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My comics pull list for May 2009

Yes, his name is really Al
Yes, his name is really Al

Wow, another month, another comic list update.  This was hopefully the last one I’ll have to do by myself for a very long time.  I’ve got a ton of other things that I’m not doing like promotions, weekly product updates, ads, and all sorts of other good stuff.  As of next month Pete’s buddy Gus will be helping us out, and coming on board as our first official paying staff member (if you don’t count Ryan who has done a significant amount of work for us in the past).  So for my last official posting, I added a freaking ton of stuff.

Here’s the stuff I’ve added to my own pull list at All New Comics this month (and there’s some good stuff here).

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What I did on my week off

The Garsides in Wonderland
The Garsides in Wonderland

I actually took last week off from work and had a real honest-to-god family vacation.  While I had a list of things I WANTED to do, the list of things I ACTUALLY did was a little smaller, but in some ways a lot better.

Last Saturday night I had the boys over for some UFC action.  We played a little UFC Redemption on the PS3, and then settled in for UFC 98 (Evans vs Machida).  I was looking forward to the Hughes / Sera fight, but I really wanted to see Rashad pound the crap out of Lyoto Machida, who I have always considered one of the most boring fighters on the planet, and a man who along with Anderson Silva is ruining my enjoyment of UFC right now (yeah, I hate Anderson Silva, probably the only man on the planet…but I just hate that stupid little dance he does at the end of his fights so much, and the fact that he’s been world champion for a year and still can’t give us a half hearted post-fight interview).

Unfortunately Rashad lost, and now we have “The Machida Era” to look forward to.  Oh bliss!


A plea from the family computer guy

Dear (aunt, uncle, or family friend);

This week I got a call from (family member) who said they hadn’t had email in a while.  I went through the usual troubleshooting stuff with them, and it came down to the fact that email was timing out.

I went over there, and 45 minutes later I found that there was a very large email in his/her queue.  (His/Her) internet connection is painfully slow…and I very nearly pulled out all of my remaining (hair / goatee) waiting for your emails to download.

Everyone loves (insert from Cats on Baths, Top 10 Surprising Thoughts, Mixed up Families), but the email originally went around eight years ago and is now dead.  Furthermore, it clocked in at (insert ridiculously large number here).

If you’ve got something funny to send, why not find the original website instead of inserting all of the pictures into a huge email?  A link to a website is much easier to download that dozens of megs on (relative’s) tiny little connection.

This would really help me out.  Heck, while you’re at it, why not come up with an original email, rather than forwarding the hundred millionth repeated warning about (insert from any of 200 urban legends quickly debunked at

Thanks a ton
(insert name here)

Movies and TV

Movie review: Star Trek

Star Trek the Movie
Star Trek the Movie

I love a good science fiction film, and in the last decade there have only been a handful of really great ones. I also love the original Star Trek series, not enough that I know trivia, or would die if I ran into Leonard Nemoy or anything (though I would go mental if I met William Shatner). I love Star Trek 2, 6, and First Contact, because they’re sci fi first and Star Trek second.

The new Star Trek abandons all of the continuity of the original series, but keeps the archetypal relationships, the technology, and keeps the spirit of the original without being a slave to the cannon of the various Trek series.

JJ Abrams took all of the elements that worked, turned them up to 11 and discarded the rest.