Month: June 2009

Summer Movie Review Blowout

Disney Pixar's Up

Disney Pixar's Up

I’ve actually managed to watch quite a few summer movies this year, and other than Star Trek, I haven’t mentioned any of them.  So this is a quick blow out review list of Wolverine, Fast and Furious, Up, The Hangover, and Drag Me To Hell.

I’ve still yet to see Terminator Salvation and Transformers 2 (both pure popcorn movies), and I really want to see Away We Go (although I doubt it will play in London), but so far I’m really impressed with the summer movie crop. Continue Reading

My comics list for August 2009

Blackest Night Superman and Ultimate Avengers

Blackest Night Superman and Ultimate Avengers

Once again it’s that time of the month, when a young man’s fancy turns to the comics he will be reading two months hence.  There’s some good stuff that interests me and that I’ll definitely be adding to my Comics Pull List through my online comics store All New Comics.

If you’re not already subscribing to your comics from All New Comics I gotta ask you, why are you going to your comics?  Make your comics come to you!

Okay, shameless plug out of the way, this is what I’m adding to my list this month: Continue Reading

What’s So Great About Being A Dad?

Kaylin, Maks, and me

Kaylin, Maks, and me

I wrote this for “The Mom and Caregiver” magazine this month, and thought that it would be fun to post it to my site as a Father’s Day tribute.

A father’s role has changed a ton in the past several decades. The rise of feminism has resulted in some pretty great things, like a much larger role in the lives of our children. When I was born it was still something of an anomaly for a father to be in the room at the birth of their child. Today it’s commonplace—the births of my two children are two of the greatest moments of my life. Continue Reading

Relics of my youth: The Arcade

This is progress

This is progress

I was on Gizmodo several months ago when I came across an article on a man who has built his own video game arcade museum. It got me to thinking about another of the bygone things from my youth, the video game arcade. They were a product of the 80’s, really reaching their zenith around 1985 or so. Today they are all but extinct with the modern day arcade being half kiddie Las Vegas where high scores are rewarded with tickets (which in turn can be redeemed for all but useless trinkets), and half broken down semi-amusement rides resembling cars, skateboards, and motorcycles.

My favourite arcade memories in London were at Wizard’s Castle, Wizards II, and Ace Arcade, all downtown within a three block radius. Continue Reading

Review: Batman and Robin #1

Batman and Robin #1

Batman and Robin #1

There is a new status quo in the Batman universe. In the aftermath of Batman RIP and Final Crisis, Bruce Wayne is dead, and Batman is no more. Following these events, the heirs of the Dark Knight battled for the cowl, and the person who reluctantly took on the mantle of the Bat was none other than the original Robin, Dick Grayson. Now with a brand new Dynamic Duo (Bruce Wayne’s son Damian in the Robin role, who’s mother is Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter Talia), we also have an entirely new (pardon the pun) dynamic.

Batman the light hearted acrobatic thrill seeker, and Robin the brooding, brutally efficient dark avenger.

Continue Reading

What our children think of GM

Kaylin on the future of GM from Brian Garside on Vimeo

I spent some time last night speaking to my children about GM’s recent decision to declare bankruptcy, leaving them with a nice fat $10 billion dollar 12% investment in what was already a useless company.

Heaven forbid that our government had taken that $10 billion dollars and invested it in a forward looking company like Tesla, instead they invested it in a company who’s predatory business practices have managed to drive what little innovation entirely out of their industry. Well played Canadian (and even worse US) government. Now not only are we taxpayers out that $10 billion, but we’ll STILL end up with hundreds of thousands of auto workers on our unemployment roles.

Kaylin’s comments were a little more succinct than Maks, who I think was only interested in grabbing this reporter’s camera, but in the interest of fair and balanced journalism, here is Maks’ point of view.

Maks on the GM Bankruptcy from Brian Garside on Vimeo.