Month: July 2009

Artistic Hypocrisy

Jack Kirby and Daredevil images as created by Michael Cho, reprinted here for editorial purposes

Jack Kirby and Daredevil images as created by Michael Cho, reprinted here for editorial purposes

Updated August 3rd (see bottom of post)

Let me say first off, I straight up love Michael Cho’s art.  He’s quite talented, has a pretty cool retro style, and does some really good stuff. With that said, he recently made a post where he took someone to task for wearing a t-shirt that depicted a piece of his art. I read through the comments and most of them just seemed to be “Yeah, good for you Michael, tell him!”, naysayers were ignored, and in truth they devolved into trollish behavior.  The story was even reported on by the Joe Shuster Awards website.

Something didn’t sit right with me though.

If this is a commercial venture, I say “More power to you Michael”, but if it is not…if it’s one fan who took it upon himself to make a t-shirt and wear it to a local con…really?  Where’s the harm?  Why should an artist respond with anything other than flattery when someone is so inspired by their artwork to create a one-off t-shirt out of it?  I certainly wouldn’t expect the artist to go off advocating what amounts to vigilantism on his behalf. Continue Reading

Design Trends I Love – Pseudo 3D

Pseudo 3D

Pseudo 3D

There’s a new design meme that’s making the rounds. Websites that have some dimensionality to them. I first really noticed it on Jonathan Snook’s, but recently SlashFilm added some of this, and my new favourite site Mail Chimp has some too.

It adds much needed depth to the web, and is neat because it’s a whole new design trend which appears to have sprung up out of nowhere. Continue Reading

Comic Review: Blackest Night #1

Blackest Night

Blackest Night

In news there’s a saying that goes “Don’t bury the lead”, so the rest of this pre-amble is flavour, here’s the meat of this review:

Despite DC Comics telling us otherwise, Blackest Night is not JUST a Green Lantern event.  It is a DC Universe event that spans Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, and Final Crisis, and everything from the Death of Superman to the death of Batman.  If it’s got death in it, it’s in here, and when you think of the prominent superhero deaths that have occurred in the last decade…this could be a doozy.

On Thursday at lunch I did something that I haven’t done in several years.  I decided I couldn’t wait to get my comics next week, and I actually walked into a comic store to buy one of this week’s comics.  As the web guru behind All New Comics, I usually wait until Pete (the comic guru behind our organization) ships out my comics every couple of weeks to read the new releases.  I couldn’t wait with this though.  This is a comic that was first teased two years ago when the undead blackened hand of the Anti-Monitor rose at the end of The Sinestro Corps War and the caption proclaimed “The Dead Shall Rise.  The Blackest Night coming in 2009”.

Since then Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps have been my favourite comics being published today.

So it was this anticipation that I walked down to the local store on my lunch break and picked up a copy of Blackest Night #1 as well as Blackest Night: Tales from the Corps #1. Continue Reading

A tale of two Brian Garside’s

Me and my Logo

Me and my Logo

Back in the 90’s I was known as “Darkside”, but ast the proliferations of Darkside’s on the internet increased, I adopted my real name in order  to own a Google Ranking.  I mean seriously, how many Brian Garside’s could there be?

A lot of them apparently.  I’ve been in a seemingly never-ending battle with the Brian Garside’s of the world to keep me at the top of the search engine rankings lately (I’m the web developer Brian Garside after all, so it’s kind of expected of me, just like having great plates is what’s expected of potter Brian Garside).

Continue Reading

Search Engine Optimization is Bunk

The Radical Hive Logo

The Radical Hive Logo

I get about 7 or 8 email spam a week to my domain accounts promising that so-and-so can make my search rankings much higher for only $xxxx.  Of course this stuff is so much snake oil it’s not even funny.  I can help you improve your Search Engine ranking with 10 easy tips.  Best of all, this is completely free!

So, for the robots out there, check this out:

Top 10 Free Search Engine Optimization Tips by Brian Garside

Consider that a preview tip right there.  That title not only improves the ranking for my name, but will also raise the profile of this article in search engines. Continue Reading