logo

I like hiring people right out of school.  For one thing it brings a great energy to a team to have someone young with new ideas.  For another, it’s a chance to shape someone who hasn’t picked up years of bad habits (and who may impart some good habits on me and my team).  I also think it’s my duty to give others the same breaks that were afforded me early in my career.

You’ve finished up your classes, you’ve read a bunch of stuff on your own (including Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think, Dan Cederholm’s Bulletproof Web Design, Andy Budd’s CSS Mastery) and you’ve been networking, you’ve been twittering, you’ve met some people, got a couple of leads, and now you’ve sent out your resumes.  You’re well on your way to getting your first job in web design.

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My big announcement

The CTV Family

The CTV Family

Please note:  This was my April Fool’s day joke for the year, it’s not true, Char, Kaylin, Maks and I are very happy with the life we’ve made in London, and I really enjoy the work I do at Info-Tech.

I’ve been keeping this one under my hat for a long time, but now the big announcement can finally be made.  The two plus year experiment that has been the London move is over, we’re packing the family back up and heading back to the Big Smoke.

I’m pretty proud to announce that I’ve taken the role of Director of Internet Properties for CTV Inc. and in this new position I’ll be responsible for the future of CTV, Discovery, Much Music, Bravo, and my alma matter, Continue Reading